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Francis and friend

A reader sent me this:

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Looking for summer reading? Try book Pope Francis likes!

An alert reader saw an interesting piece of information in an article about Pope Francis on Sandro Magister’s site, Chiesa. Apparently, Pope Francis cites with some frequency The Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson. It looks as if the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Getting married on a Friday. Must I abstain from meat? Fr. Z includes a brief rant.

From a reader: im getting married on friday may 31st the day after Corpus Christi. can i eat meat at the reception or do i need a dispensation? All Fridays, except for liturgical Solemnities, are days of penance even if … Read More

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An exercise in fine noontime dining!

I had a hankerin’ for a sandwich today. Off to Firehouse! Do you have these stores where you are? Great sandwiches, founded by firefighters, friendly… did I mention the great sandwiches? They offer different ways to support firefighters too. Check … Read More

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FATHERS! Is your wi-fi, your network, secure? BISHOPS! Read this and ponder!

Related to the news about Bp. Finn which I posted HERE, there is a story which ought to get the attention of, and scare to bits, every priest and bishop out there in the wide, hostile world. First, the good news, … Read More

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Judge rules: Bp. Finn cannot be held liable in a civil lawsuit against a priest

From Catholic World News: Bishop Finn not liable in child-porn lawsuit, Missouri judge rules A federal judge in Missouri has ruled that the Diocese of Kansas City (Missouri) and Bishop Robert Finn cannot be held liable in a civil lawsuit … Read More

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Again about validity of absolutions by SSPX priests

A priest reader sent me a link to an article on the site of The Remnant, which is I believe a bi-monthly newspaper staunchly on the traditional side of our Catholic spectrum.  The article in question concerns the validity of … Read More

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Edgewood College to have a “Dominican Catholic mass”?

A reader sent me a link to the site of the Dominican-run Edgewood College in the Diocese of Madison.  HERE A Dominican Catholic mass welcoming and embracing all faith traditions. Please bring your family to this celebration of Edgewood College! … Read More

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