7 July: 6th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum – A SUGGESTION!

A good idea from one of your fellow readers and long-time participants in the combox:

FYI, below is this week’s newsletter item touting the Te Deum at end of Mass Sunday. The link gives the Te Deum handout for the folks.



This Sunday is the sixth anniversary of Pope Benedict’s 07/07/2007 promulgation of his Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum, which restored the traditional Latin Mass and initiated the revitalization of the liturgy that is now underway throughout the Church. At the end of Mass we will mark this epoch-beginning event by singing (in place of the usual closing Marian antiphon) the Te Deum, the Church’s official thanksgiving hymn which is chanted on the most solemn occasions of praise and gratitude.

Click here for a printable copy in which the Latin original and the especially beautiful English translation found in the Campion missal (967) are specially formatted so that parallel Latin and English clauses correspond to facilitate understanding by those who follow or sing the Latin.

Note: Copies will be available this Sunday. Please pick up one on your way into Mass.

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  1. HighMass says:

    INDEED a very Happy Day for the Universal Church! LONG OVER DUE…..Pope Benedict was SOOOOOOOOOOO Correct…this Liturgy should have never been shelved……

  2. acardnal says:

    Long live Pope Benedict XVI. Thank you for S.P.

  3. HighMass says:

    YES acardinal…..Viva Il Papa Benedetto…..how we miss him…..Dear GOD please watch over our Papaino Benedetto XVI :)

  4. Robbie says:

    I’m never going to be happy with the precedent Benedict may or may not have set with his resignation, but I think one thing is clear. Summorum Pontificum may be the most important thing any Pope has done since VCII. It has clearly started a trend towards the traditional. Just hearing various Bishops talk about ad orientem, communion rails, and traditional music is something we’d have never though possible five years ago. The seed was planted, now it’s growing, and the concern among the modernists is so great that some have asked Francis to rescind SP. I’d say we’re in a good and improving place.

  5. Andrew says:

    … parallel Latin and English clauses correspond to facilitate understanding …

    But where can I find a parallel Latin and Hungarian text?

  6. Fr Jackson says:

    Ah – that brings back memories! Bishop Fellay ordered the Te Deum for this in 2007.

  7. jenniphd says:

    I wish I could like a comment on here, Andrew. That’s awesome! And what about our Latin and Polish for Saint Hedwig’s?

  8. Fr. A.M. says:

    I forgot about this. But yesterday I celebrated, with great joy, my first Missa Cantata. Deo gratias.

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