WSJ apologizes!

The Wall Street Journal has apologized to readers for being too soft on Obamacare.


Here’s a sample:

ObamaCare has become a rolling “train wreck,” in Senator Max Baucus’s memorable phrase, and it gets worse the more of it the public sees. The employer mandate is terrible policy, as the law’s critics said before it passed. Now the Administration is all but admitting it can’t implement it properly, and the task for opponents is to press the concession and begin to delay the rest of the law and dismantle it piece by piece.

And while we are at it… down with the HHS Mandate!

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  1. acardnal says:

    Interestingly Sen. Baucus, Chairman of the Finance Cmte which helped produce the ACA aka “ObamaCare”, announced in April that he will not seek re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2014.

    I guess he doesn’t want to face the music when the ACA comes into full fruition in 2014 and will run and hide somewhere in Montana instead.

  2. kelleyb says:

    Keep praying…keep informing people. By delaying the employer mandate, the President and the Dems think they have pulled the wings off the Republican 2014 strategy, and the ACA will stay on the rails. But I’m praying they are wrong.

  3. JordanH says:

    Doesn’t the delay of a fine for not having coverage also delay the HHS mandate?

    I’ve asked this question in a discussion on Google+ and people don’t seem to know. It seems that there are a lot of questions surrounding the administrations announcement on Tuesday:

  4. StJude says:

    By what authority does Obama have to disregard the LAW.. which he signed? none.

  5. acardnal, many of us don’t want Baucus back, and I hope he stays in DC.

    I’m sure you’re right that he isn’t running for reelection again because of ObamaCare. He definitely bragged about being involved in it when it was first passed, so now he’s having “buyer’s remorse”.

  6. JordanH says:

    StJude, I’m not going to go read the law, but the deadlines for implementation of the fines may have been administration policy based on the law, not written in the law itself. There’s a lot of room for interpretation in the law and thus, the HHS mandate.

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