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While parts of Paris are enjoying long summer nights of car burning and rioting (HERE), Islamists are kidnapping Christian girls for resale purposes.  A story from

Christian Girls Being Snatched By Islamist Traffickers

ICC Note: 
The recent political developments in Egypt have put images of large clashes between crowds and security forces on the front pages. There are also other more subtle security issues that affect the everyday lives of Egypt’s Christian community. Kidnapping of Christian girls is a major issue of concern. According to some experts the number of abductions was as many 800 just last year. Most of these cases go unsolved and in many instances uninvestigated.

By Gary Lane

7/19/2013 Egypt (AINA) – The recent upheaval in Egypt once again brings to the forefront the plight of the country’s Christians who have come under increased attack from Islamists since the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.

Now they’re hoping and praying Egypt’s next government will do a better job of protecting them from attacks and the trafficking of Christian girls.

Funerals like the recent one at St. Mina Church in North Sinai have become all too familiar for Egyptian Christians. Friends and family recently paid final respects to Father Mina Aboud, a beloved Coptic priest. Islamist gunmen opened fire on Mina July 6 while he drove his car after shopping in the northern Sinai town of el Arish.

Father Mina’s murder was no surprise to Egypt’s Christians because they are frequent targets of attack during times of political instability. Christians have struggled for years–not only to protect their churches, homes and businesses, but also their daughters.

One of the challenges facing Christian families, particularly in Upper Egypt, is the kidnapping of young Christian girls. It generally happens when the girls enter their teen years.

To help avoid this tragedy, some families re-locate to Christian villages. But with that comes a whole new set of challenges.

Manel moved her family from a Muslim village to a Christian one near el Minya because she wanted to protect her oldest daughter Maryam from abduction and forced conversion. She made the decision after noticing some Muslim girls and boys attempting to lure Maryam away from her family and faith.

“The girls used to tell Maryam, ‘Come with us, we will give you a some money, you are having a hard life.’ The young boys were sending the young girls to do this,” Manel explained. “I feared they would kidnap her and then demand a lot of money to return her, or they would return her and she wouldn’t be in the same way as they took her.” Now residing as strangers in a new town, Manel’s husband has difficulty finding work.


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But wait, there’s more!

In Dubai a Norwegian woman who was raped reported the crime to the police.  Ooops.

A Norwegian woman who reported to police in Dubai that she’d been raped while on a business trip in the fast-growing Gulf city ended up being jailed herself. Her sentence is longer than her convicted rapist’s.

The 25-year-old’s trip to Dubai in March turned into a nightmare after she reported the rape and was jailed for having had sex outside of marriage and for drinking alcohol. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that her passport was seized and she wasn’t allowed to borrow a telephone for three days. Then she called her family in Norway.They mobilized the Foreign Ministry, and Norway’s consulate in Dubai managed to get her out of jail and housed at the local Norwegian Seamans Church, where she remained until her sentence recently was handed down: prison for one year and four months. Her attacker was sentenced to one year and one month, Anniken Meling of the Seamans Church told NRK.


St. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.

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  1. “When thinking of the torments which will be the lot of Christians at the time of Anti-Christ . . . ”
    – St. Therese of Lisieux, Story of a Soul

    . . . one must begin to ponder our present state

  2. Gratias says:

    The Vatican will be furious about what is happening in Egypt.

  3. VexillaRegis says:

    This is going on i syria too. Please read! Mariam, a 15 y/o christian girl was forced to marry a new muslim man each day for 15 days in a row. She was then killed.

    Norwegian woman Marte Dalelv was pardoned on Monday and so was the Saudi rapist!

  4. Liz says:

    This is so awful. We are praying for these poor people. I cannot imagine what they are going through.

  5. Mike says:

    My wife has a state dept. friend who might be in Cairo sometime soon, and was pondering a trip there “when things cool down” with our daughters.

    After reading this, all I can say is: No way.

  6. AnnikaMira says:

    Charges have been dropped and she if free to leave the country.
    Lord have Mercy

  7. eben says:

    The world wide eruption of Evil and the near manic intensity of its hateful behavior is nothing less than amazing to observe.

  8. I’m sure we all remember Pope Benedict’s September 12, 2006, speech in the main hall of the University of Regensburg. The speech wasn’t inflammatory but you wouldn’t know it by the reaction from the Muslim world. He included a QUOTE and that’s all it took.The Pope, being a man of peace(as was John Paul II and I’m sure Pope Francis) was open to dialogue with Muslim leaders. IMHO Blessed John Paul II went out his way to dialogue with Muslim leaders and try to bridge an understanding w/ the Muslim world. Truth:BOTH sides want to have peace. The Muslim world does not want peace as much as it wants conquest. They will do it through the Western World appeasing them[that is a false peace] or by force. The word Islam means submission.I don’t hold out much hope if Pope Francis takes up further talks. Maybe the best response is NOT to visit these countries.After all,you go to their countries their laws apply to you.I know our Pope will continue to be a man of peace (we wouldn’t expect less)but I’m afraid dialogue is not going to have any good results.

  9. happyCatholic says:

    Is there any material help to be offered to our persecuted brethren? Does Aid to the Church in Need help in these situations? I have daughters and when I read what is happening to these poor young women I become almost almost physically ill. I have said it before: I am not a Bush basher, but his lack of not assuring the safety of the Christian community in Iraq was a travesty, and now that the “Arab Spring” is spreading with similar results to other countries, I am horrified and even more dismayed by our government’s lack of interest or help in this matter. On my rosary I remember our persecuted brothers and sisters. I would like to help more “physically” if possible, too.

  10. Unwilling says:


    Remember that word.

    It is predictable that the p-c Wikipedia article disguises the fact that these Christian boys were kidnapped, enslaved, and used by the Sultans as dispensable cannon-fodder.

    For example, I quote: “These boys, usually between the ages of 10 and 12, were then taken from their parents.” You see? “taken”! Or above that “this was the recruiting of non-Turkish children, notably Balkan Christians”. My my, “recruiting”! You see? It was all sort of like finding talented youths now for Olympic training. State funded. Ottomans. Obamas. All the same.

    Look into my eyes… you feel sleepy… you feel uncertain… you begin to embrace Islam…

  11. nykash says:

    Hmm, material support. I routinely support Bishop Gassis – the ‘religion of peace’ is also wreaking havoc in the Sudan/S. Sudan. I seem to recall somewhere in history where military orders were formed to protect Christians in the Middle East. Perhaps history will repeat itself, but I wouldn’t expect the current administration in the US to lift a finger.

  12. James Joseph says:

    My aunt’s best friend was raped in Dubai. She went to jail.

    True story.

    As for myself, I have been to Dubai, I have personally seen the human trafficking of non-Muslin girls and woman.

  13. B16_Fan says:

    happyCatholic: …”Does Aid to the Church in Need help in these situations?”

    I was wondering the same thing and have supported them, as well as CNEWA. If anyone has some good on-the-ground recommendations they would be appreciated. Better to spread the help around or concentrate it? Would also be nice to have another Charles Martel! :-)

  14. Gus Barbarigo says:

    @happyCatholic &

    Please pray daily that the Church will be blessed with a temporal leader who will invest blood and treasure to effectively defend the faith (and the faithful along with it)! I fear that we will either soon receive such a progeny, or we will descend into the genocide of the Great Tribulation.

    Pope Francis says miracle happen, but we must pray for them. Please pray!

  15. Bob B. says:

    Arab Spring was wishful thinking by an administration that hasn’t much of a foreign policy (especially when you consider the gay rights is central to it). Islam throughout most of the world is militant and has grown more so as the West turns a blind eye to their actions, allowing them to become bolder and more aggressive. As long as the press and western governments are content to play the game of being politically correct, things will grow worse.

  16. Priam1184 says:

    @boxerpaws1952 Quit it with ‘dialogue.’ Start praying for the conversion of the Muslim peoples. What a world this would be if their native zeal was directed toward Our Lord and His Gospel, and not towards coming up with more ingenious ways of committing mass slaughter…

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