Your Excellencies? REALLY?!?

Bis pueri senes?

This is supposed to be a rehearsal of some sort.  I don’t know for which event.

I really want to just smile and shrug this off.  I suspect this isn’t what Pope Francis meant when he said that we clerics have to get out there.

This is too far out there.

UPDATE 28 July:

As I anticipated, some people had a nutty about this, so I took down the photo I originally associated with this post.  Yes, it was the well-known photo that sometimes bears the caption “Be This Guy”, or words to that effect.

Meanwhile….  Sirach 3:12-14.

I will still keep the combox CLOSED on this, as it was from the moment I posted it.


One reader sent me this:

Dear Fr. Z,
Look at it this way…it’s probably the first time in 50 years that some of those bishops have gotten any exercise!


There’s more.  See CNA.

Did you know that there is an official flash mob routine for WYD?

UPDATE 28 July:

There is an update on the WYD flash mob.

Seeing this it struck me that I have no problem seeing all those pilgrims, young people, doing this sort of thing.  I don’t know what it is supposed to accomplish, other than to whip up enthusiasm.  It’s impressive to look at when that many people are involved. But, hey!  I have different regard, on the other hand for clergy doing this when wearing vestments for Mass.  FAIL.  That’s just wrong.

Is this what we want for preparation before Mass?  Leaving aside the fact that this is not exactly in the confines of a church, is this what we want to do to be properly disposed for Mass?


Another reaction. HERE.  And it was the first time I had ever heard of the other guy!

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