Aurora and noctilucent clouds

Too cool.

Aurora and noctilucent clouds.

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  1. Miss Jensen says:

    Wonderful. It is a gift!

  2. Jeannie_C says:

    We have windows facing the north/northwest, so see the northern lights from time to time. Always as impressive as the first viewing.

  3. StJude says:


  4. Supertradmum says:

    Fantastic, and is not God so good to us to give us such beauty? I wanted to move up and homestead in northern Scotland and northern Alaska, but the family overruled me both times. Miss the Aurora.

  5. Choirmaster says:

    This was today’s feature on Astronomy Picture of the Day (, a great site that I visit regularly. I have often noticed that Fr. Z will post some of their more striking offerings here as well. That’s quite an endorsement to go check them out!

    These noctilucent clouds are often claimed, on APOD, to be somehow the result of climate change. Of course there is no actual scientific connection between any “climate change”–whatever that may mean–and this atmospheric phenomenon. That always bothered me, but today I am happy to relate that the APOD description made no speculation of any connection between the two, or even any mention of “climate change”.

    Now, if I were an activist, I would sign up with WikiPedia and edit their article on noctilucent clouds and add one of those “citation needed” tags to their “climate change” connection claim.

  6. Sandy says:

    Combined with the dramatic music, all of this gave me goosebumps. We know that true beauty is an attribute and a reflection of our awesome God, and I believe that when we see it we “feel” it in the depths of our being. Thank you, Father, for expanding our horizons!

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