Fr Z’s Kitchen: Friday Lunch

Grilled cheese sandwich by grilled cheese sandwich.


Cheddar on rye, tomato basil soup.

Behold the New Evangelization… that and the TLM everywhere.


More Romano


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  1. JamesM says:

    Hold the black, eat the red?

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. dep says:

    This is the most commonly served meal at firehouses. So you’re in great company!

  3. StWinefride says:

    Where’s the cheddar?!

  4. Priam1184 says:


  5. Cool Catholic says:

    “dep: GMTA?”
    Scratchin’ my head… whether that’s DX lingo or txt speech. I’m still wondering what “…thanks for the good DX KC9ZJN 73” means!

  6. Salvelinus says:

    Anything is better than the Long John Silver’s I just ate at my desk…. While everyone else in the office enjoys BBQ catered! I might add, not many Catholics in Texas – Or at least ones still going meat free on Fridays

  7. RobW says:

    Ah…grilled cheese and soup. Loved it as a kid and still do. I like a couple slices of tomato and maybe some oregano on it.

  8. flasharry says:

    As an aside,REAL cheddar is white :) :). Now’t like a good aged English Proper Cheddar.. A well aged cheddar starts to get a Parmesan quality.. For meatless, ploughman’s lunch works too.. (Cheese, rustic bread, onions and pickles or chutney, all washed own with a mug o’cider)

  9. Ben Kenobi says:

    “I might add, not many Catholics in Texas”

    Whereabouts are you Salvelinus? I’m in Texas too. :) Austin.

  10. Salvelinus says:

    @-old ben kenobi, im also in the people’s republic of austin

  11. robtbrown says:

    I recommend extra sharp cheddar on sourdough

  12. Ben Kenobi says:

    “im also in the people’s republic of austin”

    We should get together sometime. I go to St. Iggy’s.

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