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Error in Latin on a medal struck by the Vatican

You have got to be kidding me. Read and weep. This speaks of the degradation of our time. From the Beeb: The Vatican has withdrawn from sale 6,000 copies of a new papal medal on which the name of Jesus … Read More

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What is “lobby” all about in the Vatican “gay lobby” chatter going on?

There is a lot of chatter on the interwebs about the whole “homosexuals in the Vatican” thing. This has been so obvious to me for so long that it isn’t news. It also makes me angry, and not in a … Read More

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AP’s cheap shot coverage of the Pope’s Butler’s unbelievably unimportant Vatican Trial of the Century!!!

The Trial.  Nay rather… the Trial of the Century!  The earthquake provoking butler-who-done-it in the Vatican! The trial of the Holy Father’s document-leaking former-valet (keep repeating: the Butler, in the Office, with a Copying Machine), is comparable to what the … Read More

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Saudis attempt to block Vatican bid for .catholic web addresses

From The Telegraph: Saudis attempt to block Vatican plan for .catholic web addresses By Christopher Williams, Technology Correspondent The objection is one of more than 160 sent by the Saudis to ICANN, the body in charge of web addresses, over … Read More

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Will entrenched Curia mandarins allow Greg Burke to do his job?

At CWR there is an article about the appointment of my friend Greg Burke as the Holy See’s new “director of communications”. My emphases and comments. The Vatican’s real communication problem Greg Burke is an excellent choice for a tough assignment. But … Read More

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Vatican Radio ending many Short and Medium Wave broadcasts

I think this is a bad idea. From News.va: Vatican Radio: New Communications Strategies Announcing Vatican Radio’s intention to reduce its Short and Medium Wave transmissions to most of Europe and the Americas, starting July 1st, the Director General, Fr … Read More

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Vatican opposes UN promotion of unnatural “marriage”

The UN is trying to create a new category of human rights. We have been across this ground before (HERE and HERE). That right, pushed by the UN, is freedom from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender. … Read More

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CNA has this: Vatican City, Jan 5, 2012 / 05:12 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican is refusing to deny media speculation that Pope Benedict XVI will announce a list of new cardinals as early as tomorrow. “You will have to … Read More

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Benedictus qui pipiavit in nomine Domini

It isn’t very often that you see a Pope send a tweet. Latin for “tweet” is pipio, -are.  A “tweet” is a pipiatio. [wp_youtube]tty87WDBukk[/wp_youtube] And this… [wp_youtube]tC8s44MRGVA[/wp_youtube]

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Sneak preview of new Vatican News site

It will apparently be online from 29 June onward. Check it out. Here.

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Caveat pipiator: The Vatican and Twitter

Who’s tweeting the tweeters?  When I learned that the Vatican had launched a couple Twitter feeds, I thought was do these … folks, know what they are in for?  If this is being handled by the usual sort of techno-twit … Read More

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