Day 9: Of saints and black pasta

Today began with Mass in the crypt of San Marco!  We were at the altar where the tomb of St. Mark was for hundreds of years before it was moved upstairs.

On the way over the basilica we had some water gurgling up into the piazza.

BTW…. I have come to the conclusion that I do NOT like the way Mac handles importing photos.  As a matter of fact, I detest it.

That said…  I’ll post more later if I can figure the dopey system out.

A couple more shots, lest I post too little for a good taste.

In this church, S. Zacaria, you will find the tombs of St. Zachary, father of St. John the Baptist, and of St. Athanasius.

Remember that Venice pretty much sacked Byzantium when it had the chance.

A typical and evocative view.

Lunch involved my beloved squid ink again.

I will try to post more, but, honestly, Mac (I am on my laptop) has a system of importation of photos from different sources that is clunky to the point of being purposely resistant to common sense.


I didn’t post my second course for lunch!

Liver, in the Venetian style.

And then there was the view from the balcony this evening.

Here are the tombs of Zachary and of Athanasius.  One above the other!


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  1. I have been to Italy three times and only got to Venice once for a few hours. I love that country – perhaps I should’ve been born Italian? Nice photos!

    As for the Mac problem iphoto (I’m guessing that’s the annoyance and it is annoying) I checked Apple support communities and found this:

    “connect your iPhone to your Mac using the USB cable and open Image Capture which can be found in Applications”

    I presume this could also apply to any device that can take pictures and connect by usb cable? By entering into the device’s files one can copy them over to where you want them on the Mac and open them with whatever software you want.

    Wouldn’t want you going back over to the dark side…

  2. Or easier still – open iPhoto and go into iPhoto/preferences and you can change how photos are handled by the Mac.

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    LOVE that photo of Venice. What a timeless shot. Well done.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Hey, I think someone in the gondola is taking a picture of YOU!

  5. NBW says:

    The photos are spectacular, Father Z.! The food looks tastier than yesterday’s.

  6. mamajen says:

    Well goodness, Father. I said after that steak that I was worried about coveting your meals and I think you overcompensated–I haven’t envied anything since! Glad you are enjoying it at least.

    The architecture is amazing. I would be in my glory over there.

  7. James Joseph says:

    Holy Zacharias… That is fascinating.

  8. Gabriel Syme says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    We were in Venice as part of our honeymoon last year. What an amazing city. The shot of the Canal and Gondolas you posted is – I think – almost directly outside the Hotel we stayed in.

    Have a great trip and thanks for the happy memories!

  9. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Father, these photographs are admirably made. I am especially taken with the scene along the canal with the misty light. Very atmospheric, and beautifully made. The tomb of Zachary must have taken some doing to get right, and it was very successful. Well done.

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