NORCIA 2014 Calendar (Hint: BEER!)

The wonderful Benedictine monks of the Monastero di San Benedetto at Norcia, Italy, gave me their new 2014 Calendar.  Order one HERE


In the calendar are great shots of their monkish lives, involving the two great pillars of prayer and work.


A detail of the entry for each day.  They include information about both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Form.




With Cardinal Burke.


I was in Norcia recently, during the pilgrimage I led.  The monks showed us the new brewery and explained the process they use.


This beer is WONDERFUL.  It is some of the best beer of its style that I have ever had.

To read more about their beer click HERE


With some of the monks in their gift shop.


If you go to Italy and have some time to spend in the countryside (which I warmly recommend), go to Norcia.  There is a spectacular small hotel where you can stay.

You can listen to the monks sing their Masses and their hours.  HERE.

Please consider sending them a donation?  These men are strengthening the Church’s spiritual spine.

Click HERE

There is a US and a UK route to send money, to make it easier for you.


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  1. q7swallows says:

    Are the calendars for sale to the public? I cruised their website but could not find how to buy them. These would make excellent Christmas gifts!

  2. Bryan G says:

    Here’s the link to order the calendar:
    You can use PayPal.

  3. joeclark77 says:

    Fr. Z, if I may ask an off-topic question: do you have any experience of Milan? I’m going to a conference there in December and it’ll be my first visit to Italy. Indeed, my first visit to Europe since I became Catholic this spring. I probably won’t have time to travel to other cities, but I bet there’s plenty of “Catholic stuff” to keep me busy during my spare time in and around Milan… if only I knew where to find it. [Visit the Church of St. Ambrose and then go to nearby Pavia. But this is really about wonderful NORCIA!]

  4. Sitting in Norcia right now– truly, the best sort of holiday one can take, and the town is really good for families! Only €20 a night at the capisterium for a private family room!

    Monk liturgy, monk beer, proscuitto crudo, and tartufo= heavenly.

    Back to classes next week…

  5. q7swallows says:

    Bryan G ~ thank you!!!

  6. Eriugena says:

    Father, this is in no way meant as a criticism, but do you think it’s ony US and UK people that read your blog? There are hundreds of sites from other countries that link to you, and you are admired and prayed for by countless people outside those countries. I don’t really understand this internet thing very well, but would it be too difficult to give other links for making payments to these holy monks living in the town of the Patron Saint of Europe? [May I recommend that you visit the site of the Monks in Norcia? You will find their links. It won’t take long.]

  7. Bryan G says:

    @Eriugena: Of course, Fr. Z has readers from all over the world. Fr. Z was simply mentioning what the monk’s webpage says (

    The Monks do have ways for those living outside of those countries to donate; if you have any questions, you can always contact them:

  8. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    For the sake of thoroughness, I note that a version of Gardner’s 1911 edition of the 1608 English translation of St. Gregory’s Dialogues, of which Book II is the Life of St. Benedict of Nursia, is available online, here:

    (The English-language Wikipedia article “Pope Gregory I” has a link to his works online in Latin.)

  9. benedetta says:


  10. teejay329 says:

    Wonderful…just ordered my calendar. I’m tickled when I can discover reverence in today’s crazy world.

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