A worthy cause to support: Our Lady of Hope Clinic

20131104-083836.jpgIf you are looking for a good Catholic cause to donate money to (for your end of the year giving, etc.), please consider Our Lady of Hope Clinic, in Madison.  And they have a DONATE page.

I wrote last year about Our Lady of Hope Clinic.  A new/old model for Catholic health care? An interesting small clinic.

Our Lady of Hope Clinic, located in Madison, provides 100% pro-life primary care to all patients; and free care to the community’s uninsured population. The Clinic, the only one of its kind in the State, is based on St. Luke’s Family Practice in Modesto, CA. Our Lady of Hope Clinic is primarily funded by benefactor patients who pay a modest annual fee for concierge medicine. Their fee entitles our benefactors to direct access to a personal physician, Dr. Michael Kloess, twenty-four hours a day, seven days each week, as well as additional benefits. More importantly, because benefactors pay an annual fee for unlimited medical care, Our Lady of Hope Clinic does not bill insurance providers. Our patients and our medical provider are empowered to make important medical decisions, not a representative of an insurance company. The benefactor fees are then available to support the Clinic’s philanthropic mission of treating uninsured individuals free of charge.

Recently there was an article about this great little clinic in the Wisconsin State Journal. The article goes into the plight many people are/will be in because of loss of employment and loss of insurance because of our friends the Dems and Obamacare.

I was in the clinic recently for something. I saw a sign on the wall explaining that
“Our Lady of Hope Clinic practices medicine consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church”

Therefore, they will not refer for abortion, prescribe contraception, refer for sterilization, refer for in vitro fertilization, etc.


“We will practice in complete accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Again, this is a worthy cause.  I suggest that it is a model that may be duplicated in other places, especially as the chaos really starts to begin in healthcare in these USA.

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  1. Elizabeth D says:

    This is a REALLY worthy cause. I have never actually been there but have met the people involved, the uninsured poor (homeless) served for free by this clinic, and Catholics who turn to Our Lady of Hope Clinic because they are not going to have contraception or other immoral things proposed to them but real medical care. They do not have specialists. It is general practice and I think ob/gyn type services. I can imagine they are going to need people’s support to be able to survive in the tyrannical Obamacare era.

  2. Joe in Canada says:

    Anyone who in interested in the international effort to promote the Gospel of Life against the culture of death might look into Matercare International: http://www.matercare.org/

    MaterCare is an organization of Catholic health professionals dedicated to the care of mothers and babies, both born and unborn, through new initiatives of service, training, research and advocacy, which are designed to reduce the tragically high rates of maternal mortality, morbidity and abortion. MCI’s mission is to carry out the work of Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life) by improving the lives and health of mothers and babies both born and unborn, through new initiatives of service, training, research, and advocacy designed to reduce the tragic levels of abortion world-wide and maternal and perinatal mortality, morbidity in developing countries.

  3. dans0622 says:

    Sounds kind of like that Kentucky clinic Bishop Gainer spoke about at the canon law conference in La Crosse.

  4. Susan the Short says:

    This is probably a dumb question, but does anyone know if such clinics will be ‘allowed’ under obamacare?

  5. Praying4Mercy says:

    Excellent. Thanks for the information. Been looking for something of this type for donating. :-)

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