I posted HERE about the whereabouts of Sr. Simone Campbell, who helped the Obama Regime pass the so-called AFFORDABLE Care Act.

Millions of people are losing the insurance because of Obama and … well… her!  Since she is so concerned that people have “affordable” health care, where is she now?  I haven’t heard anything from her about the problems people are now facing.  Have you?

The suddenly camera-shy Sr. Simone has finally been located!

She will be appearing in PORTLAND, OR this weekend.  HERE  She will be at the Episcopal Cathedral, not the Catholic Cathedral.

Readers near Portland could go to her events and ask her what she thinks about all the people losing their health care because of what she did with her friends.

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  1. AA Cunningham says:

    Just think of all the insurance policies that the LCWR dissentfest at the Caribe Royale could have paid for.

    Perhaps Simone will atone for that incredible waste of money by pawning her pearls and polyester pantsuits to help those whose insurance has been canceled by the actions of her comrade in arms the first gay President.

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    I agree people should go to Sister Simone’s events. I have been to two of her events near me and it was fruitful to do so. If you can take the high road and maintain your dignity in how you approach saying anything to her then do so.

  3. DanW says:

    Did you check out the group she was going to be speaking to?

  4. SKAY says:

    Those with individual policies losing their insurance are just the first wave. Next will be those with
    insurance through their employment That was delayed by Obama for a year because he wants Democrats and Pelosi to retake the House so nothing can or will stop him and his administration from finishing “fundamentally changing” this country. Since they took 5 to 6 Billion out of Medicare to put in Medicaid– Medicare will cut payments to Doctors– so many will stop accepting these patients. Many of the new people actually signing up on the website have been applicants applying for Medicaid –so taxes will have to go up. Many Doctors are saying they will stop practicing and go into something else. You will have Obamacare–but there will be fewer Doctors — it may be months before patients are able to even see a Doctor. As we know–the Democrats who voted for this also made sure they and their families would not have to be under it.

    Sr. Simone reminds me of Nancy Pelosi. Both would be standing on the deck of the Titanic saying “what iceberg?”

  5. SKAY says:

    I am sure Sr. Simone could explain why Obama “misspoke” about insurance rates going down.
    Those government subsidies still have to be paid for by working taxpayers.

    Rate of increase in each state shown on map of US.

  6. benedetta says:

    Will Sr. Simone speak truth to power and tell her allies and her party to take a cue from Pope Francis whom they love and relent in their obsession with abortion in this country?

  7. robtbrown says:

    SKAY says:

    Sr. Simone reminds me of Nancy Pelosi.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician like Pelosi. It’s not unusual that politicians exaggerate or simply lie, but they try to make it seem like the truth. She doesn’t care. She’ll say anything, even though everyone knows it’s not true. She reminds me of when my niece was 6 years old.

  8. Cathy says:

    When I watch old movies it seems that the majority, if not all of the nurses in Catholic Hospitals were nuns. As well, it seems that all of the teachers in Catholic schools were nuns. While there continues, as it should, to be an increase in prayers for the remedy of the shortage of priests, there seems to be little concern of the shortage of nuns as well as the charisms of their specific orders. How does a young woman discern a vocation when the order has lost sight of its original charism? I wonder what would happen in the area of vocations if each order of nuns went back to its foundations and truly looked to fulfilling that charism as opposed to the vague recommendations of “social justice”. When I look at their websites, the majority seem to be the same thing with very little sense of a specific direction.

  9. Kerry says:

    She will, if asked the question, answer by calling the questioner names, berating them for not caring, and several other smeary molds if, spotted on cheese, would not be eaten.

  10. Christine says:


    The orders of nuns that are faithful and habit-wearing, have plenty of vocations. My daughter is discerning a vocation (please pray for her!) and wouldn’t touch an LCWR type of order with a 10 foot pole.

  11. jameeka says:

    Our diocesan Catholic newspaper reports today of her visit last weekend, including a recording of her speech–
    Sorry, I couldn’t stomach more than a few snippets :(

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