Sr. Simone… Sr. Simone… please pick up a white courtesy phone… Sr. Simone…

Let’s think about the catholic Left’s support of the so-called “AFFORDABLE” Care Act.  “Affordable”… right….

From CatholicVote comes this accurate analysis of the liberal Left’s hypocrisy.


Please, quick. Somebody call the police.

It appears that someone has kidnapped not only the nun-celebrity Sister Simone Campbell, but her entire bus, all the nuns on her bus, and most devastating of all, her resolute determination to cruise around with her Nuns on the Bus and rid the country of uninsured Americans.

She had to have been kidnapped, right?

How else could we possibly explain the absence in recent days of such a champion for the rights of the uninsured?

Why, it was just a few short years ago that Sister Simone led a heroic effort to fabricate the illusion of Catholic support for the Affordable Care Act and make Obamacare into a reality.

In March 2010, even before the days of her magical mystery bus tour, when she was spearheading the push among leftist Catholics to get Obamacare passed, Sister Simone penned a letter on behalf of herself and (some) other women religious in which she wrote:

“We have witnessed firsthand the impact of our national health care crisis, particularly its impact on women, children and people who are poor. We see the toll on families who have delayed seeking care due to a lack of health insurance coverage or lack of funds with which to pay high deductibles and co-pays.”

Sounds awful.

Sister Simone, how could anyone doubt your compassion, or your steadfast resolve to help those without insurance coverage?

Which is why it is so very odd that we haven’t heard from you in the last few weeks.

Billy Idol is right, Sister. What have you done?

Because you see, it turns out there’s a funny little twist with that healthcare law you championed:

5,000,000 Americans have lost their health insurance coverage because of it.

Oh yeah, and many more are about to.

So please Sister Simone, help us. Help your fellow Americans. Help the poor, the suffering, the uninsured. You didn’t let those mean conservatives stop you when you wanted to see Obamacare become the law of the land. You didn’t let Paul Ryan stop you when you wanted to protest his budget. So why let your shameless Democratic party loyalty and selective advocacy for liberal pet causes stop you now?


Read the rest of the romp over there!

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  1. iPadre says:

    Simone, would you betray me with a kiss?

  2. tcreek says:

    Lest we forget, Sister Simone had accomplices. The USCCB was also in the front lines of support for ObamaCare. Their support was crucial to its passage.

  3. wmeyer says:

    Five million losing insurance… sounds like one of those inconvenient truths the Democrats are so fond of pointing out on other occasions.

    As tcreek points out, the USCCB’s hands are dirty in this, as are quite a few bishops around the country in their routine commentary.

    Lie down with pigs, you gonna get up soiled.

  4. Timbot2000 says:

    Economist Bob Murphy has laid out the autopsy on Obama Care pretty well.

  5. Unfortunately, John hates the internet. He’s been notified that you’re looking for him.

  6. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Sr. Simone: “What difference at this point does it make?”

  7. Elizabeth D says:

    I asked Sr Simone during her Nuns on the Bus Tour whether she disagreed with the HHS abortifacient/contraceptive/sterilization Mandate. “It’s complicated!” she replied. And whether she supported the bishops’ Fortnight for Freedom: “It’s complicated!”

    Sister Simone, is it still complicated that, with no sign of how the problem will really get solved, many times more people had their health insurance cancelled than became newly insured? Or that many middle class people saw their premiums go way up? Was this what you wanted? AND we lose our religious freedom? If this is so complicated for you, you really are pure politics.

    By the way Sister, meeting you and having that conversation with you on your tour on which you insisted it would be immoral to cut food stamps at all, inspired me to voluntarily quit food stamps (the lady on the phone tried to talk me out of it), that was a year ago and at $148 per month which they intended to keep giving me indefinitely I figure I have given up $1776 in benefits since then, and no regrets and no starvation. I am poor, and it has not been completely comfortable, because besides giving up food stamps my landlord raised my rent a lot. But I have certainly proved to myself that it is actually possible to cut food stamps for some people.

  8. The Egyptian says:

    would love to have this thing drop in on her talks


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