A “c”atholic group to be wary of

Here is something you should be aware of.  This is from Accuracy in Media.

Obama Operative Masquerades as Catholic Expert

Christopher Hale, of a group called Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, has emerged on CNN and Fox News as a defender of Pope Francis against Rush Limbaugh’s charges that the pontiff spews Marxism.

The stories on CNN and Fox News cited Hale as a critic of Limbaugh and defender of the pope without noting his group’s connections to George Soros, the billionaire atheist, and that Hale worked on the “National Faith Vote Team” for the “Obama for America” 2012 presidential campaign organization.

Hale was also an intern in the Obama White House and worked for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).


Be on the watch for groups like this. They urge catholics to put aside the issue of abortion under the cover of concern for broader social issues. They and their allies will demand that faithful outspoken Catholics not engage in “culture wars”, even though they are the ultimate “culture warriors”, but for the other side.

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  1. Priam1184 says:

    I appreciate the heads up Father. We have had groups like this, and many parish priests in fact, who have been telling us to ignore the intrinsic evils growing and metastasizing in our society and focus on ‘social justice’ (whatever that means) for a few decades now. I hope that we all know what the score is with these people by now. I guess the main difference now is that they are invoking the pope to support their argument instead of castigating the Holy Father and the Vatican as they did under soon to be Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

  2. Salvelinus says:

    I’ve been all over telling folks about this group. They have put themselves “out there” as the voice of Catholicism. Unfortunately the wildly uncatechized Catholics over at Fox News (i.e. Hannity, O’Rieley, etc) go to them since they are the loudest.

    Mike Voris and the fine folks over at Church Militant TV did a great expose on the fake Catholic groups, with ties to George Soros and Obama. Its called “Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics” – Be sure to check it out over there and pass it along… http://www.churchmilitant.tv/platform/index.php?vidID=ciax-2010-06-27&ssnID=88

  3. Nancy D. says:

    They are using the words of this pope, because they recognize he speaks the same language, which serves to cause chaos and confusion, and thus to revel in that which does not proclaim The Truth of Love. “Whom am I to judge”, is the battle cry of those who do not desire that their beloved experience Salvational Love.

    One only needs to recognize that because Gorge Bergoglio, Cardinal Schonborn, Cardinal Pell, Archbishop Nichols…all support same-sex sexual “unions” and thus same-sex sexual acts, in direct violation of The Truth of Love, that they, too, are part of a powerful Lobby that is attempting to take control of Christ’s Church due to their hardened hearts.

    Fatima, truth or incredible coincidence?
    I am very concerned for our Holy Father Benedict!

  4. Robbie says:

    Somewhat related to this is a story from the LA Times today. The article suggests Obama sees an ally in Pope Francis when it comes to promoting his income inequality message. This is one instance where I think it’s quite important for Francis to knock down what is emerging as the “spirit of Francis”.

  5. mamajen says:

    Nancy D.,

    That, again? It’s still not true.

  6. mamajen says:

    For some reason that name Christopher Hale rings a bell.

    I have known dedicated liberals who take great pride in calling themselves “catholic” while showing everyone that they don’t actually have to follow any of the rules. They are very good at marketing themselves as the experts and getting people to look down on those who actually practice. It irritates me greatly.

  7. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Nancy D. wrote: “Gorge Bergoglio, Cardinal Schonborn, Cardinal Pell, Archbishop Nichols…all support same-sex sexual ‘unions’ and thus same-sex sexual acts”

    As to +Schonborn, +Pell, or +Nichols, I don’t know their views.

    As to Pope Francis Bergoglio, this is a lie from Hell.

    Please stop. Thank you.

  8. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    There is no “putting aside” the issue of abortion. To ask us to “put aside” the issue of abortion really amounts to a message of: “Get over it, (i.e., abortion), and get behind our guy (i.e., Obama).”

    This attitude is dismissive and arrogant, especially when you realize that there is no more profoundly unjust an action than intentionally to take an innocent life. To work, to pray, and to demonstrate against our national habit of doing just that constitute real acts of social justice, acts of social justice all that much more necessary because many of the very folks who profess their devotion to the cause of justice ignore or disdain the plight of these innocent victims.

  9. majuscule says:

    I’m on the email list for catholics in Alliance for the Common Good just to keep tabs on them. (Using my insurgent ID, of course.) It’s often enlightening to see their take on something.

    Speaking of taking, their smarmy semi-upbeat notes always have a link to click to give $$$ ‘cuz prayers are not enough.

  10. tcreek says:

    Nancy D. said “… Bergoglio (and others) all support same-sex sexual “unions”.

    She was criticized for the statement but I can understand why she might think that of Pope Francis. There have been stories such as the following.


    On March 19, The New York Times reported that when Argentina was gearing up for a bitter national debate on gay marriage in 2009 and 2010, Bergoglio quietly favored a compromise solution that would have included civil unions for same-sex couples.

    That report was denied by Miguel Woites, director of the Argentinian Catholic Information Agency, a news outlet linked to the Buenos Aires archdiocese. Woites insisted Bergoglio would “never” have favored any legal recognition of same-sex unions and said the Times report was a “complete error.”

    In early April, however, a senior official in the Argentine bishops’ conference told NCR that Bergoglio did, in fact, favor civil unions.

    Mariano de Vedia, a veteran journalist for Argentina’s leading daily, told NCR he could confirm Bergoglio’s position had been correctly described in the Times account.

  11. Mojoron says:

    “Common Good” is a dead giveaway.

  12. Nancy D. says:

    If it is a “lie from hell” that Gorge Bergoglio prior to becoming pope supported same-sex sexual unions that are private, do not include children and are not called marriage then where is the statement from Gorge Bergoglio that makes it clear he is not the author of the statement that dismissed the harmful nature of same -sex sexual unions on page 117 of his book On Heaven and Earth, and where is his statement declaring that all the reports in various media outlets that claim he supports same-sex sexual unions are false?

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  14. KingofCharity says:

    Michael Voris and his dedicated staff at ChurchMilitant have already done some extensive research and homework on Obama’s Trojan Horse plan to infiltrate, subvert, divide, and destroy the RCC.
    Another good Michael Voris video:

  15. KingofCharity says:

    We just have to be careful of the current spirit of paranoia and conspiracy theories that are sweeping through our culture and have even permeated the Church. We must eschew these ridiculous and nonsensical theories about the Church supposedly being infiltrated by Communists, Marxists, Freemasons, Illuminati, and other Luciferian machinations, and that these clandestine and surreptitious forces will take control of the Church, making her the seat of the anti-Christ and primary instrument of ushering in a New World Order . . . all rubbish. Sure, there have been wolves in sheep’s clothing who have entered the Church and fought hard to corrupt her, but they haven’t and can’t. To believe that the Church can be defected by heresy and the influences of Satan is the exact same mindset that spurred Martin Luther’s 95 theses. All diabolical dung meant to cast doubt on God’s promise that the Gates of Hell cannot sink the Barque of Peter. Conspiracy theories and Satanic “private revelations” are all diabolical temptations to pull people away from the Rock, Head Shepherd, Holder of the Keys of the Kingdom, Confirmer of Faith, and the One who binds and looses . . . the pope, bishop of Rome and the Magisterial authority of the bishops and ecumenical councils. All of Christ’s primary roles stated above have been explicitly delegated to Peter and his successors until the end of time.
    Our Holy Father is speaking the language of the world precisely to meet them on their terms. Secular humanists of today don’t speak Platonism like they did 2,000 years ago, or Enlightenment philosophy, so the Church adapts and speaks the language of her current enemies. No, today our enemies use modernist lingo. Our Holy Father speaks the language of secular humanists, modernists, atheists, socialists, multiculturalists, “diversity advocates,” liberal academia, MSM, etc. NOT because he is one himself. Not because he is a liberal puppet. Not because he is a modernist heretic, BUT precisely because he is engaging the world where they are. He is meeting them on their terms and where they are intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, socially, etc. He refuses to “count them out,” and discard them. They are NOT the enemy. They our his children who are under the influence of the ENEMY. He knows that the RCC clearly teaches that every single human being is a child of God, created in the Divine image and that NO ONE can do anything good in separation from God. The successor of Peter is “fishing” for the secular humanists, atheists, Muslims, anti-theists, modernists, feminists, heterodox liberals, etc. Fish don’t bite foreign food, they bite familiar bait. They bite their own food. We must stay in harmony with the Apostolic See and think with the same heart and mind as the universal Church.
    Former popes had to speak the language of “their times” to meet and address the needs of the Church, to engage the pagan culture.
    The Church is a blossoming flower, a growing mustard tree, a kingdom, a light on a hill, . . . not a retracting surreptitious, underground club. She is a visible Kingdom that mankind can seek and find until the end of days.

  16. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    I’m afraid Nancy D. is correct. Many of our bishops connive at this evil, so much so that it is commonplace; hardly newsworthy. This erastianism is certainly very common in England, where most of our bishops lie supine at the feet of the state, notwithstanding its antipathy to Christianity.

  17. SKAY says:

    George Soros -an atheist and a socialist – contributed to this group. He has admitted openly that he supports one world government headed by the UN and is not a fan of the Constitution. He was a big supporter of Obama and the Democrat Party during the past two elections and Hillary and Bill Clinton before that. The Democrat Party has become a useful vehicle for him.
    He is using his billions to achieve his goals -especially in the US- in order to neutralize it as a world power. He will use whoever and whatever he can to achieve his goal. I saw a video of him talking about it in front of a large group. It has also become clear that the Church is one of his targets. If you donate large amounts of money even people who should know better begin to listen to your views. I saw an older Jesuit priest from New Orleans talking about the group glowingly and recommending it’s goals right before the first Obama elections. Of course he had no problems with Obama’s stand on abortion at that time–he said that he was sure Obama would certainly be pragmatic about it–and after all–he would be so good on all the other issues. He was on local TV–discussing Obama’s upcoming election with two other local Catholic supporters. I called the local producer of the show-a Catholic–and she was also a supporter of this group. That is when I began to do my own research about them.
    Soros also is behind People for the American Way–a California group headed by John Padesta–who Obama has just hired in the White House in order to handle the problems Obama and his handlers are having because of the fiasco that Obamacare has become.
    I also remember it being pointed out that the Occupy Wall Street protesters who were protesting in front of “wealthy Wall Streeters” homes seemed to miss the Soros residence.

  18. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Nancy D. is correct? (about the Pope and certain cardinals “supporting” same-sex unions and acts)

    I answer that: They said to him, “Then why did Moses command that the man give the woman a bill of divorce and dismiss [her]?” He said to them, “Because of the hardness of your hearts Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. I say to you, whoever divorces his wife . . . and marries another commits adultery.” (Matt 19:7-9)

    This Scripture quote is about divorce, but a similar principle, I believe, applies to modern-day same-sex issues. Where Moses permitted divorce because of the hardness of the Israelites’ hearts, our Church leaders are withdrawing from the fight against the advance of same-sex civil unions in our society, because of the the hardness of heart of many of us in the West.

    I believe our Pope Francis hates these sins, as he hates all sin, but seeing the inroads that the adherents of the Culture of Death had been making – and continued to make – on the national scene in his native land, as well as throughout the West, he made a strategic decision to propose same-sex civil unions as a means to protect the status of civil marriage as belonging to one man and one woman.

    Some may say that the general, seeing his army hopelessly outnumbered in battle, his men and equipment being destroyed on all sides, without any sign or hope of being able to make any equivalent dent in the enemy’s capacities, who signals his beleaguered men to retreat to their stronghold, that they may protect it and save their own lives, . . . some may say that this general is a coward and a traitor for retreating before the enemy.

    But others, more familiar with the ways of war, understand that at times a valiant soldier will make a temporary retreat, and later on when circumstances are more auspicious, will come out to unleash firepower all that much more deadly upon the enemy.

    This is not straight up “supporting” same-sex unions, And it is certainly not “supporting” same-sex acts. And to say they are, is, indeed, a lie from Hell.

  19. majuscule says:

    I just got another email from Christopher Hale…personalized with my name!

    He writes: We can fight for a culture of life, justice and encounter in the United States.

    And more stuff about building God’s Kingdom, the poor, peace, justice and the common good…

    So, “…if you believe in the Gospel of Christ and the work we’re doing to bring the Francis Revolution to the United States, I’m asking you to invest in our organization during this holiday season.”

    I would like a clarification on their definition of “a culture of life”. They keep using that phrase but I do not think it means what they think it means…

  20. CrimsonCatholic says:

    NancyD, this is a lie. He never supported these unions, in fact, in the same passage he warns that making “civil unions” into marriages and allowing adoptions, then children are robbed of their right to a mother and a father. He never approves, nor does he comment on morality of the unions.

    Doing a quick google search, and you can see that Nancy makes rounds at several Catholic blogs and forums spouting the same false claims many times.

  21. Imrahil says:

    Dear @Nancy D.,

    to support a same-sex union not called marriage is not directly supporting same-sex sexual acts, unless the law in question defines it as consisting in homosexual acts. Therefore, we have to distinguish. German law says on marriage: “The spouses owe to each other marital communion”. German law says on same-sex union that it consists of two unmarried people of the same sex.

    Same-sex unions are legally somewhat void, offending the pious sense of the people, undeserving of the benefits bestowed on them by the State, and abetting homosexuality (with the excuse, though, that it only gives a name to what happens anyway), and giving scandal. Hence, they should not exist. (But I leave open whether they can possibly belong to a “lesser evil” category.)

    But they are not in and of themselves breaking the law of nature and of common-sense, as a same-sex “marriage” does. A same-sex “marriage” is not sinful alone by the acts that take place therein, which of themselves might still be somewhat attributed to human frailty. The thing is something I consider even more serious (heresy is more serious than sin): a same-sex “marriage” consists in equating by solemn declaration homosexual relationships to proper marriage relationships. It is a confession of faith, and of a false one.

    In addition, it breaks a common-sense that does still exist at large. Not many see and can argue that homosexuality is a sin under natural law. But everybody in the world sees that homosexuality is something entirely different and something of breathtakingly less value than marriage. But same-sex marriage makes-believe that it is. It is ridiculous. It is also ridiculous that it can exist in spite of the fact that, if the logical conclusions were presented to the populace, the populace indeed would judge their principle ridiculous.

    Dear @Marion Ancilla Mariae, I agree.

  22. Nancy D. says:

    @CrimsonCatholic, he refers to “unions” that are “private” do not include children and are not called marriage as not affecting society, never mentioning the physical, psychological, and spiritual harmful nature of same-sex sexual acts and thus a same-sex sexual relationship.

    Man is not an end in himself, nor is man a means to an end, man was created for communion with God. With God, there is no such thing as a private relationship.

    What distinguishes a same-sex friendship from a same-sex “union” is the fact that the term “union” implies a sexual relationship.

  23. Nancy D. says:

    One cannot condone same-sex sexual “unions” without condoning same-sex sexual acts.

  24. Nancy D. says:

    Although it is possible to overcome our disordered inclinations, a disordered sexual relationship cannot be transformed as long as it remains a sexual relationship.

  25. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    I’m sorry, Imrahil, but to invoke “unless the law in question defines it as consisting in homosexual acts” is surely to deceive oneself, as much in Germany as in England.

    In England, and I think also everywhere else in the United Kingdom, the now almost defunct concept of “civil partnership” was clearly intended to provide formal legal protection to explicitly sodomitical relationships, as evidenced not only by the arguments brought forward in its favour but also the formal exclusion of siblings etc. from eligibility. It was clearly a pseudo-marriage, and recognised as such at the time by all with eyes to see, whether in favour or against. The political timidity in calling it such only lasted a few years, and English bishops – at least some of ’em – are in favour. Exempli gratia:

  26. christopherjollyhale says:

    Hello all,

    My name is Christopher Hale, and I’m with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. We are pro-life through and through. We disagree with Roe v. Wade. And we believe that the unborn should be given rights. We do, however, believe that government should do more to assist women with unexpected pregnancies.

    A pregnant women is a sacred person in society. I think of the Blessed Virgin Mary who at the tender age of 14 was already carry the Lord in her womb.

    I’m glad to talk to each of you all offline. Just shoot me an e-mail at chale@catholicsinalliance.org.

    God bless you during this Christmas Octave!

    Christopher Hale

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