Buy Soap from Dominicans… NOW. No. Really! TODAY!

I am informed that the “Soap Sisters”, the Dominicans in New Jersey who make the wonderful soaps, will shut down their store after 16 December.

If you want to order, order NOW.

Buy soap.  Help nuns.

Click NOW.

Help Dominicans. What’s hard about this?

Soaps… foofy stuff, tastefully wrapped. Small gifts.

They sent me their shaving cup, which I use every day.

(I wish they would bring back their smoky-smelling Savonarola line.  Get it?)

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  1. JohnE says:

    The Savonarola line includes Bonfire Shaving Cream, Trial By Fire foot soap (with a very mild smoky scent), and Execution body lotion.

  2. guans says:

    Just ordered lavender hand cream, evergreen room spray, lip balm and coconut soap pkg.

  3. cpttom says:

    Bought various soaps…solved part of what to buy dear wife for Christmas.

  4. SKAY says:

    We ordered early– and if you like scented candles — theirs are wonderful.

  5. wised says:

    Glad to help the good sisters.Bought several St Nick soaps for Christmas stocking stuffers. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Angie Mcs says:

    We have purchased from the sisters for quite some time. Very nice items. It’s too bad they are closing up shop. Another little business that challenged the big chains…it’s a shame.

  7. Legisperitus says:

    Is a clarification needed? I was afraid they were closing their shop permanently, but the website only says they are closing “until after Christmas.”

  8. Uxixu says:

    I have to get some. I’d love to replace all my household consumables with those created by Religious, from Mystic Monk Coffee to Dominican Soap.

  9. Poor Savonarola!

    That is funny though – although I feel terribly bad laughing! :-)

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