My View For Awhile

And so it begins. A perk!





Thanks to a reader I am using a Kindle Paperwhite, which we can now use during takeoffs!





Wonderful soups, so different.

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10 Responses to My View For Awhile

  1. Joe in Canada says:

    Wow! What airline is this, that gives a real lunch?!

  2. lsclerkin says:

    Lunch– borscht?
    Cuz that would be good. :)

  3. yatzer says:

    You got actual food? On an airplane? Wow!!!

  4. StWinefride says:


  5. The actual food was in an actual restaurant after the actual landing. Would that such things as SOUP were possible on an airplane now!

  6. frjim4321 says:

    I hope it is a safe trip.

  7. Jack007 says:

    While I rarely agree with Fr. Jim, I must say he can be most gracious at times.
    Jack in KC

  8. Supertradmum says:

    God bless all your travels, Father. You are a much better traveler than I am. I would think that by this time you are very close to St. Raphael.

  9. ocds says:

    Isn’t the kindle paperwhite great? I love mine.

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