WARNING! Tradition: A Danger To Your Children?

This is pretty funny. I saw this at Badger Catholic (nice guys):

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    I saw this earlier, but am glad for this large version. This is hysterical…and, sadly, some NOs are nervous about their kids going to the TLM. Just a note, but out of the 55 people at the TLM on Sunday, about 25 are children under ten-the offspring of the TLM generation.

    The future of the Church is in the Latin Mass communities, I do believe.

  2. lsclerkin says:


    Exactly what I noticed at the TLM when I started attending.
    Guess who has a future?

  3. Mike says:

    This is anecdotal, but the TLM I go to now and then has attendance that is probably only about 30% of the size of the parish’s regular Sunday NO Masses. On a good Sunday.

    Which is a shame. Though I do think to appreciate the TLM, sometimes some serious catechetical work can really help others who otherwise might not like it.

  4. phlogiston says:

    And here I always thought it was Miraculous Medals that were a gateway to scapulars, not the other way around. Who knew?

  5. Hank Igitur says:

    For traditionalists this is hilarious. What is not so funny is that this sort of reaction can go on in a “Catholic” family when a part of same family discovers tradition and the other members don’t get it.
    These images and captions are worthy of broader distribution, they are really funny.

  6. Vecchio di Londra says:

    It’s almost as if these poor adolescents feel a need to genuflect, or to bow their heads at the Holy Name. Some – horribile dictu! – are even discovered gazing at sacred images. Moving their lips in silent prayer – going to Mass during the week, would you believe. As if once on Sunday wasn’t enough for anyone…

    Ah, but we must not condemn them…Who are we to judge!

    That attraction of the developing mind towards solemnity and ceremony will – we have to hope – be abandoned once they grow up to be sophisticated adults, and learn to bow to worldly authority, and to believe what they read in the newspaper.

  7. Charles E Flynn says:

    Wait until the children get caught reading under the covers the first volume of the Kindle edition of the Baltimore Catechism, which has a remarkable price.

  8. Sword40 says:

    Loved it. I’ll pass this one along to the “uninformed.

  9. Eric says:

    You smell like incense! Where have you been? Don’t lie to me.

  10. Eric says:

    This is your soul….. This is your soul on sacramentals.

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  12. Elly says:

    I’m not a teenager but I feel like this was my mother’s response as well.

  13. Saint1106 says:

    Good gracious. Next thing you know, they will complain about using rosary beads, stopping in church to make a visit and light a candle on the way to or from school, joinging cult like Socality or the Vincent de Paul society, and making First Fridays, May crownings, benediction with incense (likely it pollutes the environment). Then they will turn on priests wearing cassocks. Then playing golf Where will this end? No more fun in being a Catholic.

  14. Mike says:

    So, yeah, it was two days before Christmas… but at my weekly Monday evening TLM at the parish near my work, I saw more kids than I typically see in a month of NOs at the parish near my home. Not all looked like Wally Cleaver or Mary Stone; all were reverent.

  15. Organorum says:

    I was cleaning little Timmy’s bedroom, and you’ll never believe what I found under the bed! It was a maniple!!!

  16. Vecchio di Londra says:

    Organorum, I think that gets the biggest laugh of all…! :-)

  17. Vecchio di Londra says:

    Just to be serious for a moment: I was at a TLM recently when a young girl – no more than seven, I guessed – came up for Communion. She knelt down at the altar rails on the hard marble step (a tough prospect for these old knees) as naturally as if it was a soft cushion, and as the priest approached she rather uncertainly put out her hands: the priest most gently reached the Host past her hands and towards her mouth, which she automatically opened and received the Host.
    So now she knows for the next time. (And no wonder the poor mite is confused, with all the contradictory practice and catechization she must have experienced in her young life so far…)
    Just another little brick on all the other bricks…I felt very moved to see it.

    It reminds me: during the Reformation in mid 16th century England, one of the main points of local resistance to the ‘reforms’ was the staunch refusal of some parishioners to take the Sacred Host in the hands, ‘for this be a protestant thinge, and we heere keep to the wayes of our fathers and will only receive the Lord in our mouthes.’

  18. Marie Teresa says:

    @Elly – yes, my parents have maintained the same reaction for 20 years, and my teen years are ancient history. That I will drive 90 minutes one direction to attend Latin Mass is seen as a defect.

    My youngest “experimented” with TLM in college. Today, he and his wife and two children attend Mass every Sunday. There’s not a TLM where they live, so they attend the NO at a rather liberal church that drives him nuts sometimes – the experimentation obviously strengthened him.

  19. mamajen says:

    “I found Father Z’s blog in your history again!”

    hehehe…this was hilarious. We have many teens in our parish exhibiting these symptoms.

  20. Geoffrey says:

    Funny, though I would avoid Fr. Gruner’s “Fatima Crusader” publication at all costs.

  21. We have a mass play set for our children which was getting frequent use when we had frequent access to the Latin Mass. But I painfully noticed in the absence of Latin Mass, the boy’s interest in playing priest subsided and then entirely vanished. Recently we attended a Latin Mass with William Byrd’s Mass for 4 voices sung by a professional choir and my children’s attentions were glued to the awesome spectacle before them. As soon as we got home guess what got dusted off by the children, on their own motivation, and put back into use again?

  22. brhenry says:

    “Tradition” is a very precarious concept. It was a false notion of tradition that crucified Our LORD.
    The Pharisees had made a “capital” mistake. It was largely due to the their distorted view of “tradition” that led them to murder GOD. Blurring the lines between “capital T” and “small t”
    tradition is spiritually very dangerous. All licit forms of Holy Mass are ALWAYS in the realm of “small t” tradition. Not accepting this truth will eventually lead to schism and heresy.
    Small “t” traditions can be wonderful aids and compared to sacramentals; handmaids of the real thing.

  23. Johnno says:

    brhenry –

    I suspect that the Pharaisees in Christ’s day and much of the state of the Temple was very much like our times. You had ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ wings in the Temple. The real traditionalists were small in number. The others distorted the Scriptures and message to serve socio-political goals. They walked fine lines trying to please both the orthodox Jews and the Roman Secular State. They freely accepted Ceaser’s coins and tolerated all kinds of practices that desecrated the sacred spaces and turned away gentiles looking for the authentic faith but whom would only run into money-men. It wasn’t anything new, the history of Israel is a struggle between God wanting to be their king and setting them apart, but they want a king and country just like all the other surrounding nations.

  24. brhenry says:

    Johnno: Good points. The “real traditionalists” in every age can distinguish, by the Grace of GOD, the difference between the capital T Traditions from Heaven and the small t traditions of men. The true Catholic traditionalist accepts with docility the fact that the reigning Vicar of Christ, at any given time in history, is the final judge of binding(Capital T) and non-binding(small t) tradition.

  25. ByzCath08 says:

    I like the one for the Eastern Catholic churches….Your son is discerning the married priesthood!

  26. avecrux says:

    I agree with Geoffrey – great – but wish it hadn’t included the Fatima Crusader.

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