NY Common Core sends students to sex quiz page

For all you supports of The First Gay President’s administration and for all of those Catholic entities out there who have bought into Common Core, from Breitbart:


*The following article contains graphic, sexually explicit terms.
While lawmakers in New York State are considering delaying the Common Core standards initiative because of its disastrous rollout, new problems with the academic standards are now drawing intense criticism.
Carol Burris, New York’s 2013 High School Principal of the Year, reports at Valerie Strauss’s Washington Post blog that Anna Shah, the mother of a kindergarten student, discovered highly offensive materials on the Student Services Page of the Engage NY Common Core materials site. When Shah reported her discovery to NYSED, the page was taken down, though the link had reportedly been active since October of 2012.
The link below is to a screen shot made prior to the removal of the site.
The New York State Education Department (NYSED) site contained a section called “Make test prep fun,” which directed students to a site with quizzes that help them find out if they are a “sexy bitch,” “evil,” a “freak,” “insane,” etc.
Scrolling down and right on the page, students could also click on the links to take quizzes that would help them find out if they are “sluts,” or “losers.”
Questions on the “Are you a slut?” test include:


That’s enough of that.

Thanks to everyone out there who voted for Pres. Obama.

BTW… how’s the AFFORDABLE Care Act working for you so far?


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  1. pannw says:

    I thank God that my eyes were open to this vile man and his agenda and that I didn’t vote for him. If I had, and I had not done so already, I would be running to the nearest confessional like a bat out of …

    But really, he opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, not once but 3 times, because he didn’t want the mother or ‘doctor’ who had just tried to barbarically murder her fully developed unborn child to be further ‘burdened’ with having to give it care and comfort when it survived. Mind bogglingly EVIL…and so many ‘Catholics’ apparently were A OK with that barbarity.

    Yep, I’d be running for the confessional if it were me. God help them and open their eyes.

  2. APX says:

    Wtf? This is just messed up. I feel bad for any kid who was accidentally exposed to this filth and ended up losing a part of their innocent minds. Something like that in Canada could have got them into serious trouble if a minor stumbled upon it. The law is not friendly to those who destroy the innocence of children here.

  3. incredulous says:

    WTH is wrong with our Church? As long as Catholics support Obama and his ILK, this will NEVER change.

  4. Mike says:

    A few weeks ago, after a sentimentality-drenched NO Mass, with never a Latin chant, with an almost zero-doctrine homily, with a parade of EMHCs, with a cantor who now asks us right before Mass starts “to turn to your neighbor you will be worshipping with and introduce yourself”, driving out of the parking, I see an Obama 2012 sticker on the car in front of me leaving Church.

    And I do not wonder at all how that sticker got there!

  5. incredulous says:

    @mike, low information Catholics…

  6. wanda says:

    What vile filth. Evil. APX is right on a child losing a part of innocence stumbling across that filth.
    Just imagine some sick twisted person talking to a child using some of those same words..in a perfect world that person would be locked up and the key would be thrown away. But to this administration it’s all under the heading of sex-education. May God protect the children.

  7. incredulous says:

    Shamefully, the Catholic Church is not protecting these children as many Bishops are embracing Common Core standards. Just like many Bishops facilitated Obama care which is now being used to attack NUNS in addition to killing babies. Catholics MUST get off their butts, get their catechesis straight and FIGHT this heinous evil. Are we not THE communion of the Church Militant?

  8. Dienekes says:

    OK–Someone enlighten me as to WHY the hierarchy has steadfastly averted its gaze away from the increasingly toxic culture for 50+ years, and most particularly ignored the fact that one of the principal institutions promoting a secular, if-it-feels-good-do- it life is the public school system?

    I don’t quite believe that it’s all a nefarious Gramsci “long march through the institutions” plot (at least not quite yet–but I am open to arguments on it). But much smarter people than myself have claimed for millennia that that if you want a given set of values to triumph, you zero in on the kids.

    Way back in the mid-80s The Reagan Administration put out a report on American education, stating that if a foreign power imposed such a system on us, it would be considered an act of war.

    Precisely what are waiting for before we call a spade a spade, and state the obvious: that routinely sending a child off to today’s public schools is contrary to common sense and Catholic beliefs?

    (For some reason I have this image of the Three Monkeys wearing miters…)

  9. Uxixu says:

    Unfortunately I noticed the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has Common Core for my Catholic school enrolled 1st Grader. I haven’t noticed anything objectionable in the assignments but me and her mother take turns helping them with her homework…

  10. Juergensen says:

    Speaking of those who voted for abortionist/homosexualist Obama. I have read on the Internet, but have not been able to confirm, that after the 2008 election Raymond Arroyo of EWTN, in an interview with politically conservative (and Catholic) Laura Ingraham, said:

    “The bishops I spoke to say that maybe half of their brother bishops, if not more, voted for Obama.”

    Has anyone heard this before or been able to confirm that Arroyo in fact said this?

  11. Giuseppe says:

    Arithmetic. Spelling. Grammar. Penmanship. Reading. (yes, reading through Phonics, which worked for decades). American History. World History. Science. Music. Art. Gym. Recess. This is grade school in the US.

    High school: Latin*. English. Ancient History. World History. American History. Algebra. Geometry. Trigonometry. Pre-calculus. Biology. Chemistry. Physics. Modern Language (Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian). Music**. Art. Gym. Health.

    Latin (introduction, Caesar, translation of Latin mass, requiem, magnificat, Virgil’s Aeneid, Ovid’s Metamorphoses – excerpts, Cicero) Music** (medieval chant, gergorian chant, Bach’s b minor mass, Bach’s magnificat, Vivaldi’s Gloria, Mozart’s Requiem, Haydn Mass in Time of War, Beethoven Missa Solemnis, Beethoven 9, Schubert Mass in Eb, Schumann scenes from Faust (or his late Requiem), Berlioz Requiem, Rossini Stabat Mater, Brahms German Requiem, Mendelssohn Reformation Symphony or any of the Motets, Bruckner 4 (or the f minor mass), Dvorak 9 or Stabat Mater, Mahler 2, Schoenberg Verklarte Nacht, Strauss Elektra or Salome, Verdi Requiem, etc.

  12. pmullane says:

    “directed students to a site with quizzes that help them find out if they are a ………… “insane,” etc”

    Is the question ‘did you vote for Barack Obama?’

  13. Filumene says:

    “BTW… how’s the AFFORDABLE Care Act working for you so far?”

    Making the poor, poorer. Just one more thing to stack the deck against single income, struggling families. If you make the sacrifice of going “traditional” with the division of labor, for the sake of order, there is such a price. Oh, well. It will just make heaven all the sweeter. :)

    Oh, and the quiz? Well, it’s to be expected. One of Satan’s greatest “attributes” is insanity. I would say we can see his hand in all this. And I assure you, things can only get worse without conversion.

  14. ReginaMarie says:

    Reason #2746 to homeschool your children…while it is still legal, that is…

    I thank God every day that our children have been spared this vile smut.

  15. incredulous says:


    I have a preexisting condition and prior to my Obama induced cancellation last September, I was paying $1200 a month with pretty poor copays and out of pocket maximums with BCBS. After Obama care my premium went down to $670 a month and I have no copays and only $1000 a year out of pocket max for the best policy BCBS has ever provided.

    So, who’s paying for Obamacare? It’s disgusting and perverted that poor people are subsidizing my medical insurance either through mandatory purchases of a product they don’t need (abortions for geriatric males for example) or through fines.

    This man is completely the product of Satan. It is totally disheartening that so many of my fellow pew sitters AND Bishops of the church support him to this day. It’s gut churning.

  16. frjim4321 says:

    Juergensen, I do suspect that many bishop voted for Obama, but I wonder as with the priests if this is not generational? Many of my cohort and I voted for The President, but I doubt if the same is true of those ordained in the past 15 year.

    Is Brietbart just another ideologically driven tabloid “news” site? [Nice try. You don’t like the content of the story so you try to derail it into a discussion about Breitbart.]

  17. Katylamb says:

    This is indeed a disgusting website, but to all those who hate and fear the common core standards: Why don’t you read the actual standards for yourself instead of reading all the hype attached to them? There is nothing wrong with them at all. I’m glad some of the bishops are for them. Have you noticed how bad education has been these past decades? Having the kids read lightweight fiction non-stop in schools has made dummies out of them. They need to read books with some content so they can learn some actual facts and knowledge about the world. Good literature in certainly included in the common core reading lists, poetry, fiction, plays, essays- lots of good things. This horrible site does NOT represent common core standards at all. Before you jump on me and typecast me, I do not, nor ever did, support or vote for Obama. I can’t stand him. I just looked at common core for myself and discovered it’s how I’m been homeschooling all along. There are a very few things on the list of suggested material that I wouldn’t like if my child was in school. However, have you checked out some of the fiction the kids in high school read now, without common core?

  18. LarryW2LJ says:

    “BTW… how’s the AFFORDABLE Care Act working for you so far?”

    Fortunately, for now, my employer still offers healthcare insurance. – although I am sure that will go by the wayside in the next year or so – that’s how this was all planned. But when I completed the open enrollment for coverage beginning this January, I had a case of sticker shock! The same coverage (no changes) went up quite a bit from last year. This is way more than the annual increases that I have come to expect, and my gut tells me that it has something to do with Obamacare, although admittedly, I have no documented proof.

    As far as “Catholics for Obama” go. I just try to stay quiet and as charitable as I can when I am confronted by one. My sister is one (unfortunately) and all the logical, rational arguing in the world will not change their minds. They seem to react to the world on the basis of feelings, rather than facts, and when you point out the facts to them, it doesn’t take long for them to get hostile.

    However, they can’t argue with results and many are starting to feel betrayed. Obviously, they didn’t know what they were voting for and now, it seem that many (but by no means all) are having “voter’s regret”, or as my grandfather used to say, “Some people just have to learn the hard way”.

  19. DisturbedMary says:

    54% of us are in the cafeteria eating watery soup and baloney sandwiches and calling it Catholicism. Most haven’t a clue about good or evil. Or eternal consequences. Sheep being led to the wide gate by promises of no suffering and no sorrow. Pleasure Island. Many are bishops. They put their faith in false gods and Democrat politics. They are silent when they should be loud — still when they should be active. They are making their chains, link by link, as did Marley in life. Woe to our bishops. Woe to our bishops.

  20. The Masked Chicken says:

    “Why don’t you read the actual standards for yourself instead of reading all the hype attached to them? There is nothing wrong with them at all.”

    I have read them and I greatly disagree with them. This is a veiled attempt at secondary coercion by the Federal government (who subtly exert pressure on the states who, “seem,” to be in-charge). The educational theory is not bring developed by people actually in the field teaching the material, as it should be, but by political processes and think-tanks. It would take too long to do an exhaustive analysis as I did in a comment on this subject, here, during last summer.

    The Chicken

  21. Cathy says:

    This is part of Common Core? This crap that is not fit for human consumption was put out for children to consume? It was taken down, but who put it there and why is that person not held accountable? If a Bible verse, if the Ten Commandments were on this site there would literally be hell to pay, but, include absolute satanic garbage in education and once it is discovered it is simply quietly removed.
    If you accept the standards, you accept those who write the standards, including Planned Parenthood. Our baptismal promises include the rejection of satan, doesn’t this include rejecting him in public education? If Catholic education has a common core standard, shouldn’t it be the rejection of the federally mandated common core?

  22. frjim4321 says:

    [Nice try. You don’t like the content of the story so you try to derail it into a discussion about Breitbart.] – Rev. and Dear Host

    This is a chicken-and-egg thing. If the story comes from a source that is credible, a discussion about the matter can be held. If the story is made-up or at least blown-up there is no point to the discussion.

    For instance in this case from what few actual facts we have in the story it appears that an ADULT clicked several levels into a website and found something that is inappropriate for a child. How unusual is THAT? We have a disclaimer on our parish website that we are not responsible for the content of any possible site that can be linked to or accessed from our site. This is not at all uncommon. A webmaster such as myself has absolutely NO control over the content of every site that I link to down to the third, fourth and fifth generation ad nauseam.

    For instance, I’m promoting the idea that all homes in the parish should have a good bible, for example the Catholic Study Bible (ed. Senior et al, 2011 NAB-Rev). I put an Amazon link for it on the parish website. Somebody goes to the Catholic Study Bible. But then they start clicking around Amazon and they see something by Robert Gates. Then somebody blogs about me, “Father Blue is obviously Obamaphobic because I followed his parish website and I found this book by Robert Gates. And obviously Father Jim hates Joe Biden because he’s ENDORSING all this BILE about the Vice President!”

    Thus my critique of the source of the rumor is valid. In fact, when the matter in question is the matter of rumor, the only valid critique is that of the source rather than that of the substance.

  23. SKAY says:

    The parents who are dealing with the content and implementation along with teachers in my state have a lot of problems with Common Core including the PARCC test. The original idea seems to have been changed once the federal gov. got involved with Race to the Top money. It was originally a state to state thing–with federal government input not involved. Federal money always ends up with unforeseen strings. Because of all of the new software needed–Microsoft and Bill Gates are involved and that is just the tip of the iceberg. .
    There are quite a few other states now trying to get rid of the program that they originally accepted.
    The content on the New York website is outrageous. The state and it’s education dept. is responsible for what is on that site–they knew children would be going there. Parents have a right to expect that their kids–no matter what age — not have anything like this available on a state approved education web site. Breitbart is not the problem.

  24. Katylamb says:

    Masked Chicken: I suppose I’m not that bright but I have no idea what you’re talking about. What I do know is that the suggested reading list for the Core Standards is excellent- way better than the junk most public school students read now. Perhaps they’ll help to turn out some students who can actually read their diplomas.

  25. Katylamb says:

    Cathy, You said: “If you accept the standards, you accept those who write the standards, including Planned Parenthood. Our baptismal promises include the rejection of satan, doesn’t this include rejecting him in public education?”

    I accept the standards and you are talking nonsense here as well as being very insulting. I reject Satan and that DOES NOT include rejecting something that you don’t happen to like. You seem to be implying that those who embrace the common core standards are heretics. I accept many things that less than perfect people made, if they are good things. Food, for instance. I have no idea if all the wholesome food I buy is produced by saints but I still buy it. That a sinner produced it does not make it evil.

  26. The Masked Chicken says:

    Dear Katylamb,

    I didn’t want to write a detailed critique of a Common Core because I have already done so in another comment over the summer. I just don’t know how to link to it.

    Here is a blistering article that covers much of the relevant material:


    The Chicken

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