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Posts scroll off the main page pretty quickly.  First, help each other out.  I hope you will all look at this and say a prayer or two for the petitions people post.


This is something you shouldn’t miss:

On Bishops as Culture Warriors. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

And then

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent donations and objects from my amazon wish lists (see right sidebar), both the one that has things and the one for Kindle books.  Each time something arrives it is a shot in the arm.  Speaking of a shot in the arm, I see that a new holster is on the way and I received laser cartridge in .45 ACP for some virtual practice.  I have two guns in .45 ACP, and I will try it out in both.  I still need the LaserLyte target, however, but brick by brick.  This should be very cool.  Fewer holes in the walls, too.  Furthermore, a few Ammo Fund donations helped me to take a seminarian shooting the other day.  Fun.

I had thought to say Mass for benefactors today, but an urgent request came.

Thus, I will say Mass for benefactors on Monday 6 January, Epiphany.  Yes, I changed it.

This is my duty and great pleasure.

You, dear donors, keep this blog going for everyone.

Thanks also to everyone who chimed in the combox or through email about my daily podcasts during Advent and the Octave of Christmas.  They, too, were a token of thank for donors and senders, i.e., benefactors.  I have to think about whether I will do podcasts for Lent this year.

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