ASK FATHER: Priest’s “Bug Out Bag” for TEOTWAWKI

It’ll “take care of us”, alright!

From a reader:

What items should a Catholic include in a bug out bag [BOB] besides the usual survival gear?

What does a Priest’s bug out bag look like? I would assume supplies to administer the sacraments in an emergency.

Good question.  I will confine myself mostly to a priest’s BOB.  That said, every lay person should have a Rosary: ideally one made from paracord, which will not be reflective and will not make noise when moved (tip from a Marine).  Also, one of those tiny, vest-pocket size New Testament and Psalms volumes could be of comfort.  There is a small Catholic edition by Baronius, very nice, leather bound that weighs 1.2 oz.

Since I have looked at this question for a while, I can offer some suggestions.

First, let’s distinguish between scenarios.

There is a short term, localized disaster flight/coping BOB.  I don’t think we need to say much about that, other than to say that a priest ought to have with him at all times – SHTF or not – his oil stock and a stole and, if he doesn’t have them memorized, a useful prayerbook like the Collectio Rituum or one of those handy and slim volumes of yesteryear  – which I hope some company like Baronius would reprint – like the old Vademecum Pii Sacerdotis.  In the mag pouch of my daily wear 5.11s I have a stole and oil stock, my Rosary and folding knife in the other thigh pocket. In the short-term, the localized case, the next town over ought to be able to provide things for Mass, etc.  But before they arrive, make sure you have that oil-stock!

Next, if you are talking about when the SHTF on a large or global scale and TEOTWAWKI.  I will leave aside the vehicle issue.

Initially, what you bring in your head might make a difference and doesn’t weigh anything.  I recall in Fr. Walter Ciszek’s With God In Russia that the Jesuits who were sent into the Soviet Union memorized certain prayers.  Ciszek could substitute some prayers for the Office and could say Mass from memory, on his suitcase or on the stump of a tree.  We should know forms for the administration of sacraments and giving certain blessings (ad omnia).  Fathers, do you know the form to anoint from memory? The Apostolic Blessing?  It could be good to know a Mass formulary from memory, perhaps the Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary along with all the prayers for Mass, offertory, Roman Canon, everything.  You won’t be hauling a Missal around for very long, I fear.  I have a photo-charging wristwatch, which has a calendar feature, so I am good to go.

Alternately, a little flexible solar panel charger for your iPhone or Kindle with useful texts could be really helpful: there are PDF’s of many liturgical books, not to mention spiritual reading.  They can break, however.  Therefore, memorize the essentials and they are yours until your mind breaks in the prison-camp during the usual tortures.

A tiny chalice from one of those portable Mass kits would be nice, though during TEOTWAWKI I won’t be fussy.  A water-proof container with small hosts (which can be broken for efficiency). A plastic squirt bottle of fortified wine (see HERE).  It could be a good idea to have a small vacuum sealed bag of raisins, from which wine could be made in a pinch once if you are holed-up somewhere.  Another of wheat-flour. (Ecclesiastical authorities might consider stockpiling sealed cans of raisins and sugar and wheat flour and olive oil.)  I have a vestment that was probably for a military chaplain, white and red reversible.  When the SHTF, I doubt God will frown on the use of a stole only… or no stole at all. During TEOTWAWKI a vestment is therefore not my first concern… a maniple, maybe, maybe a biretta… no, scratch that… Beretta.

Moreover, small vials of your oils.  If you can only have one, then obviously choose Infirmorum. As a spiritual help, your Chrism could be a real treasure. During an ordination I heard the great Bp. Morlino of Madison suggest to the ordinandi that, when times are tough in their priesthood, to rub a drop of Chrism between the palms of their hands for strength: the fragrance is a powerful reminder of their identity.  During TEOTWAWKI we mustn’t lose our identity.  At the same time, you would have to be pretty sure that there wasn’t an enemy nearby, since Chrism is pretty potent.  If they are closing in and not to be avoided, then Chrism away.

You should be carrying some salt anyway, so you will be able to bless Holy Water.

So, aside from the things that everyone else should have in their BOB, the priest needs a few extras.  Taken together, they don’t add much weight, but they carry a lot of spiritual weight.  That said, in the case of capture, you would instantly be identifiable as a priest.  Martyrdom to follow.

Unless you are discovered by a group of Catholic preppers!

So, you Catholics out there!  Network and plan and include a priest in both networking and planning.  If you are creating bug-out plans, don’t forget Father or even some useful bishop or other if he is willing: the ailing Augustine, waiting for the Vandals, was not willing to leave Hippo in 430. A bishop can consecrate another bishop if need be.  When TEOTWAWKI comes, there will be need.

Building retreats? Consider a chapel or at least the basic materials.  Consult a priest for what is needed.

Perhaps even a priest-hole.

And don’t forget those …


… 5 pound bags of Mystic Monk Coffee!

When TEOTWAWKI comes and that S is Hing TF, what else should you be sure to put in that Bug Out Bag but a dozen 5 pound bags of those deliciously roasted beans.

The infrastructure will be gone.  The riots will be raging in the former city centers.  They’ll be hunting you down. But you’ll kick back with one of your Fr Z swag mugs before your fire, savoring that rich flavor while your lightly-killed rabbit turns on its spit at your hide-away.

Remember, each bean will be like gold.   You’ll be able to trade them for ammo, anti-biotics and even bribe Obama’s Domestic Security Total Statist Control Fugitive Hunter Death Squad Forces to let you go!

I have it on good authority that Mystic Monk coffee is endowed with special powers through rites I cannot here explain that actually mask… yes, actually mask!… your identity and presence against drones and satellites.

Mystic Monk Coffee can do all that!

It’s swell and it’s a matter of LIFE AND DEATH!

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  1. mshepard85 says:

    You might want to add a St. Nicholas Owen prayer card to your kit. [There are any number of things one can add and each of them weighs something. Sure, a laminated holy card doesn’t weigh much.]

  2. Bos Mutissimus says:

    Tactical is good. CinCHouse got me a Combat Rosary last Christmas, and although I love the dogtag chain motif, it is a tactical risk – perhaps best used as a Dress / Garrison Rosary.

    ~ Semper Fidelis, [do or die.]

  3. I have some beeswax candles, blessed according to the Rituale Romanum. It is a great consolation, incidentally, to burn such candles at home; I wish I could have one going 24/7.

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Apparently one technique to keep count of paces traveled is to count beads. So rosaries have many uses – to stay on the way as well as to stay on the Way!

  5. LarryW2LJ says:

    For paracord Rosaries, here are some nice ones, if you’re not into making one yourself:

  6. cpttom says:

    I ask forbearance if this sounds like tin-foil hat territory, but My wife’s family lived through the persecution in China, with one uncle jailed for thirty years for refusing to denounce the Pope and Church, and the other beaten near to death by the secret police because he was an outspoken student with a Catholic campus apostolate. He later became a priest. We suspect they still have ties to the underground Church. My wife was baptised by her mother and had her first communion and confirmation were at the hands of an underground priest. This is all very real to me and my wife, and considering some of the parallels to China and late 1930s Germany, we better take the possibility of hard persecution seriously that it could happen here

    Among any preps should be supplies for the priests (who may be on the run or in hiding) such as appropriate wine, hosts, candles, vestments, books of ritual and prayer, bibles, sacred vessels (portable and hideable), linens, holy metals, olive oil, salt, etc, so the priest doesn’t have to bring them with him. Much of the consumables are relatively cheap and available now, and will be too bulky for the priests to carry if they are on the lamb, and may not be available or will draw attention if purchased once the troubles begin.. We laity will have to protect, hide and supply them, and we will have to watch over each other. Start cataloging mentally the true sons and daughters of the Church now, and keep track of the goats. Remember the take down of the Chinese Church was an inside job…the Communists subverted those priests and Bishops that had skeletons in their closets and turned them against the Church. All that may happen has happened before, so go read about the Chinese and English persecutions if you want to understand what may happen.

    Keep in mind You better think in terms of hiding this stuff if a hard persecution hits. In my parlor is a unremarkable 2 1/2 foot tall statue of Jesus, except that my wife’s family hid it under the floor boards of their apartment during the Revolution. It is the only possession they were able to save other for some jewelry that they were able to barter for their survival. It is on the mantle piece to remind us what has happened and what could happen.

    In all things, pray, think and prepare. Don’t panic, God is with us, but he expects us to do our part as members of the Church Militant. St Michael Defend us in Battle, Viva Christo Rey!

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  7. classycatholic says:

    Fr. Z – you never cease to hit the nail on the head while making me smile. :) Fabulous article for TEOTWAWKI and other scenarios. I would also recommend all Catholics keep a small vial of holy water, a small blessed beeswax candle (ones in metal jars work great!), and a holy card w. the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart on it in their BOB. If you can only find glossy holy cards simply spray with matte polyurethane. I also am tossing in some extra brown scapulars this month for those who may have had theirs fall apart and be in need of one. Small wooden crucifixes (Rosary sized – again, with matte poly) are also great additions.

    In our home we call our religious BOB “the boat” in reference to Noah and the flood. No need to worry if you’ve got a boat. ;)

  8. This topic (TEOTWAWKI) has been on my mind a lot lately. My husband and I have small children … and it’s hard not to be scared at the thought of needing to bug out.

  9. cpttom says:


    We have small children too as well as elderly family members. My suggestion is to bug out early if you can so you can use a vehicle, otherwise have some form of alternate transportation (pull wagon, bicycle seat, etc.) that you can pull or move the kids in if you have to hoof it. Also limit how far you have to go as they will have a harder time with distance. Prepositioning supplies en-route and at your destination is also a good idea. The other option is to Bug out in place, if you must. In all things may +JMJ keep you safe and well. God Bless.

  10. Ben Kenobi says:

    There is small mercy in the thought that the one who’s ancestors persecuted priests would provide shelter for them… That priest hole comic touched a nerve, Father.

  11. acardnal says:

    Don’t forget a can of SPAM! Another fine Minnesota product.

  12. classycatholic says:

    CatholicLiving – I have young children too which is how it got named “The Boat”. We used the story of Noah’s Ark and talked about how if we are well prepared, God will take care of the rest. It made it so much less frightening not only for my 10 year old, but for me as well. Now they LOVE getting Sacramentals and other things to “put in The Boat”. It’s a VERY frightening thought but to know that our Faith has survived many TEOTWAWKI moments in history. Fear not and put your Faith and trust in Him. Prepare but also know that in the end of this crazy, He is the One who is truly in charge.

  13. majuscule says:

    I have a sick call altar. It’s similar to this image:×1000.jpg

    Inside are some of the items that would have been used for Last Rites. I think there’s a crucifix, a paten and a container for holy oil. The candles are missing. I’m thinking of restoring it for use, just in case. It could probably be hidden in the storage shed just in case.

    I live on some acreage that I plan not to bug out from. Not sure how realistic that is. Land in my neighborhood is constantly being acquired by a govenment entity with a “friendly” environmentally green face.

    I would welcome like minded people to my compound. And I am glad to be reminded to remember our priests.

  14. Uxixu says:

    Prep to be practical, not paranoid. Even the alphabet soup government agencies say you should have enough food and water to survive a month, for example. Most of my prepping as such has practical application (camping, hiking) with some of my leftover gear from my service along with some that’s plain better and others thats less contingent on a steady logistics train. I always make a habit to have enough canned goods and MRE’s and water (both bottled and it gallon jugs) to be able to fill the hydration carriers and canteens and what not.

    Similarly, I keep a couple changes of clothes (usually utilities for my own, though my wifes ruck has sturdy jeans) and we each pack a bit extra for the kids. Along with a spare set of boots, hygiene, cold and wet weather overgarments) along with a propane stove and some spare cannisters. I’ve been adding communications (currently going through the FCC class to get my Ham license). I keep a couple bandoleers of ammo in the safe that are fairly ready to rock, too.

    Religiously, I have a small New Testament I want to say was issued in boot camp (annotated KJV ) as well as two of the cloth string / black plastic rosaries, one of which went with me to the sandbox with my scapular. I definitely want to add a Breviary and a compact complete Catholic Bible (ideally Knox or Confraternity).

  15. pannw says:

    cpttom, thank you for that information. I think I am going to show it to my husband. I can’t really get him to even talk about TEOTWAWKI, much less prep for it, even materially, much less spiritually. I can’t even get him to talk about becoming Christian. I don’t know if he realizes things are happening and just doesn’t want to talk about it, or if he thinks I’m a lunatic for even considering the possibility. He isn’t some low information moron, but he seems to get irritated if I mention anything and our kids make fun of me for my bags of rice and roll their eyes when I say they’ll be glad to have it when the grid goes down, which is what I say instead of when the SHTF. Never mind the looks I get when I say anything about coming persecution. I feel so utterly alone. God help me.

  16. iPadre says:

    Don’t forget to prepare your soul through frequent Confess, Mass, and Adoration. Unless your have a strong will, they will take you down! And don’t forget, the new Emperor already knows who we all are. Big bro’s spy network is not to track terrorists. According to them, we are the terrorists because we hold to Truth.

  17. Uxixu says:

    I am reminded that I want some more books and physical copies. I rely probably way too much on modern digital devices which will be paperweights in an extended outage (California Emergency Management Agency says power could be out in California for up to 90 days after a 7.X’ish earthquake on the San Andreas.

    This definitely reminds me that I could and should add a few items for any clergy I might run across.

  18. Suzanne Carl says:

    The plan my family has is to be prepared to not just care for ourselves, but for those who do not see the S approaching the fan. We will bug out where we are, because my handicapped brother couldn’t tolerate anything else. I find it facinating that we can have discussions like this in places that are not the public square in crazy town. It really is coming, isn’t it?

  19. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    pannw wrote, “I feel so utterly alone. God help me.”

    pannw, as a disciple of Jesus you and I should expect to live in hope and joy in the midst of all trials. But the evil one wants to rob us of that hope and joy, and he does that to us by persuading us not to do what Saint Paul advises us to do:

    “The Lord is near. Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.Keep on doing what you have learned and received and heard and seen in me. Then the God of peace will be with you.”

    (Phil 4:5-9)

    This means that there are times when we should devote ourselves to letting our minds dwell on what is good and beautiful, beginning with God, the angels, the saints, and Heaven, and the beauties of earthly creation – on beautiful and lovely people, places and things. To really savor those in a spirit of Christian gratitude and love.

    I think women should let their minds dwell on what is good and beautiful 98 – 99% of the time, and only minimally, what is awful or scary or horrible, just enough to deal with it.

    Sometimes, we shouldn’t think of badness at all, but place all into the hands of the Lord, and trust Him.

    If your husband won’t, or can’t, or doesn’t want to think of what may lie ahead, well, he may find it so overwhelming that he simply can’t face it. Or he may not see what you see. Well, let him be. You can and you will prepare, little by little, bit by bit, quietly and on your own. And if your husband and children aren’t interested or don’t want to help, let it be with them. You just go on and do what you know what you need to do, and leave them out of it. Just be a good wife and Mom, and meanwhile think of as many good and holy things as you can.

    Our God may call any one of us home to Him at any moment. Friends and relatives of mine have departed this life suddenly and unexpectedly in their twenties and in their thirties. To assume that I will be around for TEO(etc.) is to assume quite a bit.

    The Lord will do with us as He thinks best for our happiness in eternity with Him. There is nothing He doesn’t know about; nothing He can’t handle. So why fret?

    Do you have a spiritual director, my dear? If your parish priest is available, talk with him about your concerns, and see what he thinks. Then do as he suggests. He may suggest you take a little sabbatical on the prepping, rest up, to give your poor heart a break before it breaks from worry. And whatever your director tells you, consider it carefully in all conscience and if it is sound, then take it as the Lord speaking with you and advising you.

    I will pray for you and your family, and I am sure others will promise to pray for you, too.

    May God bless you.



  20. Supertradmum says:

    Fr. Z., Bug out bags are an important part of one of my novella’s on line. And, how about someone with some income making these for new priests (and I have a suggestion for one such in 2017).

    Here is part one of a story with bug-outs bags.

  21. Allan S. says:

    Father, priests should have the new, complete, pocket sized Rituale Romanum containing all traditional blessings and sacraments, processions, key Offices etc.

    I have one and it’s amazing. The Baronius Psalms pocket book is excellent as well – just print a default table showing 150 Psalms mapped against the 8 hours of 7 days, memorize the Ordinary parts, and your basic daily Office is done as well, or get a Diurnale (same site).

  22. Former Altar Boy says:

    “It comes in liturgical black.” Good one, Father. I LOL’d. (You might like this. My brother was A Navy Corpsman billeted with the Marines during Vietnam. One of the grunts saw him strapping on a .45 before an engagement. Marine: “Hey Doc, I thought you were a conscientious objector?” My bro: “That doesn’t mean I can’t defend my life!”

    A place to buy (nylon) string rosaries:
    how to make your own:

  23. lucy says:

    My daughter says that priest holes will be of no use because of heat censors. Sad, but true.

  24. traditionalorganist says:

    A dozen 5 lb bags of Mystic Monk Coffee is not enough.

    [Do I hear an “Amen!”?]

  25. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Shield against heat, then.

  26. aegsemje says:


    I am in the same situation. My husband is a big fan of Obama and does not believe anything will happen. I don’t talk about it because he would probably have me committed! I will pray for you, please pray for me as well.

  27. Mojoron says:

    You really wouldn’t use that Beretta would you?

  28. WaywardSailor says:

    The aforementioned “With God in Russia”, as well as “The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest” by John Gerard, S.J. are must-read, excellent accounts of survival in troubled times.

  29. benedetta says:

    Material planning I think is the easy part. Far more difficult, as iPadre suggests, is being spiritually prepared. Sometimes TEOTWAWKI doesn’t come in the form of those immediate and all encompassing events. TEOTWAWKI could come in the form of more limited, small scale operations or targeted events on a prolonged basis in particular spots. We can wave the flag of our ideologies all we want and imagine what we all would do in this or that situation. But that isn’t a good predictor of how things actually play out. “Are you able to drink of the cup that I drink?” It will always be the cross. No offense, but some of us have already experienced certain…things. And, I just don’t think even half the Catholics I know, if the same happened to them, could endure it and remain faithful. The forces against us believe that most of us are merely ideologically or politically or intellectually or sentimentally tied to the Church and her sacraments, and thus calculates that the vast majority will cut and run, when confronted by even the smallest inconvenience that we aren’t accustomed to, because of faith. If we aren’t living the cross and the resurrection every day in some way or another, then, when “it” happens, we will be so weak such as to really essentially be cooperators with the forces arrayed to bring about the demise of the Church, the Bride of Christ. Assenting ahead of time to go with Christ assures His win come what may. To defend Christ and His Church never equals “the ends justify the means” in terms of the decisions we make, even when under life or death pressure. As anyone who has read a little of Fr. Ciszek will know. One can be prudent to protect the Faith but sin is not justified. Just because others choose lawlessness doesn’t mean that whatever we may do in response is perfectly fine. If we forget that we forget our dignity as heirs to the Kingdom.

  30. cpttom says:

    actual there are things that can be done…put the priest hole near a heat source to cover the heat signature of the occupant or insulate to make it appear as cold as the surroundings. Also just because the tech exists, doesn’t mean it will be widely available.

    Do not give up hope, and do not think you are alone. We are one in the Lord and his holy Church. Marion Ancilla Mariae advice is very good…I will pray for you as well, and echo the advice to prepare in the background, and be a light to your family. Consider Proverbs 31:10-31 as a guide. Pray to Mary our mother for strength and have things ready if and when the storm hits. Prepare your soul through confession and the sacraments. The Lord’s peace be with you.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

    [Also for embedding the link. Thanks.]

  31. Therese says:

    “I like Beretta’s PX4 Storm in 9mm, which is 17+1. It comes in liturgical black.”

    These days I take my amusement where I can find it. ;-)

  32. Therese says:

    After reading more of these comments, Ill be praying for all of you tonight. We can have confidence that God hasn’t forgotten us. And we should not be surprised when we find friends in the strangest places.

  33. Maltese says:

    I’m not worried about persecution in this Country, though I am worried about the power grid being compromised in a place like New York City. Imagine the east coast without power for, say, a week? Remember, they build up, not out, for necessity. Let your mind do the imagining.

    Is it wrong to ask a priest to bless my .556 AR with EO Tech sight?

    [Entirely appropriate. EO Tech? I am considering Aimpoint for my AR.]

  34. Priam1184 says:

    One of those olive wood, cord based rosaries that one can get from the Holy Land are a good alternative if you can’t get your hands on paracord. They are largely soundless. There would be so many surprises if the S ever does HTF and your mind will be under such continual assault from such things that you can’t even imagine now. The Rosary and the Sacraments will be the only defense.

  35. 1) I am going to try to stay in a state of grace.

    2) I am going to memorise the act of Perfect Contrition just in case.

    3) I am going to hit, punch, kick, wallop and hopefully shoot at the enemy with everything/anything I have.

    4) If they won’t kill me, I will be such a pest that they will wish they had. I shall put sugar in the petrol tanks, potatoes in the exhaust pipe, and I will rub genuine bacon fat all over everything they have to touch (this is based on an assumption about the religion of the enemy in question). So I will need a good supply of sugar, potatoes and bacon fat.

    5) If the enemy fails to materialise as soon as I hoped, I shall have a good fry-up instead. May as well die with a full stomach.

  36. RafqasRoad says:

    TEOTWAWKI wil come to all of us – this is a crystal clear fact. Some, for a certainty, will and do experience real and present hard persecution for their faith right now this day (think indigenous Christian communities from Iran to Egypt). For others, the persecution is ‘soft, more amorphous in workplaces, families or congregations. It can also take different forms. How many persons will face TEOTWAWKI today through diagnosis of catastrophic disease, disability, loss of job/home, disintegration of family/marriage that they are honestly powerless to stop etc. If we are not cleaving to the Cross of Christ, immersing ourselves in His love and justice, cultivating a relationship with Christ strong enough to weather TEOTWAWKI and plunging into His Divine mercy we will not stand, be we fugitives on the run from persecuting government agencies or individuals waking up to news that we will likely not see/walk/talk again during our Earthly lifetimes.

    In light of a more ‘classic’ understanding of TEOTWAWKI, are you who are preparing making provision for the elderly, frail, those with disability/high impact medical needs in your families, neighbourhoods and congregations? if not, why not???

  37. Natalie Anne says:

    Fr Z,

    Was that a joke about the coffee?

    Thanks and God bless

  38. av8er says:

    Excellent post, excellent comments.
    I also appreciate the thought of having stuff for the priests to travel to locations without needing to bring their items. My mom’s great uncle was shot on the side of the road when he was discovered with his equipment for Holy Mass in the late 20’s in Mexico.

    My 2 cents, remember 1 is none. Have spares.
    Lastly, I apparently need Mystic Monk coffee.

  39. markomalley says:

    I don’t know if you ever finished getting your license or not. Regardless, I would suggest that you add the following (I know everything has weight, but, in some cases, it’s worth it):
    – FT-817ND transceiver [I have another on my wishlist.]
    – A set of Buddipoles [I have one! Spiffy, very portable.]
    – A flexible solar panel for charging the radio’s batteries…as well other appliances you may have
    – A sound card interface (like a Signalink)
    – A lightweight antenna matcher (like the QRP job from MFJ)
    – A QRP-weight SWR meter
    – As much cable & miscellaneous antenna wire as possible within your weight allowance

    While, if SHTF and it’s TEOTWAKI, you know they will want to shut down all private transmissions, if you keep transmissions short and don’t stay in one spot for long, low power digital communications would be very difficult to triangulate. And, provided you don’t have to deal with too much atmospheric radiation, you can go a really long way with little power.

    (And, by the way, if SHTF, a license won’t really matter one way or the other…as FEDGOV will give the required orders to shut down all non-government telecom)

    [Good recommendations. 73 KC9ZJN]

  40. Mariana2 says:

    Marion Ancilla Mariae

    Thanks for your comforting post!

  41. Jean Marie says:

    “And don’t forget, the new Emperor already knows who we all are. Big bro’s spy network is not to track terrorists. According to them, we are the terrorists because we hold to Truth.”

    iPadre – this is why I never really trusted the so-called “Tea Party” because I felt it was controlled opposition right from the start. “The Powers That Be” had the take the measure of us to see how many of us there are and how strong we are. May Our Lord protect us and Our Lady wrap her mantle around each and every person on this site and our loved ones.

  42. lsclerkin says:

    Father, you warm my little prepper heart.
    Folks, how about us laity have a Mass kit, unconsecrated hosts (both can be bought from Cathollic supply stores, brick and mortar and online), books, whatever Father needs to say Mass and bless and pray.
    And tuck it away.
    You’ll have it to give to a priest, and then tuck away again.
    This is what im working on.

  43. Sonshine135 says:

    Father Z. You have me thinking about sponsoring and purchasing a one-month survival food supply for Priests. Maybe something like THIS.


    [That’s a good idea. For a while I had a widget on the sidebar for “buckets” like that. If you do engage in this, please consider using my amazon search box for the “Legacy” stuff. I have also had good results with Mountain House and Wise Food. I started an affiliate account with Wise, but I haven’t done much with it.]

  44. Martlet says:

    RafqasRoad – I really enjoyed your post. It raises some excellent points and really struck a nerve when you mentioned families. Also, we have considered what we would do if, for example, we were offered treatment involving embryonic stem-cells or some other therapy immediately derived from an intrinsic evil. And what if pain medication is withheld and there is no-one left to fight for us? The times ahead are frightening enough without any overt persecution and I pray often for the grace to go through them.

  45. Fr. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the post. It may sound like a tongue-in-cheek, tin-foil-hot conspiracy theory, but it is entirely possible that these types of things can transpire…just watch the news (ie. Ukraine right now, and the increasing pressure on the Church from our own government re: HHS Mandate etc.). Being prepared for TEOTWAWKI, or persecution, or whatever, is far from crazy, its prudent. As Our Lord exhorts us, read the signs of the times, and lets do our part.

  46. lsclerkin says:


    you and I are the same. wow. glad to know i’m not the only one out there for these last few years.
    Gold star, indeed.

  47. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    It is certainly good to be mindful and to prepare, but never to forget the Master’s warning: “ do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna.” (Matt 10:28)

    Which I take to mean that for every moment I devote to worrying about what sufferings the enemies of freedom might inflict on me or on the Church during this life, I should devote many, many more moments to working and praying with the help of God to eliminate from my soul those evil weaknesses and tendencies which the Enemy of All Mankind hopes to use to drag me one day down into Hell.

    That’s the real thing to worry about.

    Even if should I die comfortably in my bed after a pleasant and easy old age spent enjoying myself in comfort and security, do I really think that is what matters? That that is what I was placed here for? That that means my life has been well-spent? That I was lucky?

    Just as we like to speak of our departed dear ones as “already in Heaven” the moment they die, we like to think of ourselves as “already just a few steps from canonization.”

    Not so. Not in my case, anyway.

    I want my peace and my comfort, and I’m only too willing to overlook the needs of the poor and the needy right in my own community so long as I can enjoy my own quality of life.

    Is that the way of life that will earn from me from the Master the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”?

    I think not. That’s not the authentically Catholic view!

    For all I know, any suffering and trials I might undergo in the days to come may be most fittingly and needfully ordered by the good God to purify my soul from its detachment to created things, from selfishness and ego, and from having my own way in all things.

    In other words, those bad guys may be my soul’s best friends!

    Because thanks to their actions, when it’s all over, I get to go home. Instead of to Hell.

    Although modernists would like us to believe otherwise, our salvation is by no means assured. And it’s our salvation that we should be working out “with fear and trembling” . . . to a much greater degree than the preservation of our earthly existence.

    Both, yes. The two of them, yes, . . . but our eternal life is worth a thousand times more time and energy than our earthly existence! And we should not be significantly disturbed or upset about matters pertaining to our earthly existence. But devoted instead much more to making provision for our eternal life!

  48. pannw says:

    My husband was telling me of a segment on Bill O’Reilly last week, where Bill said that the internet was evil and Mary Katherine Hamm practically threw a nutter on him. My own mother has said a number of times that it was evil, too, just because some people do evil with it. As for me, I thank God for the internet, because it connects me with people like all of you here. Losing that would/will be the worst part of the grid going down. I will remember you are out there, though and hopefully, much of what you’ve all shared. You are such a comfort, with your knowledge, humor, and faithfulness, though it makes me feel almost more lonely, because I want you all here, having a cup of Mystic Monk coffee (or Jasmine Tea!) and building a little Catholic conclave of resistance! And support… but I’ll take what I can get. God bless you all.

    Thank you, Marion. Thank you, thank you! I do not have a spiritual advisor, per say, aside from my pastor in his regular role, but now you mention it, he has a saying, that a woman from his childhood always told him. “Eyes on Jesus!” I know that, of course, but apparently sometimes need a nice slap upside the head to remind me. Thanks for the slap!

    And you too, cpttom. That psalm was a salve for my heart. Thanks be to God.

    aegsemje, that would be even more difficult. At least my husband and I sometimes discuss our mutual disdain for the dictator wannabe. Although my primary concern is his lack of faith, which is even worse than any blindness to Obama’s wickedness. It is driving me crazy, but I will try to keep the advice of Marion, cpttom, et al… Please do pray for us, and I will most definitely pray for you and your husband. And for all here. May He give us wisdom, courage, and peace.

    Jesus, I trust in You.

  49. pannw says:

    Ooops…Proverb. :*)

  50. cpttom says:

    Oh my, I step away for a moment and such nice things are said, and not just one star but two!…my cheeks are burning *blush*

    Likewise…though there are more of us out there than you might think. The laity of the Church Militant are called to be in the world but not of it. So we prepare for what the physical and meta physical spheres throw at us. I pray and hope the storm passes us by. Keep praying and prepping. +JMJ watch over you.

    I am so humbled that I could help in anyway. May the peace of the Lord be with you and your family.

    Marion Ancilla Mariae
    Wow. I could not agree more with your posts…We have so much more to fear of the Evil One than of anything of this broken and sinful earth. Ultimately if we avoid the fall into the pit of the Evil One it is by our choice to accept God’s mercy and avoid the traps of the Evil one and his servants lay out for us. I am so grateful that our Holy Father talks openly and pointedly about the Evil one and calls us so strongly to accept God’s mercy through the sacrament of Confession. We are called to holiness, but so few of us answer the true call, as the simple, well worn path is so enticing. That path leads to Purdition. May Sts Michael and Benedict protect you on your journey home through this world. God Bless!

  51. The Masked Chicken says:

    There are several subcategories of TEOTWAWKI:

    1. The End

    Time stops. No time to do anything. No bug-out bags needed. There won’t be any bugs, either.

    2. The End of a The World – short time

    The meteor will hit in two hours. The only thing necessary in the bug-out bag is driving instructions to the nearest church for confessions. Nothing else is needed.

    3. The End of the World – long time.

    The meteor will hit next year. No bug-out bag needed, but a cheerful countenance is crucial, both to comfort others and because Christ said to hold you head high. The year should be spent in mortification, penance, and loving others.

    4. The End of the World as I Know it – short time

    The president has just declared that all red-haired first-born males are to be rounded up for execution.

    In this cases, a bug-out bag has got to focus on survival necessities. Red-haired priests should pack plenty of hair dye.

    5. The End of the World as I – know it -long time

    Your house is burning down. Your bug-out bag is near the front door. What should it contain? In this case, the focus should be on re-building your life, so records, photos, and momentos are more important.

    6. The End of the World as We Know it – short time.

    Same as 2.

    The End of the World as We Know it – long time

    The Bug-out bag should be information rich. You are a data point for the re-building of civilization. Think, A Canticle for Liebowitz.

    There are other subcategories as well, such as how to be on the run with a clown that need not bother us, here.

    The Chicken

  52. ocleirbj says:

    @Chicken, would that be a clown on the run from his own Mass?

  53. kittenchan says:

    The Chicken: “The president has just declared that all red-haired first-born males are to be rounded up for execution.”

    Yipes. That describes my 18mo to a T. :(

    I have been thinking about the lay-priest relationship in this context for awhile. For ahead of time, I wonder how to broach the topic with a priest who isn’t already thinking and concerned about such things. For in the moment, I wonder how many other clandestine preppers will already have “dibs” on any given priest. Given that discretion is a huge part of this whole endeavour, I’m not sure how coordination like that can happen, or multiple “claims” on the same priest can be handled.

  54. Uxixu says:

    You can’t go wrong with Aimpoint for an RDS, Fr Z. Aimpoints are second only to ACOG on my ACR and AR. I have wanted to try an Elcan, though awfully expensive.

  55. ktchnofdngr says:

    I love sacramentals as much as the next person (I make rosaries in my spare time and cook with blessed salt), but if it comes to the point where the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, we all have a built in rosary in our 10 fingers. All you have to do then is memorize the sets of mysteries and you are good to go.

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