From the Religion of Peace: 9 Year Old Christian Girl, Raped For 19 Days

Via the European Freedom Initiative:

Muslims Capture 9 Year Old Christian Girl, And Brutally Rape Her For 19 Days

A nine year old Christian girl in Jordan was captured by Muslims who brutally raped her for 19 days.

She was from Iraq and lived in Jordan as a refugee. After 19 days of sexual torture, she was rescued by Sister Hatune Dogan, an Eastern Orthodox nun, who payed 33,000 US dollars to ransom the tormented girl.

We are currently working with Sister Hatune to rescue Christians in Syria and Iraq, and other parts of the Middle East, who are being oppressed just as this little girl was oppressed by the evil jihadists.

She is also helping Iraqi Christians who have escaped the hell that is now Iraq and fled to Turkey. In numerous cases, Christian Iraqi women living in Turkey are hired by Muslims to be servants only to be sexually abused by them, and the victims are unable to make pleas to the police, because if they do, their Islamic abusers will report them since they are living in the country illegally. Also, many women are so starving that they are prostituting their bodies jut to earn money and feed their children. As our contact, Sister Hatune, says:

Several reports are found for sexual abusement also from the house owners where they work. But there is no legal remedy for the harassment since they are living illegally and if they complained to the police, the victims will be sent to jail. Starvation and sickness is dominating due to unemployment and adverse living condition. It is very pathetic to see the helpless unhealthy mothers struggling to breast feed their hungry children since no milk is available on them because of starvation. It is true that starvation is the most painful affair in human life and several mothers are forced to sell themselves for food and for shelter. I met several families they sell themselves for a piece of bread.

Out of the 13,000 Iraqi Christian refugees living in Turkey, 10,000 of them are being supported by Sister Hatune, and the majority of them have suffered from kidnapping, rape, robbery, and other horrors, as Sister Hatune herself says:

Most of the families are coming as refugees and have heart breaking stories of kidnapping, ransom, rape, humiliation and robbery. About 10000 refugees are the beneficiaries of the activities of the Sister Hatune Foundation in Turkey.

Just to show you what type of violence Christians are going through in Iraq, here are a number of photos showing the aftermath of a suicide bombing in a church:

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  1. Bea says:

    Martyrs for the Faith.

    And this is the religious group in NY that Card. Dolan told “keep the Faith”?

  2. StJude says:

    My God.

  3. teechrlady says:

    Do you have contact info. that we might help this holy sister?

  4. benedetta says:

    The pictures from Damascus are horrifying.

    As are the photos of the innocent Christian boys gunned down by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

  5. Sonshine135 says:

    Oh Lord. How long must your people endure such savagery? This has brought me to great anguish. The wholesale persecution of His people has come. Come Lord Jesus. My only hope is in you.

  6. majuscule says:


    Click on the “Read More” (scroll by the pictures really fast) and you’ll find a link to donate at the bottom of the page.

    Sister Hatune cannot continue her life saving works without your help. We are her US partner, and are ceaselessly assisting her in this holy endeavor. Please donate to help us rescue Christian lives in Syria and Iraq.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    I think there are two “branches” of Islam: orthodox Islam and heretical Islam. I will leave it to those more knowledgeable than I to determine into which branch the savage Jihadists fall into.

  8. torch621 says:

    Savages, that’s the only word I can use to describe people who would do this. Savages.

  9. BillyHW says:

    Pope Francis: “Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence”

  10. Art says:


    It is a more complicated than that I’m afraid. Islam is structured more like Protestantism and can have just as many branches. This is just as much a battle for the soul of Islam itself with Christians caught in the crossfire. We should not forget about the Muslims that treat Christians as their brothers and sisters such the Muslim woman in this story here:

  11. Kerry says:

    Islam delenda est.

  12. teechrlady says:

    Thanks majuscule. I started to do just that, saw the first picture, and quickly clicked away. I’ll get my husband to do it for me. I’m still crying over that poor nine year old and all the other kids having to live through that. Jesus, have mercy.

  13. ReginaMarie says:

    Lord, have mercy!!
    In Defense of Christians was stared by a friend of my brother, please see here to find out more:

  14. nykash says:

    BillyHW, you should have included the key line from that post:

    The Pope also declared that the authentic understanding of the Qur’an is “opposed to every form of violence.” For that to be true, there would have to be a general rejection among Muslims of the literal understanding of these verses:

    Pick up (or download) a copy of ‘Christianity, Islam and Atheism: The Struggle for The Soul of The West’ by William Kilpatrick. The ‘religion of peace’ is far from what we’re fed from the media.

    The donate link on the story goes to Rescue Christians – featured on the several times. With Lent coming up, it would be a worthwhile effort to support:

  15. SKAY says:

    I am waiting for the MANY “moderate Muslims” who chose to live in freedom in the US to express absolute outrage about this
    —-any day now.

    How about the President? Since he is a Christian, isn’t he outraged? On second thought, he probably doesn’t know about it because he never seems to know anything about anything unless he reads or hears about it in the news. At least that is what he says.
    If gangs of Christians were doing something like this it would be the lead Media story for days–and rightly so. Then the President would be outraged.

    I am sickened by this story — but not surprised. Christians in this country need to pay attention.
    Thank you for informing us, Father.

  16. Nicholas Shaler says:


    Islam delenda est.

  17. Mike says:

    SKAY says:

    I am waiting for the MANY “moderate Muslims” who chose to live in freedom in the US to express absolute outrage about this—any day now.

    Indeed. Likewise, the “mainstream” media whose investigative guns have been holstered ever since their candidate assumed this nation’s highest office.

  18. Wasn’t this same suffering and outrage one reason for the Crusades? Those stories of history are equally horrifying and will get the reader past the anti-Crusades propaganda PDQ. What occurs today is far worse and more widespread than what urged all of Christendom to fight and pray back then. These news accounts turn my heart to stone, as a self-defense from grief and horror.

    Pray the Rosary.

    Our Lady of Ransom, pray for us.

  19. Priam1184 says:

    @Art Islam is in many ways the forerunner of Protestantism. Martin Luther, after excising the books he didn’t like, basically turned Sacred Scripture into a Protestant version of the Qur’an with his sola scriptura nonsense. That is why both Islam and Protestantism are prone to dividing into sects, something that is always the destiny of people who worship a book and not a Person.

  20. RJHighland says:

    Back in the day when Christians were under such distress Popes would call upon Christiandom to send armies into the Middle East to resolve this issues. Now there are no Christian armies to be raised and we have Popes that put Islam at the same level of truth as the Catholic Church and American presidents that bow to the leaders in the Middle East. So the Western Church offers prayers and tears for these victims. Maybe the Orthodox will be able to raise an army to do something about this? Sadly America is funding those doing the raping and murder, the Muslem Brotherhood and the like. Where are the worlds Catholic Knights? I don’t think this is a job for the Lavander Mafia maybe a rebirth of something like the Teutonic Knights but headquartered a little farther to the east? There is no way Rome would sponser an international organiztion to defend Christians but it would be a pretty cool idea. Special Operation Units that surgically remove those individuals responsible for these acts. Something like the French Forgein Legion but a Catholic Preistly Order, a rebirth of the Knights Templar possibly, retake the legacy that has been lost to the Masons. Talk about Traditional Catholicism ooooh rahhhhhh. I would imagine the funding for something like this would be out there. I personnally would rather tithe to that kind of organization than a dioceses where my money goes to pay off the illicit acts of the Lavander Mafia and communist based social justice organizations.

  21. Gus Barbarigo says:


    Amen! Muslim militias are popping up all over the world, and Christians sit idly-by while baptized women and children are slaughtered. If the term “militia” seems too powdered wig (think 1776), or too foreign, or too Duck Dynasty (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), how about “contractor”?

    If we can send contractors into Iraq, and other inhospitable places, can’t we do the same for the defense of the Church?! Where are the Catholic millionaires and billionaires to fund such a project? Perhaps have a base in the Caribbean or Africa. Hello, Legatus, your phone is ringing…

  22. nykash says:

    @Gus Barbarigo and @RJHighland, I’ve had the same thought… whether in Jordan, South Sudan, or elsewhere. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They need to be defended.

  23. BLB Oregon says:

    There are places where even poor or otherwise undefended Muslim girls face this kind of death, as their family (read: male family members) can elect to have them “marry” while still a child. In other places, a Muslim rapist can legally insist that his victim be forced to choose to marry him after he violates her or else accept the proscribed beating and go to prison. Families pressure girls to agree to these marriages, so that the family can “save face.” The ensuing torture can last for as little as a few days or for as long as a full lifetime.

    IOW, it is necessary to protect the Christian girls, because they are held in the lowest regard and have essentially no protection, but there are more women and girls vulnerable to rape and murder than the Christian girls only. There are also places where poor and non-Muslim boys are also in great danger if they venture out unprotected from abduction. The sexual predators have carte blanche unless there are Muslim men around who are positioned well enough to see that their relatives are protected and the law is carried out against violators. Even for “protected” women, it is not unusual for the protectors to side with the violator; this is their twisted idea of “family honor.”

    I don’t know if this is Islam or if Islam is being used as an excuse to enforce a form of “traditional” masculinity that is so debased and evil that it can only be called demonic, but it is surely real. What speaks in favor of Islam is that there are Muslim men and women who have been killed for trying to get these laws and these attitudes changed, in defense of all of the innocent, Muslim and Christian alike. When we pray for our sisters and brothers in Christ in these awful situations, let us also pray for all the God-fearing men and women who take the risk of defending them from evil.

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