NY Bishop criticizes ‘c’atholic Dem politician who flipped on abortion

This is a good thing.

From CWN:

Bishop criticizes Catholic politician who flip-flops on abortion

Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo has publicly criticized a Catholic state senator for abandoning his pro-life position. [He has gone after Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his “Get Out” manifesto.  HERE]

“When I first arrived in Buffalo, I was encouraged to learn of Senator [Timothy] Kennedy’s [Democrat] pro-life position,” he said. “Today, I am extremely disappointed and deeply concerned about his turnaround on this most critical issue, the protection of pre-born human life.” [And in the state of New York, too… where Catholic who are pro-life are not wanted, according to Gov. Cuomo.  Maybe Cuomo’s people got to him?]

Kennedy (who is not related to the Massachusetts-based Kennedy clan) said that although his position on abortion has “evolved,” he continues to cherish the Catholic faith and is raising his children as Catholics. [Quisling catholic!] Bishop Malone took issue with that claim.

“For anyone to say that he or she is a faithful Catholic and to be pro-abortion/pro-choice rights is totally inconsistent with Catholic teaching,” he added. “Practicing Catholics who claim they are nurturing their children in the faith must teach their children that abortion is intrinsically evil, that human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his or her existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person, among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.”

I am please that Bp. Malone made this statement.

Now, let’s see about can. 915.

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  1. Mike says:

    May Our Lord, through the intercession of His Blessed Mother, bless and protect our faithful bishops and all who profess, teach, and practice the true Catholic Faith.

  2. James_Locke says:

    Given the rather public denouncement, I would not be surprised if the good Bishop sent Senator Kennedy a letter in private informing him that he ought not present himself to communion. Similarly I would not be surprised if Senator Kennedy’s office releases said letter with some scornful comments attached about “judging”.

  3. Natalie Anne says:

    We need more good Bishops like him. It is so disheartening to learn about our public leaders supporting murder and for what? A few more votes? Life is short and judgment final…

  4. was wondering what good it does to be pro life and Democrat? The platform is pro abortion and the pro life Democrats have no clout.Not all Republicans are pro life either (there is always the option not to vote for them)but at leastthe platform offers support.The Democratic party is lost-they’re either progressives or communists. It’s not the party our parents knew.

  5. was wondering what good it does to be pro life and Democrat? The platform is pro abortion and the pro life Democrats have no clout.Not all Republicans are pro life either but at leastthe platform offers support.The Democratic party is lost-they’re either progressives or communists. It’s not the party our parents knew.

  6. oops .sorry. my error.did not intend to post 2x

  7. Palladio says:

    This is wonderful. Buffalo was a bastion of the faith. The good Bishop has a lot of fine folks to work with and guide.

  8. teomatteo says:

    “Kennedy (who is not related to the Massachusetts-based Kennedy clan) said that although his position on abortion has “evolved,”…..”
    Where have we heard that? At least come up with something original. Sheesh.

  9. benedetta says:

    So what does “kind of evolved” mean? Someone got to him? With deep lobbying pockets? Something smells not right here.

  10. midwestmom says:

    How “public” was the bishop’s statement? Sounds like he wrote this in his diocesan paper and others are picking up on it. Correct me if I’m wrong; it’s kind of vague.

  11. Juergensen says:

    “Now, let’s see about can. 915.”

    Exactly. Enough with the statements and documents and proclamations. They have accomplished little if anything. It’s time to go beyond the words and give life to the words with action. It’s high time to ban from Holy Communion all these abortionist-homosexualist “Catholic” politicians who legislate abortion and sodomy during the week and receive the Eucharist on Sundays. The Body and Blood of Christ deserves no less. That the bishops have done so little is scandalous.

  12. Bob B. says:

    How about appointing a person to a bishop’s council whose other job is working for a pro-abortion, pro-SSM politician and putting the announcement on the diocesan website (without mentioning the politician is a Democrat, nor the voting record, of course)?

  13. CharlesG says:

    Having just finished reading Robert Hugh Benson’s “Lord of the World” (recently cited by Pope Francis), everything has a very apocalyptic feel these days, particularly with all these apostasies from the Catholic faith. As someone said, this is the age of moral heresies. Let’s pray the gates of Hell do not prevail and that the Church remains true to the moral teachings of Christ.

  14. Nan says:


    He said the gates of hell shall not prevail. Believe it.

  15. Iacobus M says:

    Bishop Malone is one of the good ones – we were very pleased with what he did here in Maine. Now, as for this state senator: anyone ever heard of a Democrat politician “evolving” to a pro-life position? I guess it’s a “follow the money” situation . . .
    Iacobus M

  16. av8er says:

    The last paragraph was excellent. Thank God for this bishop who was not afraid to tell the truth.

  17. LarryW2LJ says:

    “evolved” means that he has lost his innocence and his “oneness” with God. It kind of amazes me how the smallest of children realize that abortion is murder and is wrong. Only adults can rationalize that it isn’t.

    I’d rather have that childlike innocence for my entire life than “evolve” into an “adult”, if that’s what it entails.

  18. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    How sad.

    The “evolved,” I think, is a code word which the devil and his minions use to help convince men and women who had been faithful adherents of orthodox Christianity to abandon that faith, all the while not admitting to themselves or to others that they have abandoned it. The “evolved” includes the notion that orthodox Christianity is but a benighted and retrograde collection of Dark Age cultural understandings designed to oppress women and sexual minorities, and to reinforce the patriarchy, and that it is possible – desirable – to adopt a pose of admiration and reverence for the Jesus Christ of history, while eviscerating and jettisoning what the Church He established believes and teaches; that to do this makes it possible to be a “Christian” and a “Catholic”, even, but by no means “Dark Age,” instead one is hip, au courant, trendy, metrosexual and one-of-the-cool-kids, instead of a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal Christian (which is what, by contrast, most of us here would be characterized as by the Trendy Ones.)

  19. Panterina says:

    To be fair, what kind of formation/training/support are we providing to our Catholic politicians to help them to live their vocation to public life as true disciples of Christ? It seems to be that they are left on their own to figure out the proper answer to the most frequent arguments against one’s faith. For example:
    1) “I don’t want to impose my religious beliefs on others”
    2) “My faith is a personal matter, not a governing mandate”
    3) “The separation of Church and State requires that I separate my personal faith from my public office”
    4) “My constituents can rest assured that I don’t take orders from the Vatican”
    5) “I represent people of diverse faiths, so it’s not proper for me to take sides in favor of one faith over the others”
    6) “While I personally believe that abortion is wrong, I have to take into consideration the personal beliefs of all of my constituents”
    7) “In the words of Pope Francis, ‘Who am I to judge?'”

    For all of these arguments, there should be a clear and succinct rebuttal, without feeling the need to be defensive. All politicians who want to truly live their faith should know how to reply to these arguments almost as if reciting the Ten Commandments–a “canned response,” if you will.

  20. KateD says:

    Would it help if the church were to go beyond canon and teach with infallibility the dogmatic truth that life begins at conception as is supported by modern medicine and science. ….And require that the removal of censure of those making pronouncements to contrary would need to be compassionately handled at the papal level after a public retraction of the excommunicated persons previously stated beliefs? It seems this would allow priests and bishops to defer to the Vatican, “I’m sorry it’s out of my hands, but let me get you in contact with the proper authority at the Vatican so that you can get back in communion with the church.” Perhaps it would also clear up any confusion for groups that make claims based on canonical interpretation.

  21. Magash says:

    A Church that had no problem in excommunicating a politician who supported segregation should have no problem excommunicating a politician or party which supports it.
    What about tax exemption? Let them take it. Jesus offered the choice between God and money, I’m afraid the bishops have made the wrong choice on that.
    Luke warm Catholics will never face the choice until it is thrusts upon them. We don’t save the person who rejects Church teaching by pretending they are practicing Catholics. Certainly the Lord will not pretend they are His at the final judgement.

  22. Magash says:

    Of course by “it” I mean abortion.

  23. votipkaa says:

    That’s my Bishop! He has been here a little over a year and is so awesome! If you know anything about Bishop Malone you know that he is not afraid to VOICE his opinion (through videos, editorials, readings from the pulpit, specials masses for pregnant moms, etc.) rather than just occasionally give a nod to catholic teachings. He is also the one starting the anti-pornography campaign for the USCCB. He is a man to watch.

  24. votipkaa says:

    Also, anyone familiar with Kennedy knows he was never really pro-life. My wife worked the for one of the state pro-life groups here in NY and it was common knowledge that Kennedy just told everyone he was pro-life to attract the gullible Catholic vote. He voted in favor of Cuomo’s bill last time, and he consistently votes pro-abortion. His “evolution” is only surprising in that so many people actually thought he was pro-life to begin with.

  25. Imrahil says:

    Dear @KateD,

    no, it wouldn’t. “When does life begin” is, if we don’t do twists about the meaning of the term “life”, a scientific question to be answered by science. The scientific consensus (as restricted to “unprejudiced science”) does say conception, but the Church cannot possibly infallibilize a present scientific consensus.

    But, for one thing, the scientific question of when life begins is peripheral to the question at issue. Even if life would began on the some months after (as the ancient philosophers held), it would be obviously intrinsically evil to artificially hinder something that is obviously at least developing into life from doing so.

    For another thing, according to the opinion of some (including the humble writer of this comment), the Church has already infallibilized that it is always false to voluntarily kill an innocent man. At least, Pope Bl. John Paul II seems to use the technical language of infallible definitions when he treats the topic in Evangelium vitae no. 57.

  26. pinoytraddie says:

    As they say,the devil speaks with a forked tongue.

  27. That ‘evolved’ thing is a hoot.

    Our former ousted Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, did a similar about-face on the gay marriage issue. His view ‘evolved’ sufficiently to give him plenty of publicity just before he decided to have another crack at becoming Prime Minister.

    I would say Kennedy’s ‘evolution’ was caused by a bad poll result.

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