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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

Finally, I still have a pressing personal petition.

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  1. chantgirl says:

    Please pray for a seminarian in Kansas City who is battling brain cancer.

    For Patricia, who is battling pancreatic cancer.

    For Sean, who is battling heroin addiction.

    For Sarah, who would like to conceive.

  2. Sonshine135 says:

    Please pray for my wife. During a routine mammogram, a lump was found. She goes for a biopsy on Wednesday. Please pray that it is found to be benign. His will be done!

  3. diezba says:

    Three requests:–

    1) For the repose of the soul of John, who died in a car wreck at age 23 last week;

    2) For John’s brother Jeremiah, a Catholic seminarian in the Midwest; and

    3) For Jeremiah’s friends, especially those of us who are seminarians and mourned with him and his family.

  4. I will add these intentions to my rosary.
    Please pray for me: I am asking to be with Jesus – that I be allowed. (Today’s Gospel is Mk 5:1-20).

  5. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for my dear parish and our angry young pastor. He has now managed to turn even his friends against him, due to his bad temper and unwise actions. God help us!

  6. Eugene says:

    I am praying for all who have posted.

    For me please pray that my wife and children return to the sacraments of confession and Sunday Eucharist, that I may grow in holiness, by avoiding temptations and by increasing charity, that my mother may accept His will at this time as her cancer has grown to her liver that she maybe at peace and live each day to the fullest that she can and that my father remain strong and sensitive to her needs

  7. discipulus says:

    For my dad, who is frustrated after finding a grave at a local diocesan cemetery with a masonic symbol on it, the same diocese that strictly denied his Mom (my paternal grandmother) a requiem mass in the EF (Rest in peace).

  8. discipulus says:

    While not as important as other requests above, someone is interviewing me for a job later this week. just pray that God’s will be done.

  9. RafqasRoad says:

    Please pray for me re my Honours programme in Theology for the coming two years as I was informed yesterday that my three theses subjects were unsuitable (though corrageous) re lack of appropriate academic sources on the field of blindness, autism, sensory issues and various aspects of Catholic Christian faith. Additionally, the system for supporting blind postgrad students in this country is ad hock at best; faculty are feeling their way on this one and no formal processes are in place – at 43 I am too old to be a bloomin’ guineapig!! I have submitted a range of alternative thesis options (have to choose carefully due to the faculty’s stance on various orthodox Catholic topics that I cannot in good conscience ‘ignore’ any longer. My husband and family wish me to continue in this vein…

    I have petitioned St. Theresa Benedicta (Dr. Edith Stein) over this and had a long talk to her in prayer last night – asking was it as chaotic as this when she submitted her postgrad proposals and later her Ph.D. proposal???! It is comforting to have someone in the Heavenly Court who understands relatively modern university culture – with the exception of computing, I suspect her uni experience was not dissimilar to that of many a student today….

    God’s will be done, and I will pray for you all in my Rosary.


    South Coast Catholic.

  10. momoften says:

    Prayers for you all with pressing needs.

  11. Mike says:

    For this diocese’s members of the Courage apostolate, that they may be granted the grace and strength to practice chastity; and that they, together with the priests, Religious, and laity who support the apostolate, may carry forth the authentic Catholic message of sexuality.

  12. BridgetTheresa says:

    Praying with you and for your intentions…and sharing mine:
    ~For our 20 yo Godson, N, may he be delivered from mental confusion and spiritual deception and immerse himself in the sacraments and find true freedom in Christ.
    ~For our sons, may they prayerfully discern and bravely follow God’s plans for their lives;
    ~For my husband (under tremendous financial pressure) may he know peace in the midst of so many trials and setbacks;
    ~For suffering priests, on earth and in purgatory;
    ~For all foster children and their families, especially C;
    ~That all Catholic universities and schools will provide authentic Catholic education, leading souls to Christ and building up our Church.

  13. deutschlehrer says:

    Please pray for my brother who is suffering from anxiety. Please also pray for me; I am taking a test this coming Saturday, which could affect my job. I am praying for all of your intentions.

  14. Uxixu says:

    Praying for all intentions more important than my own, as well as as that Catholic families all look to raise at least some of their children to aspire to be clergy or for religious life (on reflection/discussion with the wife about more children).

  15. capchoirgirl says:

    Please pray that I may received help with my employment situation–my boss is making my work life very stressful, and I’m looking for a new position. Please pray for the success of my job search!

  16. AVL says:

    I am praying for all these intentions listed above!

    Please pray for my parish, which is undergoing lots of changes with the new pastor who seems bent on removing anything traditional, from the removal of Communion kneelers down to banning sales of chapel veils in the gift shop. It is a very difficult time for the parishioners, please pray that God gives us the strength to keep us acting in a Christian manner and free from sin as we deal with the changes.

  17. joan ellen says:

    Prayers for the above intentions. Please also include prayers for my family and associates to remain strong in the faith. And for me also. Thanks.

  18. StJude says:

    Please pray for Kent… he is dying.. he could pass at anytime. A very good man.
    and for a personal intention of mine.

    thank you and you are all in my prayers.

  19. katerosemar says:

    – for sufficient rain for California and other regions currently in drought
    – for special intentions: family medical, personal employment, academic [Without going into detail, O. L. Lourdes, S Joseph, and S Francis de Sales are handling these cases at present, so please unite your prayers with theirs. Many thanks!]
    My prayers this week are for the intentions listed on this thread, even if I don’t come back often to read what are added after mine.

  20. Ellen says:

    Pray for my father whose dementia is getting worse. Pray for me who am his caretaker and trying to work full time as well. I am often so alone and tired I just sit and cry.

  21. Lin says:

    For Catholics who have left the Church for other religions or no religion at all. May GOD open their eyes as soon as possible!

  22. Lin says:

    Prayers offered for all the intentions posted.

  23. RMT says:

    My fiance and I are trying to get a visa from the US government for her to be able to travel to the states. The case is now in the hands of the American embassy in her country, but she needs the visa soon (this week!) or her window to have a visa granted and come to the US will be over. The last day for the visa to be granted is Feb 11, the feast of OL of Lourdes.

    I also have a couple of special intentions.

  24. kat says:

    For Bruce, who died today. May he be granted eternal rest. (thank you, Fr. Z.)

    For another man I just heard about, husband, father, grandfather…diagnosed as bipolar just weeks ago, and killed himself today. So very sad.

    I ask God to help in all the intentions above as well.

  25. lmo1968 says:

    Please pray that I find a job soon. Thank you. Prayers for all of the intentions here.

  26. LeslieL says:

    Oh, my – I keep Fr. Z’s and all of your petitions in my heart and my prayers….and I ask you to keep mine in yours – for my husband whose MS is worsening and a special intention for a young priest friend of mine. Please. May God bless and keep you always.

  27. The Bear says:

    Less urgent than some of the others above, but …

    For a good friend, who will take some important steps in discerning a possible vocation soon.

    For another good friend, whom I’m slightly worried about — probably without reason, but…

    And selfishly, for me, since I’ll be finishing my studies very soon — for my job search, for the future in general. In all things, for God’s perfect will to be done.

    And I’m praying in general for all the intentions in this thread.

  28. StJude says:

    I asked for prayers yesterday for Kent… he has passed. Please pray for his soul, for his wife and family.
    Thank you.

  29. OrthodoxChick says:

    Praying for all of your intentions. May God Bless you all and all whom you are praying and requesting prayers for.

  30. Mariana2 says:

    Praying for all of the above. Please pray for the soul of my best friend who has died. She was a nominal Lutheran living in a Catholic country, and full of disdain for all things Catholic.

  31. Supertradmum says:

    Please pray for these real needs.

    I need a new battery for my laptop, my only computer and cannot afford it

    I need permanent housing

    I need meds for an opertation for pre and post op which I cannot afford yet.

    I need cancer meds I cannot afford.

    I need some people I have talked to about a job to follow up and call me again.

    I need to move out of this area which is so bad for the asthma attacks I have had for two months in this cold.


  32. Rachel K says:

    For a very serious family situation please.
    Praying for you all. Thank you.

  33. AnAmericanMother says:

    For my mother, who will undergo surgery for a serious cancer next week, that the surgery will be a success and that she will make a good recovery.
    For the repose of the soul of my father.
    For my husband, who is suffering from leukemia and making too slow a recovery from foot surgery.

  34. jameeka says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of a very dear priest who died today.
    I am praying for all above and continued intentions.

  35. The Sicilian Woman says:

    Praying for all here!

  36. URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for someone:

    Someone suggested that I would ask for a posting an urgent prayer request from you on your blog, for my three intentions of restoration of bodily health, lifting of financial burdens, and also finding a way to return to ___ .

  37. Palladio says:

    Prayers, please, for the repose of the soul of C. O., aged eight, killed in an accident, for his family, friends, and for all who mourn him.

    Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei:
    Requiescat in pace. Amen.

  38. Marg says:

    Please pray for our son who has just started the AA program. That he will persevere.
    Pray also that our sons will find truly Catholic women to marry, they are looking but it’s not easy to find them.
    I’m praying for all your requests.

  39. mamajen says:

    For a friend, Andrea, who has courageously remained open to life after unexpectedly losing an infant son at 4 days old. May her current pregnancy go smoothly and deliver a healthy baby.

  40. SKAY says:

    Saying prayers for all requests.

  41. Jack Hughes says:

    please pray for me, some family members arn’t talking to me and its’ unbearable

  42. colospgs says:

    Please pray for my dear sweet niece Melisa, who was seriously injured in a vehicle crash in Texas this morning.

  43. StWinefride says:

    On this great Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, I have asked for a candle to be lit in Lourdes via the online service provided by the Shrine, for all the intentions posted here and those to follow (and those that came before, of course!)

    If Father Z doesn’t mind, here is the link, for info:

  44. NoraLee9 says:

    The evil boss at my husband’s school has been pulled. Please pray that he be shown the door to retirement, rather than returned to the school. He did a lot of damage to both students and teachers.
    Please pray that I can persist in the Third Order Carmelite prayer regimen.

  45. mamajen says:

    My baby has a chest infection and I have to give him nebulizer treatments. So far it’s mild, but I would appreciate prayers that he doesn’t worsten. It’s so worrying when they’re little and sick.


  46. OrthodoxChick says:


    Prayers for your little one. We went through something like that when my second child was a month old. He contracted RSV and wound up in the hospital. He was discharged only 2 days before his Baptism. We didn’t want to postpone it under the circumstances. We tried every trick in the book to help him be healthy enough for us to take him to the church. He was Baptized in February, of course. Nothing like dragging a sick infant out in the dead of winter. We had to neb him and suction him. At the time, the doctors were advising parents not to use vaporizers for very young infants (although their advice changed with every child that I had). So instead of the vaporizer, we took one of those electric candle melters and put a spoonful of vicks on it instead of a candle. It kept the vapors going beside his crib, but it wasn’t the adult-strength of a vaporizer. It looks like this:

    Then we also stuck a big (thick) book under the head of his crib mattress to elevate his head and chest while he was sleeping. I don’t know how old your baby is, but if he’s still fairly young, you might need to roll up a receiving blanket like a neck roll and tuck it under his bum so he doesn’t slide down the mattress while he’s elevated. All that, plus a little dab of the Johnson & Johnson baby “vicks” on his chest and our little guy didn’t have to miss his Baptism.

    Prayers for you as well as your little one. It’s so scary when they’re sick.

  47. mamajen says:

    Thank you so much, OrthodoxChick! I suspect it’s RSV, and the doctor said there’s a lot of that going around. He’s almost 9 months, so he’s handling it better than a younger baby would, but it’s just dragging on and on. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like he’s any worse than he was yesterday, and his fever has gone. I’m going to just keep him at home to rest this coming week. Really appreciate the prayers!

  48. Jack Hughes says:

    Please pray for the conversion of a friend of mine

    Although he is Gay he is VERY respectful of religion and is open to the idea of God’s existence (he’s a scientist by training) , we had lunch and tea today, and he admitted that our conversations over the last 8 months have prompted him to repeatedly re-evaluate his beliefs.

  49. LeslieL says:

    I keep all of your intentions in my heart and prayers –
    I ask you to pray for Lana and her family. Lana was but 4 months old, and her parents and young brothers are devastated. I also ask you to pray for a young priest friend of mine – he needs your prayers. May God bless you….

  50. Palladio says:

    Please pray for my wife as she makes her way, a long distance, home to say goodbye to her father, suffering from Alzheimer’s and congestive heart failure. Prayers, too, for her father, mother, sisters, children, and niece, and all caring for him.

  51. mamajen says:

    Just wanted to update that baby is all better. Thank you for the prayers! I pray for Father Z’s readers every day, and hope you are all blessed with good news soon.

  52. Sandmama says:

    A young couple, I am friends with the bride, is planning on getting married in an SSPX ceremony. I don’t think either of them clearly understand what this means for their relationship to the Church and the validity of the sacrament. Please pray for them for discernment, maturity and most of all that they will heed the misgivings of their parents and friends and look into a Tridentine ceremony, there are at least two priests in the vicinity who might be able to help them. Thank you!

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