Audio interview with Fr. Richard Heilman

My friend Fr. Richard Heilman, about whom I have written before, had a good audio interview with Christine Niles.  HERE.

He talks about shutting down a local strip bar through prayer, shifting to ad orientem worship and having a 40% increase in parish revenue, use of social media, making the “Combat Rosary” his assault weapon against the Devil, the Church Militant Field Manual, the My Confessor app (which is being revamped), the Knights (and Squires) of Divine Mercy, real manhood, Pints and Pipes, confession as armor against the Devil.

This is a priest who says “I’ve gotta do this!”… and then he does it.




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  1. Netmilsmom says:

    Holding back my inner fangirl.

  2. wmeyer says:

    I proudly carry his Combat Rosary. It is, for one thing, a very durable pocket rosary.

  3. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Is there an ETA for the update to “My Confessor”? I’m going to be in the Madison, WI area next month on business and it could be useful while I’m there.

  4. Del says:

    Fr. Rick is dealing with all this attention from Fr. Z’s blog with magnanimous humility. But that’s the way Fr. Rick does everything…. Big projects, little ego.

    Come to think of it, that is why Fr. Rick’s projects and reforms are so successful — it’s not about Fr. Rick, ever. It is always about beauty, the sacredness of the Liturgy, growing in holiness, battling evil, and having fun (pipes & pints with friends at the rectory is anything but dull!) It is about bringing back everything that Christ wants us to have in His Church… and Fr. Rick is just another guy, enjoy the field of buried treasures with us.

    This spirit of humility was the thing that we lost during the era of new-fangled experiments in Liturgy and Church. How could Father ponce to the altar and put on his show if he wasn’t the center of attention all the time? What’s the point of having everyone in the sanctuary, except for being near Father is like the most especialestic thing evuh?

    Father Rick will tell you, if you press him the right way, that all of his success was easy. Not that there wasn’t a lot of hard work involved, but it didn’t take any special genius or creativity. Just do what the Church teaches us to do. Arrange your altar like Benedict did. Fire up the censor and do what the rubrics say. Sing the music that is already selected in the Roman Gradual. Gather up the men and go pray the prayers we all should know. Preach about sin and mercy and encourage people to go to confession. Make time to hear confessions.

    Stop trying so hard to be special, and just be Catholic! We can do this…..

  5. lucy says:

    Fr. Heilman is amazing! God bless him for all his efforts. And we must pray for his protection. We all know that when the devil targets a priest, he’s often successful. He and I have chatted many times on facebook and he’s helped me tremendously.

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