Day 11: Venice/Rome – Of taxis, water and other

I am on my way to Roma today. Venice is gloriously beautiful this morning. A smart person would plan a vacation according to which city I am about to leave: that’s the time the weather becomes perfect.

A stroll out for coffee this morning allowed me to enjoy the calle without the eye-gazed herds. Church bells were ringing all around. They resound more merrily and solemnly here than in Rome.




Waiting for my ride to the Station. A water taxi this morning.


Along the way.


This guy was going lickity-split.



Venetian firefighters. Very cool.




I have always enjoyed my short stays in Venice. This time, however, I found that there is a school of canon law here.

On the way out, the sight of snow in the mountains over the water.



My view for awhile.


I watched and listen to a mom help her boy with his homework: early Christian architecture!

My play list for part of the trip:

Whiter Shade of Pale
Poor Boy Blues
Ringa Ringa
Mr Sandman
Harvest Moon
Walking After Midnight
Chitarra Romana
Everybody’s Talkin’
Ring of Fire
Magic Carpet Ride
Treni a vapore
Live On Down The line
Out On The Road
She’s So High
More Than A Feelin
The Man Comes around
I Will Wait
Fun Fun Fun
Canciones de Amor
Reelin’ In The Years
You’ll Never Leave Harlan

Stz. Termini soon.


I am back in Rome. I said Mass at SS Trinità and sang vespers. The Great Roman Fabrizio was there! We met friends and went to Scarpone for supper, where I ran into Card Pell.



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  1. mimicaterina says:

    Father, my late boss’s close friend headed that school of canon law. He may still be there as I’ve lost contact.

  2. benedetta says:

    As to your stroll, nice to be with you in pics and spirit! Tremendous, Father.

  3. donadrian says:

    Does ‘however’ indicate that finding there is a school of Canon Law in the city has taken the gilt off the gingerbread?

  4. SKAY says:

    I am enjoying your travels, Father–beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Rachel Pineda says:

    You copied my playlist, well, except for More Than a Feelin, I just can’t do that. Maybe in Venice but no, not where I am, it’s just too cheesy. [It sure is!] Ringa, Ringa ( the Devi Sri version although I love A.H. Rahman ) [I didn’t know there were more than one.] on the train with good scenery, I am green with envy! Love the pictures especially of the Masterpieces in Architecture and Art. Thanks.

  6. NoraLee9 says:

    Re: Your Playlist. Father, you are the coolest priest evvvahhhh. I too am enjoying your travels and as always, praying for you.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    Great playlist Fr. Z! I love the variety, and that is my musical taste as well, very varied! The intro to Magic Carpet Ride will always be exceedingly cool, and Ring of Fire, fantastic. Love Patsy Cline, if that’s her cover you are taking with you, and why not, her voice was so true. It was apparently impossible for her to hit a clunker. I’m dying to know if Volunteers is from Woodstock, that Volunteers? I loved that song too. The classics, Stupid, which I am guessing is the Nancy/Frank Sinatra duet, nice. Love Sandman, all 40’s music, and the Beach Boys are so great. I saw them when they played at the University of Rhode Island, in an outdoor venue. I have their drum sticks! My favorite Beach Boy song of all, “Darlin”.
    I’ve enjoyed your photos Fr. Z. Thank you for sharing them! I don’t know how you can leave Venice. Happy traveling.

  8. Kathleen10 says: Stupid.

    It is actually from an album called Same Trailer Different Park by Casey Musgraves.

    Volunteers… Woodstock… yep. Sometimes I hear the lyrics and I think… yep… Summorum Pontificum. And there’s nothing that the agin’ hippy liberals can do about it.

    And the Patsy Cline was 100% Patsy Cline!


    The Laura selection is by Vasco Rossi. I have always thought it had a kind of pro-life overtone. It is about am “accidental” pregnancy that turns out to be pure gift. There is a youtube of the tune HERE. Great Hammond organ at the end.

  9. Navarricano says:

    “Volunteers” by The Jefferson Airplane. I’ve always loved that song, despite the fact that the lyrics were a hippy war cry for the dismantling of American culture and traditional sexual morality. I can’t help it; the song rocks.

    It’s funny that the JA is on your playlist, because lately, when I think of the aging hippies within the Church and their opposition to “Summorum Pontificum” and the recovery of our Catholic heritage and culture, the lyrics of another Jefferson Airplane song, “Crown of Creation”, leap to mind:

    “Soon you’ll attain the stability you strive for,
    In the only way that it’s granted:
    In a place among the fossils of our time.

    In loyalty to their kind
    They cannot tolerate our minds.
    In loyalty to our kind
    We cannot tolerate their obstruction!”

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