LCWR’s award this year is an insult to the US Bishops

The LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) are feeling a little frisky.   I suspect they think that, even though they are being watched by the CDF for their totally weird spiritual notions, they are invulnerable in the age of Pope Francis, the most wonderfullest fluffiest Pope ehvur.

The LCWR recently gave their annual award to Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, who a couple years ago published a book on the Trinity that was so bad that even the USCCB’s doctrinal office shredded it.  HERE

In giving this award to Johnson, the LCWR has effectively flipped the bird at the USCCB.  That is entirely consistent with what I call The Magisterium of Nuns.

I would only add that Pope Francis is not a fan of the LCWR sort of nun.  He has warned sisters about being “zitelle” and about female machismo.

And the CDF is not going away.  They do not sleep and they don’t miss anything.

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  1. Andrew D says:

    The faster these feminist orders (no, they are no longer religious) die out, the better the Church will be. That’s happening naturally as these orders have zero vocations but in the meanwhile, offer your prayers and your financial support to the non LCWR holy orders that take their vows seriously. Suggested orders are The Little Sisters of the Poor, The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, Sisters for Life and the Poor Clare’s of Perpetual Adoration. I hope and pray that the CDF and Pope Francis will step up the reform and preferrably, the dismantling of the LCWR. It’s way past time to start treating these feminists like the men they think they are.

  2. mrshopey says:

    She was president of the Catholic Theological Society of America? Oh. my.gosh.
    God help me to use this anger in an appropriate way that is helpful and not harmful!

    I went to their newsletter and notice they were invited to the president’s prayer breakfast for Holy Week (they call it Easter).
    There is a pic of Sr. Keehan reading from scriptures.

  3. ncstevem says:

    Andrew, I echo your sentiments on the lifespan of these ‘sisters’ and their orders. I read a couple of years ago that the average age for the members of the LCWR was 74. That being the case, it would seem that as a whole they have about 10 years left before many/most go to their reward and the remaining members will unable to carry on in their evil.

  4. vetusta ecclesia says:

    What has happened to the investigation into these people? I have heard it suggested that since the advent of Papa F. it has gone to ground.

  5. Quanah says:

    Interestingly enough, the links to the USCCB’s statement on Sr. Elizabeth Johnson in your previous post about her say “page not found.”

  6. iPadre says:

    This is good news! It shows the true color of their blood. They are slowly walking (and sometimes running) toward the guillotine.

  7. Nathan says:

    Unfortunately, the LWCR appears to operate under the prevalent mode of social discourse in the USA at the moment, the “adolescent model.” Just as I remember in high school, the Cool People (in this case the LWCR and their political allies) are free to do anything they please at any time. Anyone who remarks on or tries to deal with the problems of such behavior (in this case, the USCCB or bloggers or lay people) is culpable for any negative consequences of the Cool People’s behavior, for after all they “politicized” the behavior by pointing it out. This “politicization,” of course, justifies the Cool People referring the matter to their media allies, who will make sure that anyone who points out the bad behavior of the Cool People is completely ostracized.

    That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t point out such behavior. It does mean that we ought to be prepared for the fallout from doing so.

    In Christ,

  8. LeeF says:


    Re the pdf of the USCCB statement on that book, it appears they have changed the static link into a database retrievable document. Use the search link below and it is the second link:

  9. LeslieL says:

    Quanah – just type “Elizabeth Johnson” in the search box on that “page not found” page – you’ll get the whole gamut of USCCB pages covering her and her *ahem* work.
    You know doubt saw the “Fishwrap” article on her new book? God help us….she’s back again.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    The book is horrible and a travesty of Catholic teaching. The fact that is was “shredded”was a blessing to those who pay attention, but too many do not.

    The last throes of rebellion, perhaps, in giving this person an award?

  11. In all this, I think of many sisters whose congregations are connected to the LCWR, who love their vocation, their orders’ special charisma and heritage, and who cannot be happy to see the downward spiral. Leaving is a very hard thing.

  12. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    Thirty years ago while I was being burned at the stake by a particularly vicious and rabid and heretical nun, one associate told me “In thirty years, they’ll all be gone.”

    Make that thirty-five years. I’m counting the days.

  13. j says:

    Is it any wonder that the LCWR and their ilk regularly win the “Haag” prize. No kidding, that’s what it is called. The prize for the person or organization that most opposed Apostolic Succession, Original Sin, clerical celibacy, separation of clerical functions, and most in favor of Womynpriests.

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