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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

Please… pray for G.  Really struggling right now.  Urgent.

Finally, I still have a pressing personal petition. Actually… two.

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  1. I’ll start this out.

    Please pray for G, who is undergoing a horrible time right now. I strongly suspect diabolical attacks opened up because of the truly perverse homosexual behavior of her now divorced husband.

  2. StJude says:

    I will pray for all.

    For Lyle.. a lot health problems. Although there seems to be a turn around for the better. 54 day rosary is amazing me. His improvement started immediately after I started it for him. Thank you to Our Lady!

    For the daughter of J and S… the baby is in intensive care.

    and for a personal intention of mine.

  3. LeslieL says:

    I know I’ve asked before – but we know the power of prayer, so please forgive me from mentioning it again – please pray for and keep in you prayers a very special intention for a young priest friend of mine, Fr. JM. And, if you would, my husband’s MS is worsening…a man who so loved hiking, playing baseball, his job, and reading the papers now has extreme difficulty walking, can no longer go to work, and his vision is severely compromised . Please keep him in your prayers, too – his name is Michael. I promise Fr. Z’s and all of your intentions are close to my heart and in my prayers.

  4. LeslieL says:

    I know I’ve asked before – but we know the power of prayer, so please forgive me from mentioning it again – please pray for and keep in you prayers a very special intention for a young priest friend of mine, Fr. JM. And, if you would, my husband’s MS is worsening…a man who so loved hiking, playing baseball, his job, and reading the papers now has extreme difficulty walking, can no longer go to work, and his vision is severely compromised . Please keep him in your prayers, too – his name is Michael. I promise Fr. Z’s and all of your intentions are close to my heart and in my prayers.

  5. eiggam says:

    First of all, thank you for all the prayers for employment. I just finished the first week at a new job 100 miles away from home and things went better than expected.

    I ask for prayers for my new boss CS, who has been having severe pains and has not gotten an accurate diagnosis. He lives an hour from work and is getting lots of hassles from insurance.

    I offer prayers for those who read and have posted intentions on the blog.

  6. For peace and reconciliation with each other and with God of the B. family, in very grave danger of divorce.

    For D.S. and his family, in the wake of his father’s death, and for the repose of his father’s soul.

  7. VexillaRegis says:

    For three personal intentions of mine, and for Fr. M. He yells a lot and is smug. God help us.

  8. StWinefride says:

    Praying for everyone’s intentions, including Fr Z’s.

    Please pray for peace in my family. Also please pray for a friend who has lost her husband and eldest daughter over the last few years.

    Our Lady of Beauraing, pray for us!

  9. Supertradmum says:

    I have been in the States six months and still do not have permanent housing or a job. Please pray for these intentions and my return to Europe.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    PS prayers for G. And, yes, that happens.

  11. ReginaMarie says:

    PLEASE PRAY for my friend’s granddaughter, A.L., who was sexually assaulted & is on suicide watch in a psychiatric hospital. Please join me in asking the intercession of St. Maria Goretti for A.L.’s healing.

  12. Will499 says:

    Please pray for my family’s healing and conversion,
    especially my parents,
    and please pray for me, as I am discerning a vocation
    the priesthood, and for my own healing.
    I prayed for all the intentions above.

  13. bbmoe says:

    All of you, and Fr. Z, are in my prayers.

    Please pray for Anna, my oldest friend, who is facing a long and partial recovery from a life-threatening illness, and for those who are helping her, that she regains strength enough to go home, and that her insurance issues may be resolved.

    God bless all of you. Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us.

  14. Sandy says:

    I am desperate for the Lord’s assistance in this matter. I’m about to go to the opposite coast for a serious legal proceeding about my mother. She has deteriorated mentally and is not making rational decisions, but will not cooperate in anything. The whole situation is a nightmare. May God take away her anger and cause her to be compliant.

    Prayers for all of you, including Father Z. God bless you all and may Mother Mary hold us in her heart!

  15. Elizabeth D says:

    Please pray for my vocation and that my life my have a positive meaning and purpose. And that God will help me or make spiritual direction available, there seems no one appropriate to talk about it with who is willing or available to talk.

  16. VexillaRegis says:

    I pray for all your intentions.
    SicilianWoman, may I ask how you are doing? I still pray for you.

  17. Phil_NL says:

    Please pray also for my grandmother, who, in her old age, doesn’t seem to care for her own welfare anymore, much to the distress of the family.

  18. benedetta says:

    I will keep these intentions in prayer.

    Could you please pray for those who orchestrated harassment against myself and my family the fourth time in seven years. Please pray for them, that God showers them with love and blessings, and forgives them for persecuting those whom they do not understand and towards whom this campaign is undeserved and unwarranted. Thank you.

  19. Eugene says:

    I pray for all above and for Father Z. Inntention in the name of Jesus, and through the intercession of Our Lady and St. Joseph.
    Please pray for my intentions: for the return to the sacraments of my wife and children, for my son Nicholas that he will find employment, for my son in law Stephen and his transfer to a new teaching position, for my mother Caterina who is battling cancer that God may grant her peace and serenity, for my father Domenico that he maybe supportive and sensitive to the needs of my mother, for myself that I may grow in holiness and charity

  20. knute says:

    Please pray for the pastor of my parish. In the span of 2 weeks, his brother-in-law died, leaving behind a wife and three children; one of our permanent deacons passed away; and another priest in the diocese committed suicide. As a result of the stress, my pastor’s back seized up and he’s in a great deal of pain. I’m sure this is an extremely trying time, and your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Lepidus says:

    For my friend “K” who’s baby died 11 weeks into her pregnancy….

  22. Kathleen10 says:

    May God show his unfathomable mercy to all mentioned here.
    Please, would you include my dear sister in your prayers, who is undergoing her second round of chemo, and is in pain from her cancer. We pray she can tolerate the chemo and it helps.

  23. Patti Day says:

    Please pray for my husband, who will have a pacemaker implanted on Tuesday. Jesus , I trust in You.

  24. Lucy C says:

    Please pray for Victor, my nephew’s son. He’s 12 years old and recently diagnosed with cancer.

  25. mwa says:

    prayers for all above, and all Fr. Z’s readers.
    If you would, please, remember my husband who after 10 mos. of seeking employment has an interview, we hope, on Tuesday for a job he thinks he would really like. Funds and hope are beginning to run short. Also my three daughters with scioliosis, that progression will stop before the condition requires surgery.

  26. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    In thanksgiving for the baptism of a baby girl tomorrow.

    For Our Lady’s intercession with those who have been given the Green Scapular.

    For my son, who is graduating High School on Monday.

    For several personal intentions.

    For the Sudanese Christian Miriem who is under sentence of death.

    Jesus, Divine Infant, please provide for our daily needs.

  27. Ivan says:

    I will pray for you all.

    If anybody could, preferably now, pray for our traditional community in Split, Croatia. We were blessed with the coming of a priest from America (he’ll leave soon) and had three TLMs during this week. Our friends are having lunch with our archbishop at this moment, so if anyone could pray both for the success of their conversation, as well as getting the TLM here, it would be wonderful! But let it be as God wants it!

  28. Eric1989 says:

    Please pray for my father, Dan, who suffered either a heart attack or stroke last night (the doctors are not sure yet).

  29. SKAY says:

    Please pray for my son in law’s mother who – along with battling a very serious heart condition, has just found out she also has lung cancer. A previous fight with breast cancer years ago that she won has left her lungs compromised so treatment for all of her conditions is very difficult.
    She is at M D Anderson right now so please ask that the Dr.s can come up with a successful course of treatment for her.

    Also please say a prayer for my friend B who just lost her husband of over 50 years last week and for my sister A who also lost someone very dear to her this month.
    Thank all of you so much. Your requests have already all been in my prayers this morning.
    Father Z, your intentions are always in my prayers.

  30. cantrix says:

    Praying for all intentions as I read them.

    Please pray for a friend with gyn problems, having surgery June 3.

    For myself, for a good outcome of surgery scheduled for July 8.

    For my son, as he discerns a new path for himself. I have thought since he was very young that he had a vocation to the priesthood. May he (and I) be open to God’s will for him.

  31. excalibur says:

    Please pray for my personal intentions.

    Much thanks.


  32. ChristoetEcclesiae says:

    I beg your prayers that my niece’s once strong belief and now broken faith in God be restored; that my nephew, who recently became an Army Ranger, may remember to rely on Jesus Christ as he performs his duties; that my entire family may be restored to spiritual health by a return to holy Mother Church and the sacraments; that the clergy of my diocese, led by their bishop, may experience and then lead the diocese in spiritual renewal and adherence to the teachings of the Church; that a priest in my diocese who feels that he is undergoing persecution may find peace and a just resolution to his situation; and for two personal intentions. Thank you and may God bless and Mary protect you all. St. Michael, defend us in battle!

  33. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Please pray for a good job for two computer guys I know!

    mwa — If you haven’t already, please look into the European approach of using exercises and stretches of various kinds in various areas to counteract scoliosis. It’s pretty individualized for the individual back, as I understand, and some doctors in this country are trained in it.

  34. Mike says:

    I am praying for all these intentions. Holy Mary, Tower of Ivory, pray for us!

  35. AdTrinitatemPerMariam says:

    Please pray for my cousin Victor who is being treated for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

  36. aviva meriam says:

    Praying for all these intentions.

    Please pray for Heather W: she’s going through an enormously difficult time…. pray that she is willing to accept help, that help is offered again and that it is effective.
    Please pray for A.B.: her family is going through enormous stress, and yet she is working hard to remain healthy (spiritually, emotionally and physically). She enters grad school in August.
    Please pray for me that I have the funds to return to grad school this august.

  37. Patti Day says:

    Have prayed for each of your intentions as I read. Thank you for praying for my intention.

  38. NancyP says:

    Please pray for my daughter, who has many health issues to overcome, and for me, because I am suddenly facing down a health problem of my own.

    Pray for everyone with Alzheimer’s Disease, if you can spare a moment, and add, if you are able, an extra Ave for their devoted caregivers.

    Please join me in praying for our holy priests, deacons, bishops and consecrated religious and for those who are discerning God’s call to serve in one of these capacities. M. D., R. C., O. M. and H. G. are most deserving of your prayers; all four are former students of mine who are in various stages of formation and discernment.

    I will remember all of your intentions in my own prayers.

  39. Sonshine135 says:

    I have taken the time to pray for all of these intentions. There is so much sadness and difficulties in our world. My prayer is that if this suffering continues, it is only for the greater glory of Our Lord.

    Please pray for my son, who is about to be consecrated to the Blessed Mother.
    Please pray for my daughter’s physical, mental and spiritual well being.
    Please pray for Sister VG. She is a dissident in the church, and she is having a bad time with her health. Pray her eyes open to the truth before it is too late.

  40. LaxMom25 says:

    Please forgive me. I understand that many might find this request ridiculous. Please pray for my oldest son, who is his class valedictorian, but is having a very difficult time composing a graduation speech. Please pray that the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be with him as he prepares and presents, and that his words will inspire goodness. (thank you – and if anyone has a particularly good idea, please feel free to share it!).

  41. Bea says:

    Have prayed for all of the above.
    May Our Lord and Mother Mary watch over and guide you all

  42. tomsfo says:

    At the time of my reading there were 41 prayer requests. All have been read and prayers are on the ways. May the healing hand of Christ touch each and every one, and may those who administer to them be filled with patience, skill, and love.

  43. DavidJ says:

    For my family, for God’s will to prevail over it in health and in substance over personal doubts

  44. DavidJ says:

    And LaxMom25, don’t sweat it. God wants to hear all our desires.

  45. Jason Keener says:

    Please pray that my mother will have a peaceful and happy death. She is in hospice care for lung cancer that has spread all over her body. I will pray for all of you and your intentions. Thank you and God Bless!

  46. The Sicilian Woman says:

    I will pray for all intentions, including Fr. Z’s, in my daily prayers.

    VexillaRegis, thank you so much for your continued prayers. Really, you do not know how much it means. The family situation continues. Struggling with that (I am close to running out of money for legal fees) and other trials. Trying to keep the faith and failing at times. I know you’ve had your own struggles, for which I pray. Thank you, again, friend!

  47. JonPatrick says:

    For a friend from our old TLM community who is recovering from hand surgery after an accident.

    For my youngest son who is discerning a vocation, currently visiting an FFI Friary, that God’s will be done.

    For many in my extended family who are outside of the Church, that they may come to know Christ.

  48. adeacon says:

    I ask for your prayers for my family. Two weeks ago, while my daughter-in-law was in the process of giving birth to our grandchild, Josephine Weronika, everything went wrong. The baby lost all brain activity due to lack of oxygen and her mother had to have major surgery. Little Josephine lived for twenty hours. She was baptized very soon after birth, so we are assured of a new saint in heaven.

    I also ask for prayers for the good nurses, doctors, chaplains at the Hackensack NJ hospital Neonatal unit. They are like angels.

    Please know that you are all in my prayers.

  49. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear Sicilian Woman, thank you and God bless you!

    Dear mnw, try Callanetics, it’s a marvellous (American) exercise program, known to have helped numerous patients with orthopedic diseases for the last 30 years. Buy the blue book. You do the exercises at home, so it’s very cheap. The lady who developed the program had scoliosis herself. Good luck with your girls!

  50. Mariana2 says:

    Very happy to go through a requests above and pray for all.

    Please pray for my husband, who suddenly has developed vision problems, the doctors haven’t discovered the origins yet.

  51. Doug R says:

    Please pray for my wife, who has a crucial job interview tomorrow. Please also keep a personal intention of mine in your prayers as well.

  52. Skeinster says:

    Prayers for all, for the intentions and peace for the suffering.

    Our daughter, who has been recovering from a serious car accident, is attempting to go back to work. Please pray that she may be able to do this work well, and that we will be able to assist her as needed.
    She cannot drive, so this job falls mainly on my husband. Please pray for peace for him, and that she will continue to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    Many thanks!

  53. Mike says:

    For the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, that permission be granted for their transitional deacons (Frater Alban and Frater John) to proceed swiftly to ordination to the priesthood.

  54. Supertradmum says:

    Needing a place to stay almost immediately. Thanks for your prayers and praying for you all as well.

  55. MaryW says:

    Please pray for my family members who are estranged from the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. My prayers offered for the intentions of Father Z and all his readers. God bless and comfort everyone here.

  56. JuliB says:

    For Meriam Ibrahim – the Sudanese woman being threatened with execution for converting to Christianity. She gave birth 5 days early while imprisoned.

    “Meriam, 27, was sentenced to death by hanging earlier this month after being found guilty of converting from Islam to Christianity and marrying a Christian man, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    She will receive 100 lashes before she is executed – sometime in the next two years.”

    Such witness – I don’t know if I could be so brave.

  57. mpmaron says:

    Please pray for the return to the sacraments for those family members not fully participating, particularly my wife.

    Thank you.

  58. Mike says:

    I need to “double-dip” this month. Please pray on behalf of my 99-year-old fellow parishioner who, after hospital treatment for a kitchen mishap, is stuck in a nursing home, somewhat against her will (and against Medicare’s, which will stop paying tomorrow): that she may recover full health of mind and body, and that those of us who look after her may be able to find her the help she needs to go back and live in her own home.

  59. yatzer says:

    Prayers for all, as I went down the list and in general. Please pray for me as I try to figure out continuing back issues. Patience for me and guidance for doc. Also for a daughter whose job is going away soon and son with serious legal issues.

  60. mamajen says:

    Hang in there, G. You have people praying for you. I am sorry for your difficult time.

    Prayers for all other intentions as well.

  61. For the B. family, still hurtling toward divorce. For mercy on the soul of R., who took his own life this week, and for his family.

  62. Phil_NL says:

    While there remains some issues, thankfully my grandmother is doing better again. Deo gratias, and thanks to all.

    Meriam Ibrahim – the Sudanese who ended up in the clutches of a sharia “court” – seems to have a ray of hope too, though you never know for sure in these cases ( )

    Of course there remains a lot to pray for, and I will.

  63. Bridget says:

    Lifting your prayer requests and humbly hoping for your assistance with these:
    In thanksgiving for answered prayers re: spiritual cleaning;
    For healing for our godson (under severe mental+spiritual attacks), goddaughter (back injury+spiritual growth), grandmother (96 years old–grace of a holy death, freedom from pain – God willing), uncle (brain tumor, addiction), priest (severe back pain);
    For special graces in discernment, growth in holiness and spiritual protection for our sons;
    For my husband’s peace and discernment in the midst of a financial free-fall and total uncertainty of what the future holds re: career, housing, source of income, etc;
    For our FSSP parish priest’s special intentions and special graces on his retreat;
    For the soul of M.G., killed in a tragic car accident in front of his son, who attempted to save his life and for the whole family in their time of grief; For the drug impaired driver being charged;
    For the soul of W.T, who died suddenly in his sleep after battling mental illness/addiction;
    In thanksgiving for Father Z and the special collection of souls gathered together here…

  64. cathgrl says:

    For DM, who is in prescription drug addiction, and family.

  65. Supertradmum says:

    Housing, employment, permanency….no room at the homeless shelters here bar one and I did not qualify for being in the wrong city. My excellent primary care doctor wants me to have physio on back and foot, but I cannot get that living in the deep wilds of Iowa, where I have to leave soon anyway.

    Prayers. and of course, would much rather be back in EU, but that is also blocked at this time.

  66. Supertradmum says:

    PS offering up uncertainty for all here…

  67. RafqasRoad says:

    Please pray for the repose of my husband’s uncle, Peter Kerby, who passed away yesterday (Saturday 31st May). Though a convert to Catholic Christianity, I am unsure whether his death (after lengthy illness) was provided for. (died in age care facility).

    Please also pray for his surviving son and his family, plus my husband (lapsed Catholic with little wish to return to the faith) that they may be comforted through this loss as PK was like a second father to my husband.

    STM, I’m aware of your rather urgent situation and remembered you before our Blessed Saviour during adoration this Friday past, plus remember your several pressing issues in rosaries, CDM’s and as Eucharistic intentions.

    Come on, readers closer to STM’s home than the Southern Hemisphere, if in the US, read her blog and put your paw up to help her tangibly during this time of extreme need!! Faith without works is, ehm…I think we know how this little truth tucked away in the book of James ends…need I say more?

    Blessings from Australia.

  68. Prayers for all the intentions mentioned here. A Divine Mercy chaplet tomorrow before mass.
    I ask for prayers for each of my seven children. There are mental, emotional and certainly spiritual battles going on. Ultimately, for conversion and salvation for each one. Medical and emotional issues for my husband, and for my MIL as her health deteriorates.
    Many thanks.

  69. discipulus says:

    For a personal intention of mine;

    For a mother who is 11 months pregnant, and another who is about one month pregnant

    For my paternal grandfather, who passed away this month,

    For some of my classmates at college, who have fallen from the Catholic Faith,

    And that I find employment soon.

  70. Lutgardis says:

    I have offered my prayers for you all and for all of your intentions as I read down the list. Will keep you in my prayers.

    Please pray for the young son of a friend of a friend. He is in an extremely serious medical state after a bad accident and desperately needs healing.

    Please also pray that my husband and I can discern God’s will for the future path the schooling of our children should take. Many thanks.

  71. Margaret says:

    For all our young people, graduating high school and college, who are facing major transitions in the weeks and months to come, that they may walk closely with Christ and Our Lady during this time and seek to carry out God’s will in the many large and small decisions they will need to make.

    For our local Catholic hospital, which is being sold, that it might somehow remain in Catholic hands.

    For a young teen of my acquaintance, whose parents recently learned he has been secretly abusing alcohol.

  72. SteelBiretta says:

    I am traveling for an interview for a great job next Tuesday. It would give me the opportunity to contribute my talents to a great Catholic institution. It would give me financial security and (I am hoping) more time with my family. It would be a great improvement over my current position. Please pray for God’s will.

  73. jameeka says:

    Please pray for a family member having surgery for cancer next week, thank you in advance.

  74. AnAmericanMother says:

    Praying for all intentions here.

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my mother, who died two weeks ago. Her cancer which we thought was in remission recurred suddenly, violently, and without warning. Fortunately the doctors were able to stabilize her condition enough for her to be made comfortable and be transferred to hospice, where she was able to say farewell to her family and pray with her beloved (Episcopal) pastor and church family.

  75. RafqasRoad says:

    I too apologise for ‘double dipping’ in this urgent prayer request’ segment.

    Please, please, please pray urgently for my dear friend Amy whose bi-polar disorder has flared up after four years in remission despite her doing all the right things. She wil be admitted to hospital tomorrow (thu) morning. Please pray that a) she receives the treatment that will most effectively and quickly right her psychiatric distress. b) pray for her husband and five year old daughter (who has significant autism) and for her faith. She’s a sincere Christian who came a hair’s breadth away from entering the Ordinariate around a month ago but major issues came up (don’t want to go into them here) and hubby marched them right back to the IFB church (he’s been an IFB – Independent Fundamental Baptist – all his life) shes Anglican.

    Please pray for her, and her family. Amy is an amazing, loving, Christian friend who has beat the odds left right and centre re her Bi-Polar. Pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will lift her back into remission super-quickly.

    She’s due to come down to the state I live in to visit her mother and then I; we’re also booked in for a five day Benedictine monastic retreat at the abby near where I live in August. Pray she’s well enough to come down and go on retreat with me.

    STM, I uphold you in prayer often.

    Blessings from Australia.

    St. Dymphna, pray for Amy,
    St. ubaldis (SP) pray for Amy’s daughter,
    St. Joseph, the most chaste spouse, pray for Amy’s husband,
    Our Lady, undooer of knots, pray for Amy,
    St. Margaret Clitherow, pray for Amy. (Amy has a special devotion to St. Margaret Clitherow).

    If priests who read here could say a mass for Amy, I would be ever endebted to you.

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