Brick by Brick in Fennimore

For your Brick by Brick file.

In Fennimore, WI, there was a Solemn Mass at Queen of All Saints for the Feast of the Ascension… which is on Thursday.  HERE

You should know that Fennimore is not exactly a huge urban center.  They can do this.  You can do this.

A few photos.

The church was recently renovated through a project by their clever pastor, Fr. Miguel Galvez, a member of the Society of Jesus the Priest.

Ooops.  Someone is wearing a biretta in the procession who shouldn’t.  (I figured I had better mention it before someone else.)

You can see how beautiful the church is now.

Fr. Z kudos!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Wow. What a gorgeous renovation!

  2. The Before-After pics are uplifting. Looking at the photo from 1916 reveals the age of Faith, Hope, and Love that created such a sanctuary. Of course, this could have all been avoided had the deconstructionists just valued the original work of their forefathers in Faith in the first place. Shameful what they’ve done across the country.

  3. Gratias says:

    Viva the Society of Jesus the Priest. What impresses me most is that here we have three young priests who, God willing, will give many TLMs throughout their lifetimes. This will bring great blessings to humanity.

  4. Mike says:

    May we all be inspired to help bring this sort of timeless, uplifting beauty to currently denatured “worship spaces” — and to help preserve such beauty where it already exists.

  5. Athelstan says:

    The older “wreckovation” wasn’t the worst I have ever seen – though perhaps that’s because the church was too small to switch to seating-in-the-round. There was, however, the obligatory ripping out of the old high altar, the altar rail, and the installation of (ugh) carpet.

    The new design is nonetheless a 500% improvement. Well balanced, and very fitting for a small neo-Gothic church design. The ceiling decoration is an especially nice touch. I assume that the table altar is portable to facilitate TLM’s.

  6. St Donatus says:

    I visited this beautiful church last week. What a wonderful and inspiring young priest. He has done so much for this parish. My sister and I went to the morning mass one day and there had to be 40 people there. When was the last time you saw 40 people in a weekday mass in a town of 2000 people. This diocese has a wonderful and orthodox bishop who supports tradition, reverence and loyalty to God. I also went to another parish run by this same order in another town which has a TLM Mass on Sundays. I went there a year ago and there were about 20 people in attendance. This time there were probably 60 people in attendance. They have carried their very reverential and holy practices in the Mass over to the Novus Ordo with great results. After a initial revolt of a couple of years ago by some parishioners against their more reverent practice, the parish is growing and the number and holiness of the parishioners is increasing by the day.

    Fennimore is very close to the Iowa border. So I visited a couple of parishes in Iowa and was saddened. Here the faith seems to be dying. While visiting our ‘Catholic’ relatives, my sister and I were the only ones that would pray at meals in public. It seemed that talking about our creator and our faith were taboo subjects. I couldn’t even find a daily mass to attend. When one is found, there might be four to six elderly in attendance. None the less, the bishops in Iowa have been liberal going back several decades and the results are disheartening. When someone was willing to talk about their faith, first thing they would talk about is the sex abuse crisis or how they didn’t like their priest.

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