NYC – Holy Innocents Church hosts prayer rally for Iraqi Christians

I saw this report about a prayer rally for Christians who are being persecuted, who are dying and on the run, in Iraq, murdered and tormented by Islamic terrorists.  HERE

This is what Pope Francis was talking about.  ¡Hagan lío!

Holy Innocents Church Prays for the Christians in Iraq

The very active and vibrant community of faith at the Church of the Holy Innocents has parishioners who decided to organize a “Rally for Peace” in order to pray in solidarity for the Christians who are persecuted, murdered, martyred, and expelled from their very homes in the Iraq and Syria by violent and murderous people.

Many of these people who decided to attend this rally also decided to attend the 6PM Mass at Holy Innocents beforehand. This moved a lot of people and brought many more to the 6pm traditional Mass that takes place daily at Holy Innocents. There were 140 people in attendance for Mass, which was a good turnout as the reporter from NET (New Evangelization Television from the Diocese of Brooklyn) noted.

There are a lot of photos of the event. Well done!


In nearby Herald Square.

The Holy Innocents community are happy to take it to the streets.

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  1. rcg says:

    This is important because it reminds us of how fragile our situation always is. We dedicated our St. Peter in Chains Mass to the Iraqi Christians. Fortunately elections are soon. Get out the thumbscrews and apply freely to the dithering body of consultants up for reelection. We better think more often about hanging together because we know the only alternative.

  2. Makemeaspark says:

    I made sure to attend mass yesterday in prayer for the poor folks fleeing the evil one in Iraq. It was rough because I woke up with a sinus headache, however, my guardian angel pointed out that at least I was not fleeing across northern Iraq with no food or water or shoes, or medications. So I pushed myself out the door and prayed for them.

    (can you tell I have been listening to Dr. Peter Kreeft’s talks on angels?)

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    There is no prize for the most asinine reason for not helping threatened Christians:

    Search on page for the word “rice”:

    Forgetting the Christians: can Christians ever be the victims of genocide?, by Mark Movsesian, for First Things.

  4. MKR says:

    That Catholic “Coexist” banner in the third picture is wonderful!

  5. Sconnius says:

    Knights of Columbus have begun a fund to help Iraqi Christians

  6. Teddy says:

    There will be a Prayer Vigil Rally for Peace at Herald Square (34th Street and Broadway) on Friday, August 22 and Friday, September 12 to pray for Persecuted Christians and Minorities in Iraq, Syria and around the World. We will meet after the 6 PM Mass at Holy Innocents Church (37th Street and Broadway) and March for Peace to Herald Square.

  7. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Prof. Robert George at Princeton University and a number of other academic, religious, and public policy leaders from across the political spectrum have posted “A Plea on Behalf of Victims of ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq,” calling for prompt military intervention. “No options that are consistent with the principles of just war doctrine should be off the table. …Nothing short of the destruction of ISIS/ISIL as a fighting force will provide long-term protection of victims.” Massive humanitarian aid is also urgently needed.

    You can read it and sign HERE.

  8. benedetta says:

    A beautiful witness in prayer and solidarity by those at Holy Innocents.

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