CWR: Summary of exchanges of Vox Cantoris and Fr. Rosica

Over at CWR there is an interesting summary of the interchange between the blogger of Vox Cantoris and Basilian Fr. Thomas Rosica, head of Canadian based Salt and Light and who does some side work for the Holy See Press Office.   Fr. Rosica took exception to some things that Vox Cantoris posted about him and, essentially, threatened legal actions against the blogger if he wouldn’t conform to his demands.

The CWR summary posts some emails and provides some background to the more recent developments.  It is an interesting, quick read.

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  1. Cantor says:

    When my boys behaved like this, we simply gave them a time out.

  2. excalibur says:

    Father Z —

    Much thanks for the link.

  3. The Cobbler says:

    Almost have to wonder if those emails purportedly from Fr. Rosica are for real. I mean I’m such an introvert all my social skills are learned, and even I can tell you that those were just bizarre — no matter where you fall on the issue in question. Instead of answers, transparently fake piety laced over insult and insinuation. Not sure if it would be any less weird or not if it turned out the emails themselves were fictitious.

  4. pmullane says:

    Isnt it funny when greater lay participation and accountability blows up in your face.

    If those emails are true then one thing that we can say about Fr Rosica is that he isnt cut out for any kind of public relations work.

  5. Nicolas Bellord says:

    Father Rosica seems to prefer to make ad hominem attacks as to Mr Domet’s spiritual state.

  6. SanSan says:

    Whoa! Who is watching the hen house?

  7. Sonshine135 says:

    It is hard for me to get my head wrapped around the idea of a Priest suing a blogger. I was shocked when I learned about the issue between Lifesite News and the now deceased Fr. Gravel. This seems to be a running theme in Canada. It seems their laws on free speech are much more restrictive than ours in the United States. The whole idea leaves me feeling dirty though. These are Priests who are supposed to lead us by turning the other cheek. These are Priests who absolve sins in a confessional. My take is that these Priests are being spotlighted; caught in the act if you will, and they don’t like their heresy being pointed out one bit. Furthermore, the antagonistic letters and articles by Fr. Thomas Rosica back to David Domet should result in an immediate Vatican investigation. Also, where are the Bishop’s Conferences in all of this….. Crickets! Was it not Pope Francis himself that wanted free and open dialogue, especially regarding the Synod? Why is descent considered protected speech while upholding Catholic doctrine is allowed to be attacked?

  8. Elizabeth D says:


    I don’t want to be disrespectful but honestly that article makes you want some popcorn to go with it.

  9. anilwang says:

    Sonshine135 says: “It seems their laws on free speech are much more restrictive than ours in the United States. ”

    True. Canada was not born in revolution like the U.S.. It was born in compromise and slowly weened itself away from Britain. Although there was a constitution of sorts created in 1867 (BNA Act), it wasn’t until 1982 that Canada received it’s own constitution and gained full independence.

    The Motto of Canada is peace, order, and good government (,_order,_and_good_government) , which is quite different from the American motto which I assume is life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    It has worked well, mostly but unfortunately the definition of “peace” has morphed into “don’t make waves, and it’s rude to talk about the Christian faith in mixed company….all other religions are celebrated since we value diversity” and “good government” has morphed into “government monopoly since government can best enforce ‘Canadian Values’ (i.e. whatever the NDP and Liberal parties subscribe to)”.

  10. Cantor says:

    Anilwang –

    How’s this for irony… although “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” are the key phrase in our Declaration of Independence, the actual motto of the United States is:

    In God We Trust

  11. acricketchirps says:

    The motto of Canada is A Mari usque ad Mare, from Psalm 71 (vulg).

    “Peace Order and Good Government,” was a constitutional law precept from the 1867 Constitution, pretty reasonable in its erstwhile interpretation and and pretty much destroyed by Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  12. jameeka says:

    To me, this connects some dots re: some subterranean plotting going on summer 2011 against public/internet hard-identity Catholic personalities.

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