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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below.

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I still have a pressing personal petition.

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  1. LeslieL says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity again, Father – and know that your intention is in my prayers.

    I know I ask this every time Father opens this up – but I beg you yet again to please keep a very special intention for a young priest friend of mine, Fr. JM, in your hearts and prayers. It truly is important, and I am so grateful to you all.

    And thank you for your prayers and thoughts for my little friend, 16 month old Miss Molly – my request for your prayers from last month, also. She had her fourth brain surgery and is doing well! She will face probably at least one more when she is older – probably three or four. Please continue to pray for this courageous little girl (with the eyes of the suffering Christ) and her family.

    God bless you all for your generosity of spirit and prayer – I keep your intentions in my prayers, too….

  2. For an intention of my own.

  3. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Special intention, please.

  4. Please pray for a dear friend, colleague and benefactor who is in the final stages of cancer, and for his family.

  5. NancyP says:

    Please pray for my dear friend, who is going through a very difficult time right now, and for her husband, who is trying mightily to support her.

  6. iPadre says:

    For a very good man who is dying, that he embrace the Catholic faith and ask for baptism. For some friends seeking jobs. And for another who is going through a real persecution for the truth.

  7. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Special intention(s). Implore the Infant Jesus on our behalf, please.

  8. Andkaras says:

    Going in for medi-port surgery tomorrow to begin chemo. Thanks. Praying for all your intentions too. God be praised in all things.

  9. mhazell says:

    Please pray for my wife and I. Tonight we lost our unborn baby at 17 weeks and we are devastated.

  10. Please pray for my feeble mother and for her care. My dear brothers and I want the best for her. The medical community today is very hard to deal with, things are not going well – I’m extremely discouraged right now. So very.

    I pray for Fr Z’s intentions as well as those here. Everyone else’s problems makes me feel like a complainin’ wimp.

  11. stjoe says:

    We lost a 18 year old autistic nephew tonight and I had a treatment for ongoing vertigo earlier today and praying for its success.

    Thank you for all the prayers!

  12. Please pray for a friend who was recently laid off from his job that he got when he graduated from college, and he is slowly losing hope that he can’t get anything.

    Also, for another friend who has decided to take his Catholic faith seriously, but is living with a mother who is not serious (even trying to cohabitate with a boyfriend). He is going to be active in my former alma mater’s campus ministry, but he is troubled when his mother criticizes him for following the faith.

    And please pray for me as I continue on with my post-undergrad life and job. I will be teaching CCD in the upcoming school year, and I have been asked to prepare 8th graders for Confirmation.

    Thank you all for the prayers and I will continue praying for all of you.

  13. Nan says:

    Prayers for all. Please also pray for my intention.

    @Tina in Ashburn, prayers through the intercession of St. Jeanne Jugan. I lost my mother this spring, 3 1/2 years after a devastating stroke resulting in paralysis on her left and long term care.

    iPadre, prayers through the intercession of the Child Jesus that the man embraces Catholicism. My mother left the Church in 1972 and through a miracle was reconciled a few days before her death so I know miracles can happen.

  14. Mjay says:

    Please pray that my wife and I conceive a child. We’ve been trying for a several years, and we’ve gone through several good doctors – experienced Catholic doctors, and we’re not sure why we haven’t yet had a child of our own. Because of this struggle, this summer I had a spiritual crises and denounced God; something I’ve never done in my entire life. I’m doing a little better, but still struggle.

  15. Bea says:

    Please pray for my son, the fire fighter who is fighting fires in Oregon.
    He has to go off by himself from 9PM to 5AM looking for hot spots.

  16. andia says:

    For a very special intention for Father David Bialkowski,

    For a return to health for Father Tom Quinlivan,

    For Father David Richards who is taking Fr Tom’s place in his absensce and filling the shoes fo both pastor and parochial vicar.

    For me to get the job God wants me to have.

  17. Mariana2 says:

    mhazell, so sorry. I know only too well what you must be feeling.

    Praying for all.

    Please pray for my 17 year old son, now well and truly off the rails. Social services won’t help as he’ll be 18 soon.

  18. JonPatrick says:

    Please pray for a priest friend of ours who is in difficult circumstances.

    For my oldest son, for discernment about God’s will for him.

  19. oldCatholigirl says:

    Will pray for all these heart-rending intentions, and for you, too, Father Z.

    Please pray for two excellent and beloved young priests in our diocese who are undergoing spiritual and physical crises and considering leaving the priesthood.

  20. MrsMacD says:

    Please pray for the elderly mother of a friend who’s family is meeting today to decide whether to kill her or not.

  21. KAS says:

    Please pray for my husband and his mother, she did something that hurt him deeply and now there is a rift that I fear will not heal. His sister is manipulative and would prefer to see the rift continue. Pray for his sister’s conversion and baptism(and that she cease to be so divisive), his mother to set right what she did, and for him to be able to forgive his mom even if she doesn’t.

    I’ve been suffering from depression and realizing just how negative my relatives ALL are; no wonder I get stuck and spiral down; I need some friends who are positive! Pray that God would send me some people whose response to my efforts is upbeat rather than discouraging all movement. Nothing like finally getting out of the pit far enough to do ANYTHING, only to get a call from someone who tears you down by sympathetically saying, “should you try that? is that a good idea? are you sure… etc.” yeah, tell the depressed woman that ANY movement out of the pit is a bad idea. It is critical that God help me find people who will support my feeble efforts, such as they are, rather than drag me back down in the pit with their “concern”– and yeah, I need prayers for my anger problem since when I do start to get out of the pit, I am very very angry at family members who seem determined to shove me back into depression. Apparently among for my relatives me being depressed and immobile is better than me getting better– and this ticks me off HUGE when I am enough out of the pit to feel anything. I think I need to put all my relatives to voice mail only.

    Finances are a mess, my productivity went to zero with the depression, I need to be productive. I need out of this pit. Depressed, angry and still stuck. Actually, the sarcasm may be a good sign in the midst of my not being OK.

    And give the counselor and my confessor wisdom, and my husband understanding. He always feels bad when I get depressed.

  22. Konichiwa says:

    Please pray for my wife and I. Wife has had two miscarriages. We are childless after 8 years of marriage. She says she’s giving up prayer. She’s stressed and likely depressed. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  23. yatzer says:

    For the daughter of a friend. The daughter has been a surgeon in an exceedingly depressed part of the world, but is home now due to advanced breast cancer that has spread to lymph nodes and probably beyond. She is only in her 30’s.

  24. momoften says:

    For the continued recovery of my sister who had a brain aneurysm burst, and another surgery pending for another aneurysm in 6 months. For all of my family members trying to help care
    for their 7 children at home (she is in a hospital 2 hours away, and her husband hasn’t left her side yet) For a son who is still discerning a vocation. Prayers for all the other pressing intentions.

  25. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for a special intention of mine.
    Prayers for my battered parish to get a new pastor who’s not angry all the time would be deeply apreciated.
    For all refugees from Syria, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East, that IS is eradicated.

  26. Liz says:

    I will be praying for all of your intentions. There is a lot of hardship!
    Please pray for:
    * priests, especially suffering ones. Its appalling the way our priests are treated!
    * for a friend who is very ill and they don’t know why.
    * and for three other special intentions.
    Thank you and I will pray for you all in our family rosary and for any future requests and those not listed here.

  27. Bea says:

    As Liz says: I too will be praying for all intentions

    Dear KAS
    my sympathies.
    No one could have been more depressed as Our Lord, who saw His Words misinterpreted: His apostles, His disciples and those who followed Him when He was performing miracles and hailed Him, but as soon as He was arrested “they all fled” and even disowned knowing Him,(except for John).
    Unite yourself to Him and let Him help you carry the cross.
    You will find solace and He loves it when people share their sorrow with Him in this manner.
    When He is with you, carrying the cross, it is easier to bear.
    Don’t speak to family member about your problems if they depress you more. Speak to HIM, who understands all. Visit Him at the Tabernacle, take nature walks, take up a hobby that completely absorbs your mind at least for a little while, anything that will give you moments of wholesome pleasure and remember you are not alone.
    God BLess

    Please continue to pray for my son the firefighter in Oregon and all firefighters in the Northwest. 3 firefighters died today in the State of Washington and 4 were injured one of them badly burned over 60% of his body.

  28. MouseTemplar says:

    In thanksgiving for a job just in the nick of time!
    For pressing intentions for my husband and son.
    Praying for everyone here, thank you for your prayers.

  29. Nan says:

    Prayers for all especially priests, particularly the young, discouraged ones. We need them, now more than ever.

    Please also pray for my spiritual director, a young priest with his own parish, which had the same priest approximately since Fr was in kindergarten.

    magistercaesar, I know what your friend is going through; I was raised against Church teaching and my mom had some crazy ideas about life. Nevertheless, I turned out Catholic and she, in the end, died reconciled with the Church. There is always hope no matter how difficult it seems. So long as your friend remembers that God’s love is more expansive than we humans can conceptualize, it’ll be fine.

    Mjay, God surely knows you didn’t mean it. He knows your heart. Please know that even if everything is in working condition, it doesn’t always mean that a child will result; some things are beyond our knowledge. A friend had the same difficulty and the problem was an overly stressful job. She changed jobs and that changed everything; her older daughter starts high school shortly.

    KAS, please know you’re in my prayers and remember that it’s far easier for others if we stay in the little box they’re comfortable keeping us in.

  30. benedetta says:

    Please pray for me, and for all those with whom I have been associated.

  31. A few intentions…

    one for who I thought was a friend but who turned out to destroy a friendship by not being able to let go of past hurts visited on her by Catholics in her childhood, that she let go of the animosity towards the faith because of the effects of their actions,

    and one for me, to heal from the hurt of loosing what could have been, but in His Wisdom, was probably saving me from even greater pain.

    And for all of you, that His Will be manifested.

  32. Dick Verbo says:

    Please pray for Mary Elizabeth and her little baby boy.

  33. aviva meriam says:

    an urgent special intention, please.

  34. VexillaRegis says:

    My best friend Ms M just eloped and married Mr M civilly, but they are both Lutheran and neither one of them have been married before, so this marriage is sacramental :-)!
    Please pray for this lovely and perfectly matched couple!

  35. Lady Catcliffe says:

    Please pray for the repose of Lord Catcliffe, who died of lung cancer on the Feast of the Assumption. We had prayed so hard for a cure; now he has received true healing in Our Lord. Per Fr. Zs post on the intercession of the souls in Purgatory, I am counting on this even as I pray for the repose of his soul.
    Please pray for me. I am shocked how much widowhood hurts; I was in a covenant relationship of marriage, and now I am alone. I miss him very much. Please pray that I can truly love and embrace the Cross; I have never wanted something NOT to happen so much as to lose Lord Catcliffe, and I am disappointed that our prayers did not result in a miracle, or at least a longer time keeping the cancer under control.
    Please also pray for Squire Catcliffe. The pain of losing your father at age 12 must be overwhelming. I overheard him today saying that it is going to be hard without his father, and saying bring back Dad now. Please pray that Our Lord sends him good male role models and that he always keep the Holy Catholic faith.
    I have also prayed for all the intentions above.

  36. discipulus says:

    Please say a prayer for my dad, who is in the ER due to his toe bleeding badly. He had been seeing doctors this past week due to a toe infection. Thank you very much.

  37. KAS says:

    I am praying for all these intentions.

    Thank you to those who have been praying for me. It has been rough waters and getting worse.

    A long time friend of my husband has grown ever more hateful toward Catholicism. He is an ex-Catholic, never catechized and he HATES any person connected with Catholicism, and in extension all people who believe in God. He insists they are stupid and work hard to make themselves stupid.

    Bottom line, hubby is a physicist and agnostic, this friend seems quite determined to undermine our marriage. He works very hard trying to convince my husband to lose respect for me and my belief. He seeks to turn my husband into an anti-Catholic and undermine the raising of our children in the Faith.

    Pray for this man to convert, to have whatever experience is needed to bring him to God. Also pray that he utterly fail in his attempts to turn my husband from me. I am seriously ticked. I want him converted.

    Anyway, please keep me in your prayers.

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