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ASK FATHER: “Blood” omitted from the consecration

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Recently at my parish, we had a retired priest say masses while our priest was away. In addition to improvising prayers during the Collect, he changed the wording of the Words of Institution. During the consecration … Read More

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The Flag, Pope Francis, Cuba and Religious Freedom

Look… Pope’s meet with all sorts of people.  That said, I direct your attention to a piece at USA Today by Nichols Hahn of Real Clear Religion.  My emphases. Havana’s U.S. flag no victory for pope: Column Secretary of State John Kerry’s … Read More

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Update on the LCWR Assembly of the Great Swirly

We need an update on the Assembly of the Great Swirly, the LCWR annual confab at the Hyatt Regency in Houston. They had a speech by one Fr. Stephen Bevans, SVD.  No, he’s a priest.  He couldn’t be bothered to … Read More

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