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Prayers for a Catholic blogger!

This just came to my attention. Have a care in your prayers for Katrina Fernandez who writes the blog The Crescat (a twist of grammar I don’t understand but… hey!). She – 40 and a single mother – had heart … Read More

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Bp. Kagan (D. Bismarck): Statement on Boy Scouts decision on homosexuals

Fr. Z kudos to His Excellency Most Rev. David D. Kagan, Bishop of Bismarck. From the diocesan website of Bismarck: Letter from Bishop: Decision on Boy Scouts of America August 3, 2015 Dear Faithful Catholics of the Diocese of Bismarck, … Read More

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Mass for Benefactors – 6 August Transfiguration

Tomorrow, 6 August, I will celebrate Holy Mass for my benefactors, those who donate occasionally, regularly, and who send items from wishlists. I am grateful to you.  It is my duty and honor to keep you in my prayers. Of … Read More

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Prep Wednesday: All Bleeding Stops – Spiritual and Physical “Blow Out Kits”

The analogy of the Church Militant as a spiritual field hospital is pretty good, provided that we remember that in field hospitals lots of people don’t make it. We are like pilgrim soldiers in the Church Militant, on the march to our … Read More

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Pope Francis’ General Audience on the divorced and remarried

At his Wednesday General Audience, His Holiness Pope Francis spoke on the situation of the divorced and civilly remarried.   The MSM has inadequate reports about what the Pope said. First, let’s be clear about something. People who marry in … Read More

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5 August: Our Lady of the Snows… Dedication of St. Mary Major

Pope Liberius (352-366) was Bishop of Rome in difficult times. In 350 Constans was assassinated and Constantius became the sole Emperor by defeating Magnentius. Some bishops in the East who opposed St. Athanasius in Egypt appealed to Liberius to get … Read More

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