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Even For Fishwrap a new low

From The Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter)… The Church should work with Big Business Abortion – Planned Parenthood. To them, I’m sure, this is reasonable. Sample: The Catholic church should partner with Planned Parenthood to reduce abortions After 40 years … Read More

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Same-sex marriages, and then polygamy, and then…

Same-sex approval in law will lead to all sorts of aberrations from nature.  Ultimately, I think the true goal is elimination of the age of consent.  Meanwhile, the erosion continues. For example, from Fox411: ‘Sister Wives’ family cites gay marriage … Read More

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Huge petition askes Pope Francis for clarity about marriage

I saw this at Breitbart, in which your writer was cited. My emphases and comments: POPE UNDER PRESSURE AS HALF A MILLION CATHOLICS URGE HIM TO REAFFIRM TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE [I’ll bet there are a lot more.] More than 500,000 Catholics, … Read More

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How St. Augustine came to be in Hippo

St. Augustine was born and raised in the North African backwater of Thagaste, in what is today northern Algeria.  He studied in Carthage.  He worked and was baptized in Milan.  He returned to Thagaste. How did he wind up in … Read More

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QUAERITUR: What’s the best translation of St. Augustine’s “The Confessions”?

From a reader: Thank you for the recommendation on the biography [of St. Augustine by Hollingworth]; I have purchased it at Amazon through your site. Can you recommend a good translation of the “Confessions” and/or “The City of God”? Kindle … Read More

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The Bones of St. Augustine

Yesterday, I posted about the bones of St. Monnica, the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo.  Today we move to the mortal remains of her sainted son. Augustine died on 28 August 430. Sometime before the early 8th century, Augustine’s … Read More

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