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Prelude to the Tears of St. Lawrence

From Spaceweather: PERSEID FIREBALLS: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, source of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Peak rates of 100+ meteors per hour are expected next week when Earth approaches the heart of the debris … Read More

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Vatican Radio joins Corriere della Sera to shill for the Kasper Proposal

Folks, I’m aware there will be a lot to read in the upcoming three months about the Synod on the Family in October. I am wary of overdoing it on the blog. I don’t want synod-fatigue to set in. That … Read More

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What’s going on where you are?

I get lots of emails asking me to post their event on my blog.  I can’t do that for everyone. Here is a post for you to post your news. Be brief.

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Just Too Cool: Your Earth and Your Moon

Unless you are an astronaut.. or a cosmonaut, you probably haven’t had a chance to see your Earth and Moon from this angle. From NASA Earth Observatory.  The green tinge is a photographic artifact produced by the method of taking … Read More

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Latin Tweet from Pope Francis

Rancisrancis tweeted: Viam amori Dei in cordibus nostris demus ut demus ex nostris cordibus aliis nosmetipsos. Discuss! (Hint… note the style!)

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