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ASK FATHER: Can we pray to the deceased who are not saints?

From a reader… I know that the Church encourages the faithful to pray for the intercession of Saints and those who are on the path to being canonized. However, what does the Church teach in regards to praying to the deceased who … Read More

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Does Pope Francis strike you as being easily scared?

I saw this at The Telegraph: Donald Trump to the Pope: ‘Isil wants to get you’ Donald Trump says he would not allow the Pope to criticise capitalism if they were to meet face to face, and would scare him … Read More

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Welcome Aboard New Registrants!

To participate in the combox here, you must be registered and approved (by me). Since the blog is under constant attack by spammers and nefarious ne’er-do-wells, I use the “about you” field in particular to screen registrations. Welcome aboard recent … Read More

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UPDATE: English translation of Memoirs of Louis Bouyer

The English translation of The Memoirs of Louis Bouyer: From Youth and Conversion to Vatican II, the Liturgical Reform, and After has finally been produced.  UK click HERE Soon after it was put on sale, it because unavailable.  Apparently the supply chain … Read More

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You are the periphery which can revitalize the Church!

Some time ago, I wrote HERE: If there is a malaise in the Church today, if there is an interior decay (and there is), then [as Pope Francis says] we should look to peripheries for that which can help to … Read More

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