CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Blood Moon Edition (and bacon)

I returned from Tokyo tonight to find the famous annihilation SHTF TEOTWAWKI moon going on.

First, I went to a “bachelor party” of sorts for a young fellow who contributes to Gregorian chant here in the Diocese of the Extraordinary Ordinary as well as posts at NLM.

One of the guys brought a bacon pie.

With a side of brat, please.

I think it was going to be topped with sour cream and bacon bits.

You know you are in Wisconsin and not Japan when you have bacon pie with layers of cheese and potato.

Something in the glass with the Blood Moon over it.

The last time I shot photos of a lunar eclipse, it was over Rome.   Not this time.

This is about as good I as could do, being as tired as I am and hand-held camera.

While I was watching the moon, I hooked up the 20m dipole and made a contact!


I wonder if anyone is making contacts by bouncing signals off the moon…. right now!


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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    The Blood Moon did not disappoint. What a spectacular display of God’s power and beauty! For once, we were not under cloud cover and enjoyed perfect viewing conditions! It left all of us, including blasé teenagers, impressed to a great degree. In my years here in this world, I do not recall seeing anything like this color on the moon. To see the shadow of our Earth crossing the face of the moon, there are no words to describe that.
    One nephew noted the official time it began in our Eastern Time Zone, which includes New York City.

  2. majuscule says:

    I was driving home from a long church day–parish festival Mass and rosary procession down the main street of the town. Then over the hill to the church of my youth in another parish for a monthly TLM and Gregorian Chant practice (for the sung Mass we are having next month).

    To get to my rural home at the far reaches of the first parish mentioned above I drive along a coastal ridge with scenic turnouts for views looking both east and west. It’s not uncommon to see cars pulled over for spectacular sunsets. Last evening the turnouts and every wide spot with an eastward view were packed, with parked cars sticking out into the roadway!

    I didn’t stop. I knew from past drives home that I would have a great view of the rising moon from the top of my driveway. Not only that, but when I got home I could see the moon clearly from my kitchen window!

  3. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Wow! Edible art – bacon pie as a depiction of the ‘blood’ moon (which looked to me somehow more hemispherical than disc-like, due to the amazing light and shadow)!

  4. Mary Jane says:

    Hubby and I watched a lot of the eclipse last night; he got some good shots on our camera. A couple of the better ones he put up on our blog.

    It was really spectacular…we sat and watched for a long time. Even peeked out the window a few times later (as the moon was moving out of the shadow).

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