Candle by Candle in NY

In Wisconsin we had rather dreadful weather and so cancelled the Candle-mass.  I am consoled, however, with this.

From a reader…

First mass celebrating the proper feast today in the EF in this church (St. Mary’s, Roslyn, NY – Long Island) for the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary in more than 50 years! Magnificent example of what happens when you’re patient, plan, and execute carefully with a supportive pastor. Beautiful scola – check. Trained servers – check. Supportive congregation who organize and buy candles and necessary items – check. And, best of all, the mass attracts families and men and women of all ages – everyone well behaved and reverent – tonight perhaps more than 100 souls in attendance. The monthly EF mass sees the most young people and children of all masses in the (aging) parish combined! The celebrant spoke about how this may be the longest continually celebrated feast from ancient times, that is documented back to at least the 380s AD.

I found it gave me a big boost.

Hope you’re well, thought you’d want to hear some good news and see some pics.  HERE

Here are a few samples…


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  1. CORBALLY says:

    Meanwhile, in the benighted North of England, our bishop thought it was a good idea to gather his priests together for a two day pow-wow on Candlemas day, leaving parishes, including my own, with no
    Mass yesterday, or today for St. Blaise blessing of throats. A very Pastoral plan.

  2. Tominellay says:

    …Mass last evening in St. Simeon Church in Zadar, where the sarcophagus of the saint is above the main altar…

  3. APX says:

    Meanwhile in Calgary, where the FSSP still don’t have their own parish and have to share a church with a non-supportive pastor, we had Candlemas with no candles this year. The pastor has decided that the TLM congregation is no longer permitted to have congregational candles because we might cause ourselves grievous bodily harm by lighting ourselves on fire. I don’t understand how this is even possible. The rubrics for Candlemas and Easter vigil specifically call for the congregation to have lit candles. The candles mean something. They’re not frivolous. Why?!?!!

  4. Gregorius says:

    In my corner of the world we actually managed to put together a small procession (OF) at the last minute. I got two men from among the usual daily Mass attendees to be thurifer and server. I got Father to vest in cope and do the blessing of the candles (we’ll use them for Holy Saturday, so only the ministers got candles this time around), and we had a small procession around the Nave just us four. I was pretty much singing by myself and had to double as MC, but I sang all the things in the Missal (the Nunc Dimittis with the antiphon Lumen, and the introit/communion in English on a simple tone) plus the alleluia, the offertory antiphon from the Simple English Propers, with the basic Ave Maria chant as a communion motet and Mass VIII as the ordinary.
    The older of the two servers was excited to be able to serve again, and the younger is discerning a vocation. I also got a bunch of really positive feedback from many of the ladies in attendance. Hopefully this can be a springboard to more ‘solemn’ liturgies in the future. (we’ll have to keep praying for a proper TLM High Mass)

  5. I am not surprised by this. Father McCartney is a good, orthodox priest. I lament that I am unable to get to St. Mary’s in my ordinary travels even though it is not far from home.

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