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Justice Antonin Scalia – RIP

This is a day for serious mourning for our country. Justice Antonin Scalia died, at age 79. Pray for the Scalia family, remembering in a particular way our friend Fr. Paul Scalia. Pray for these United States.

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Astonishing new church in Russia

Church architecture reflects the faith of the people who build churches. These days many of the modern Catholic churches I have seen look more like municipal airport buildings than structures to house the most sacred thing humans can undertake, the … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Difference between male and female?

From a seminarian… QUAERITUR: I’m a seminarian at __ in ___ and I was wondering what’s the reason for why women should not be in the sanctuary for things such as lecturing and EMHC? I’m totally on board with this teaching, I just don’t know … Read More

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