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“Brain death” apparently not so dead as some would like

Be sure to read what I have posted in the past about PVS patients, people in a “Persistent Vegetative State”.  HERE Especially, I urge you to look at this article. Read everything and THINK about end of life decisions. And remember… … Read More

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5 Facts about the Little Sisters of the Poor SCOTUS case

From the Becket Fund For Religious Liberty: Dear Friends, The world watched while the Pope, during his US tour, made a surprise visit to the Sisters “in support of the Sisters’ legal fight.” As you may know, on Holy Wednesday, … Read More

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Your Good News

Do you have any good news about life to share with the readership? Let us know.


ASK FATHER: My lapsed son to have a “humanist” marriage. Can I attend?

From a reader… My Son, who has lapsed from the Faith, is soon to be ‘married’ in a humanist ceremony. I and my wife have been invited but I am conscious of giving credence to the event. I am committing a sin … Read More

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