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It’s no joke. The Devil hates Latin.

I have attended a couple workshops on exorcism.  I have spoken with exorcists.   Again and again I have heard – and said – how the Devil hates Latin.  This is more than a witticism. Over at NLM I found … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Neglect of the Precepts of the Church and Mortal Sin. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

From a priest… QUAERITUR: I am trying to clarify whether or not the precepts of the church bind under mortal sin? According to the catechism of St. Pius X they do, however the current CCC gives no clear indication. I … Read More

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Justice Scalia spoke at Acton Institute

Back in 1997 Justice Scalia addressed Acton Institute’s 7th Anniversary Dinner in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He titled his remarks “On Interpreting the Constitution”.  He explained his originalist approach to Constitutional law, and the severe drawbacks that he saw with any alternative method of … Read More

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