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Prefect of Cong. for Bishops says more priests now decline becoming bishop

I have a priest friend who has 30+ reasons on his list for why he doesn’t want to be a bishop. [UPDATE: I was informed that the list is presently at 42 reasons for why he doesn’t want to be a … Read More

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Pope Francis to play himself in a movie… uh huh. POLL

UPDATE 2 Feb: See below… ____ ORIGINAL  Published on: Feb 1, 2016 From Variety (not The Onion… not Eye of the Tiber): Pope Francis will play himself in the new religious movie “Beyond the Sun,” marking his acting debut and the first … Read More

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@BishopCoyne to start a digital Catholic High School

Bishop Christopher Coyne of Diocese of Burlington is setting up a “digital Catholic High School”.  Intriguing, no? Here is a part of an interview he did at Aleteia. Your diocese — Burlington, Vermont — announced plans to open the first … Read More

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New NBC (anti-Catholic) Show Takes Shot at Priests

From the Catholic League New NBC Show Takes Shot at Priests February 1, 2016 Bill Donohue comments on a slur against priests in NBC’s new show, “You, Me and the Apocalypse”: “My job’s to prove they felt up kids …” … Read More

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A few things… with a special message for IOWA

A few things.. Those of you in Iowa… no matter the weather, please go caucus.  I suggest that you caucus for Bernie Sanders even if you are GOP or other.  Operation Chaos! Are you as annoyed with PDFs as I am? … Read More


St. Ignatius and Bl. Ludovica – Beauty differently manifested

My Roman Curia calendar today shows that it is the Feast of Bl. Ludovica Albertoni (+31 Jan 1553).  My (Novus Ordo – 2005) Martyrologium Romanum listed her yesterday, the day of her death, otherwise known as her dies natalis, her birthday into heaven. … Read More

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