My View For Awhile: Squished

Heading back to the Cupboard Under The Stairs for a change of clothes.


Sometimes life throws you a middle seat. 


Next leg…. almost there…


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  1. “Cupboard Under The Stairs” – that’s funny. Wish it weren’t true for ya.

    Maybe its time to look into a Tiny House or an RV. Wheels not an option. :-)

  2. drat I meant wheels not optional.

  3. benedetta says:

    You are flying back for a change of clothese, Father? Does this mean you are out of the presidential race? What a pity.

    I noticed that you were in L.A this past weekend., Father — and watching the live coverage yesterday on tv I was looking for you as duly deputized liturgical police delegate to the annual L.A. archdiocese’s catechetical congress. I thought perhaps I spied you in your official capacity during the liturgical dance proceedings, wherein men in lavender shirts and khakis danced barefoot with women sharing flaming bowls of incense all around? Perhaps the great Vincenzo, if he has a moment today, could provide us with that visual of you in tactical action there. I watched the congress for a time but then began to lose interest around the time of the the audience active particify portion of the dancing of the congregational macarena. Oh well.

  4. benedetta says:

    clothes (sic)

  5. oledocfarmer says:

    How long has Archbishop Gomez been there…and this is still going on??

  6. Eric says:

    Doesn’t appear to be many vacante sedes on that plane.

  7. There weren’t. Not one of the most comfortable flights I’ve had… and that says a lot, given that it’s Delta.

  8. Robert of Rome says:

    Couldn’t you use your considerable influence with that airline to get yourself an aisle seat? This is a shocker!

  9. I changed my flight within 12 hours of departure. That’s what was available.

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