A Palm Sunday Image


A few more… from the Solemn Mass I celebrated with the gracious participation of Deacon and Subdeacon…

The celebrant begins in a red cope and the other ministers are in red dalmatic and tunic.  After the procession and final prayer after the procession, we change into violet for the rest of the Mass.  For the Passion, we removed our outer vestments and used stoles.




Note how the palms are fanned.

Here is shot from Ss. Trinità dei Pelegrini in Rome.


The Deacon is wearing an odd contraption called a “Broad Stole”, seldom seen.  Also, the Subdeacon seems to be wearing a “Folded Chasuble”.  Since these pretty much went out of business around the time of John XXIII, I wonder if they didn’t use the pre-1955 rite for Palm Sunday.

Meanwhile, take a gander at those spiffy woven palms they go to carry!  Someone who loves worked hard on those.  And there’s that Folded Chasuble, which looks like it has been cut in half through the front part.


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  1. Semper Gumby says:


  2. Andrew D says:

    What’s the latest the crucifix and sacred images have to be covered with the violet cloths? My new N.O. neighborhood parish still has them all uncovered.

  3. JARay says:

    I totally agree

  4. mschu528 says:

    @Andrew D:

    The crucifix is uncovered as part of the Good Friday liturgy. The images of the saints and angels are supposed to be unveiled during the singing of the Gloria in Excelsis at the Easter Vigil Mass.

  5. Augustine Thompson O.P. says:

    Andrew D.,

    In the new rite, the veiling is optional.

  6. Royse87 says:

    Are the colors for Palm Sunday violet in the EF or is red optional?

  7. Supertradmum says:

    The church I attended yesterday had red coverings, matching the red vestments of the priest.

  8. Augustine Thompson O.P. says:

    Dear Rose87,

    In the Traditional Dominican Rite white vestments are worn for the blessing of palms, Gospel of Entrance into Jerusalem, and the procession. Then the ministers change to violet for the Mass. There is nothing about Red; it is not an option. I suspect that the colors are the same for the EF.

  9. Royse87 says:

    Thanks very much, Augustine. I didn’t realize this was a picture of a Dominican Rite Mass.

  10. @Augustine Thompson O.P.

    Dear Father,

    my both Schotts (one Imprimi 1957 Imprimatur 1958, and a 1962 reproduction)
    both say that a red pluviale is for the celebrant, red dalamatica & tunicella for the levits for the
    palm blessing & procession to be prepared. Violett casula, dalamatica & tunicella for the mass, and three violet deacon stoles for the passion.

    According to my sources, only prior to the 1951/56 changes by Pope Pius XII. it was all violet with the use of planeta plicata and stola largior instead of dalamatica & tunicella in the latin rite.

  11. Augustine Thompson O.P. says:


    Very interesting. Thank you. Another way in which the Dominican Rite differed from the Roman. We also use violet stoles (and maniples) for the Passion, no dalmatics (we don’t use the word “tunicella” for the subdeacon’s dalmatic).

  12. jameeka says:

    Great to see the purple vestments “in action”. Thank you.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    Excellent visual and intellectual sequel to the first photo Fr. Z. That reminds me, thanks for the St. Joseph photos. Thanks in advance for the Mit Brennender Sorge post.

  14. knute says:


    It would appear the last two pictures depict the pre-’56 Palm Sunday liturgy, as the “reformed” liturgy calls for red vestments for the procession and suppressed the folded chasuble for the deacon and subdeacon.

  15. knute says:

    Fr. Zulhsdorf: is it possible to get a dispensation to celebrated Holy Week according to the pre-’56 rubrics?

    [I doubt it. If one asks, I doubt that it would be given.]

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