The Continuity of Examinations of Conscience

His Hermeneuticalness, my good friend Fr. Tim Finigan, has reposted his good Examen pamphlets.  Perpend:

Confession leaflets back online

People quite often ask me for the confession leaflets that I published on the website of my previous parish. Fr Zuhlsdorf was kind enough recently to make them available via his blog. I have now found a home for them on an almost dormant website that I set up a few years ago for my own stuff. Here is a link to the downloads page. I am delighted to make them available for priests and catechists, but please don’t email me asking for permission to use them. As the page says, they are released under a creative commons licence and you can use them without asking (I do receive enough email to keep me from getting lonely, thanks.) [You could drop a note with an expression of prayers and thanks for his wonderful ministry.]


Read the rest over there.

I hope to see Father in June.

Speaking of Fr. Finigan, I will soon have a … ROSE VESTMENT PROJECT!

Remember that?

This is what I’m considering.

It isn’t baby-rattle pink and in the right light it is just about right.

And… while I’m at it…

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  1. sekman says:

    Greetings Padre,

    Would you mind sharing just where you got this marvelous sample from? I too would be interested in acquiring a bit of it.

    Many Thanks

  2. cwillia1 says:

    I prepared my most recent confession with the help of the Lenten prayer of St. Efrem the Syrian. If you understand this prayer and you do not need a catalog of mortal sins to check off, it can be a powerful guide.

    “Oh, Lord and Master of my life, spare me from the spirit of indifference, despair, lust for power and idle talk. But instead bestow on me your servant the spirit of integrity, humility, patience and love. Oh, Lord and King, grant me to know my own sins and not to judge my brother, for you are blessed for ever and ever.” The word translated integrity encompasses sexual chastity and is sometimes translated chastity.

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