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The Hermeneutic of Ambiguity

From a comment under an entry here… When enumerating the various hermeneutics for reading documents: the hermeneutic of continuity or the hermeneutic of rupture, they, apparently, forgot to include the hermeneutics of ambiguity. A priest friend sent this.   UPDATE: … Read More

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NYC EXILE – DAY 3: Of Solemn Mass and Spanish Rice

A ghost was lain in Newark today.  In the magnificent Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, which once Episcopalians were permitted to use to celebrate and raise John Shelby Spong, there was a Solemn Mass in the Roman Rite after … Read More

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Pope Francis heard confessions in St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis does things that annoy me, that puzzle me, that surprise me and that please me. Today was one of the later.  He could stick to this sort of thing, in my book! Everyone… GO TO CONFESSION! From The Daily … Read More

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A canonist looks at Amoris laetitia

If you are not yet weary of Chapter 8 of Amoris laetitia – or indeed the mere mention of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation by incipit or innuendo, my friend Fr. Gerald Murray has some observations at The Catholic Thing. Fr. … Read More

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