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Wry observations about #AmorisLaetitia (aka Familiaris divortio) to make a point

First, we have now a nickname for the new Letter. Familiaris divortio Thanks to The Great Roman™! Next, I am gobsmacked by something I heard.   US radio talk show host Michael Savage has been reading – on air – … Read More

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I have been remiss… cool stuff I have seen and received!

Lot’s of people send me stuff… to peddle for them, obviously. While I can’t do everything, I can occasionally bring some things to your attention. Fathers… remember Agnus Dei Incense and Altar Breads. HERE Here is something nice. For scale. … Read More

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‘Behind the door was a painting that the owners did not know about.’

For your Just Too Cool file. So, you want to fix a leak in your roof.  You go upstairs and discover what might be a long-lost 400 year old painting by Michelangelo Merisi, Caravaggio, worth about $140 million. The subject … Read More

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ACTION ITEM UPDATE! Pontifical Vestments Project new PHOTOS

I have posted about our Society’s project to have a full Pontifical set of vestments made in glorious red silk damask with bright gold serpentine column trim. I posted photos of the fabric being cut at Gammarelli in Rome and … Read More

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