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SSPX Bp. Fellay on Francis and “peripheries”

Sandro Magister has a long piece (in Italian) about the remarks made recently by SSPX Bishop and Superior Bernard Fellay.  HERE  The SSPX website has posted a video interview with Fellay, arranged according to some bullet point questions.  HERE One … Read More

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Photo portraits of the Pope for offices of the Roman Curia

All the offices of the Vatican Curia have on their walls (often painted in Paul VI Beige) official photo portraits of the current Roman Pontiff (i.e., the boss). When I worked there, the one on my wall looked like this: … Read More


ASK FATHER: Blessing weapons

From a reader… QUAERITUR: As a Catholic and a practitioner of the 2nd Amendment, I was wondering if or there are blessings for firearms. The priests in my local parish strike me as a bit squeamish when it comes to firearms, so … Read More

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Summer program in Norcia! (And a note about beer.)

I received this via email.  It has a perfect intersection of things I like: Each summer for the past five years, the town of Norcia [where the great monastery of Benedictines is] has been home to the Summer Program of … Read More

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Pope Francis to expand concelebration into the “Tridentine” Mass

I’m not sure what’s up with this, but it can’t be good. From Pisces News with my emphases and comments: Pope Francis to Change “Tridentine” Rite in spirit of Mercy ROME (PiscesNews): In a long-anticipated surprise move Pope Francis has begun his own … Read More

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