Historic Church Turned Into a Mosque with Taxpayer Funding

This makes me angry.

From Independent Sentinel:

Historic Church Turned Into a Mosque with Taxpayer Funding

Muslims are converting a former Roman Catholic church into mosque. The plan, approved by US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board, is funded by U.S. tax dollars.

Syracuse is the new Dearborn and there are many others forming. Refugees have been pouring into the U.S. and they are 75% Muslim. Some countries will only take Christians. We do the reverse.

An historic Catholic Church, Holy Trinity, was purchased by a Muslim and is being renovated by the Muslim community with tax dollars.

More than 10,000 crosses were painted over inside and six on the outside were cut down. These are historic crosses.

The new owners are erasing, not only crosses, but the historic and rich history of the Italians and Germans who once worshipped there. All trace will soon be gone from this historic church.

No pictures or video of the crosses being removed were allowed to be taken but the crosses have to be stored somewhere on site.

Throughout Europe, thousands of churches have closed and they too are becoming Mosques and we now see them in Brooklyn, Long Island and in many towns and cities in America.

The Muslim community in Syracuse has largely grown because of Catholic Charities which has become a paid conduit for the refugees.

About a thousand refugees a year pile into this poor area with substantial sums going to the Catholic Church. They received a $3 million dollar grant last year.

The churches and synagogues are disappearing. Temple Beth El in Syracuse was hit by a Muslim terrorist who set fire to it while shouting, “I did this for you, Allah.”

The Conference of Catholic Bishops allowed this historic church to be lost and it is now symbolic of the new America.



What do you want to be some sniveler has quipped, “At least it’s being used for prayer!”

Remember what I harp on here in these electronic pages!

If you want a church, make sure that it is paid for and that it is staffed.  Be generous.  Do the work.  Pray for vocations.

Get your head into a mental place so that when the persecution becomes hotter, you’ll not be caught be surprise.



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  1. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    And so, 1138 years after the conquest of Syracuse and the forced conversion of its Cathedral into a mosque, something similar is accomplished without a struggle – collaboratively – in its namesake. With one of Syracuse’s post-liberation rulers in mind, perhaps this is a more ‘Frederican’ solution: Wikipedia includes, “The Sultan summoned him into Jerusalem and entertained him in the most lavish fashion. When the muezzin, out of consideration for Frederick, failed to make the morning call to prayer, the emperor declared: ‘I stayed overnight in Jerusalem, in order to overhear the prayer call of the Muslims and their worthy God’.”

  2. DisturbedMary says:

    Catholic Charities! The Government-Ecclesial Complex helping to make the invaders comfortable with billions of dollars from Uncle Mohammed.

  3. wolfeken says:

    The SSPX, routinely blocked by bishops from purchasing closed churches, should figure out how to create a corporation with an Arabic name for future bids.

  4. FrMJPB says:

    If only 2 options for this magnificent build existed–1.) Turn it into a mosque, or 2.) Properly de-consecrate it and (safely) burn it down after taking out every altar, window, and precious piece Catholic heritage–I’d choose #2.

  5. SKAY says:

    Isn’t this part of Islam’s history when they invade a country? This time they are just
    walking right in.

    Allahu Akbar shouted outside of church on Sunday during services.

    I think we can expect more of this to happen as many thousands more Muslims are brought in by the current administration and a future Hillary Clinton administration(if elected) aided by the Catholic Church along with other Christian churches, Unbelievable. Why are they not insisting on bringing in the Christians who are being slaughtered over there? We have been told(warned that
    these Muslims cannot be properly vetted yet Obama insists on bringing them in.

    ISIS is already at our border. I wonder how many Christian churches are on their list of targets that
    they seem to be compiling according to this article.
    ISIS has published a Magazine and it clearly states their intentions. They intend to wipe out
    “About a thousand refugees a year pile into this poor area with substantial sums going to the Catholic Church. They received a $3 million dollar grant last year.”
    What is happening in Europe should be a warning to us but it seems we are not supposed to believe
    our lying eyes. A little 5 year old girl was molested by 3 older immigrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho where they are also resettling Muslim immigrants.
    Cardinal Burke has told us what we can expect and I believe he knows exactly what he is
    talking about.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    Horrible, but so many Americans think all religions “are the same”
    Sad day…..

  7. poohbear says:

    I just wrote to the USCCB site and told them what I think. Maybe if enough people write they will get the idea that this is bad.

  8. ChesterFrank says:

    What’s important here? Is it what they did to a historic church with taxpayer dollars, or what they did to contemporary Catholics with taxpayer dollars? Wake up and smell the roses cassock wearers!

  9. lmgilbert says:

    Well, this is not happening without the permission of Divine Providence who seems to be saying to the West, “Tired of Christianity are you? Here have some Islam!”

    As horrific as the conversion of churches into mosques is, it seems barely symbolic of baptized souls becoming the haunt of demons. We’ve got much bigger and far more worrisome problems than the conversion of real estate.

    Still, these developments seem symbolic of the relative success of the New Evangelization vis a vis the continuing rampage of the Old De-evangelization, which continues unabated and unaddressed.

    So, do we need new slogans, new marketing techniques, more pep talks and conferences or to do some serious repentance, prayer and penance? Where O where is the Charles Martel of the spiritual realm?

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    I was going to make the same point FrMJPB did. I’d much rather see the architectural features taken out, the sacred images, etc., and burn it to the ground. I’d have a lot more respect for our bishops if they took this attitude as well, but too many bishops seem to have a nihilistic drive toward our faith, they can’t get rid of it fast enough. Oh well, it was a nice civilization while it lasted. One tiny hope if Donald Trump gets in, if she does, as far as I’m concerned, it’s over.

  11. Rob83 says:

    Not really surprising. The Bishop of Syracuse was previously vicar general here, and our recent history with church buildings is not exactly stellar, from demolitions (most notably the cathedral itself) to dispositions of vacant churches (at least one went to Muslims some years ago), to wreckovations, to just downright ugly new buildings.

    On a more hopeful note, a bunch of laity here have taken up the practice of having a Mass Mob a few times a year at various somewhat empty churches remaining in the city in an attempt to fill them for at least one Sunday and bring in some financial support. In some of the parishes, these visits seem to have had some lasting positive impacts.

  12. Jenson71 says:

    Unless there’s more to this story than the posted segment, it’s misleading to say that this was completed by “taxpayer funding,” which implies a government subsidy was specifically given for the church’s conversion. In reality, it appears that Catholic Charities in the area provides financial support to Syrian refugees, who are a majority Muslim population. Then those Muslims purchased and renovated a vacant building (that happened to be a beautiful, abandoned Catholic Church).

    A review of other titles from the Independent Sentinel (e.g., “Alinksy-ite Hillary Must Destroy the Middle Class;” “Obama Provided Material Support to the Enemy”), demonstrates her methods of misleading are not particular to instilling fear of a Muslim-takeover of the US.

  13. un-ionized says:

    Lmgilbert, I vote for prayer and penance, especially fasting, very difficult for a tub like me.

  14. Joseph-Mary says:

    At least there is “prayer”??? To what entity?

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    Fr. MJPB: I agree. Kathleen10 said: “Oh well, it was a nice civilization…” Great line, I’ll have to borrow it. Skay and Venerator- good points.

    The NY Daily News did a story on this. They wrote something about an unnamed “Islamic society” involved in this. Hopefully, not the ISNA or NAIT (Islamic Society of North America and North American Islamic Trust), they have a habit of purchasing property and planting Salafi/Wahabbi imams.

    Rob83: thanks for the reminder about Mass Mobs.

  16. jilly4life says:

    This bothers me for a variety of reasons. I actually lived in Syracuse for three years and was it ever difficult to find a good Church there. Anyways, shortly after we left, the diocese ended up closing a parish that was serving poor Catholic Vietnamese refugees despite having a Vietnamese speaking priest and they were using the original Cathedral building. But the Diocese had no interest in preserving its own history, or spiritually serving the poor Vietnamese in the community.

    In their defense they did close the Church that was hosting the gay- lesbian mass.

  17. Moro says:

    Just once, I would like to see a bishop publicly pray for the conversion of all Muslims to the true faith and state plainly and clearly that Islam is a false religion.

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