PHOTOS: Pontifical Requiem at the Throne 1 August – Month’s Mind

Last night the Extraordinary Ordinary, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, sang a Pontifical Requiem at the Throne as a “Month’s Mind” for Msgr. Delbert Schmelzer, a beloved priest of the diocese.

Here are some images.  As you look, you might imagine also Gregorian chant and De Victoria’s Requiem.

I didn’t sort these for exact chronological order.


16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_02 16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_03 16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_04 16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_05 16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_06 16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_07 16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_08 16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_09  16_08_01_Requiem_Schmelzer_11      IMG_0609    IMG_0627



We’ll be back at it again in a couple months for All Souls.

Pray for the dead and…


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  1. Ben Yanke says:

    I think seeing a few of your biretta project birettas with those seminarians in choir!

    [That’s a GREAT point! Thanks for mentioning it. If anyone is wondering what this means: HERE]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. Nathan says:

    I think I’ve been at this too long. My first reaction, instead of appreciating the gift of the Pontifical Mass, was to think “they found some really good candlesticks to use at the catafalque. Finding those are like finding hen’s teeth! And they match the candlesticks on the Altar, with unbleached candles to boot!”

    In Christ,

  3. Nathan says: they found some really good candlesticks to use at the catafalque

    This is what happens when we band together in a Society and work together to get things done.

    And they do enhance the gravitas of the moment.

  4. CradleRevert says:

    Pardon me for my colorful language, but there is something about black liturgical vestments that are just so badass.

  5. JamesM says:

    What I like most about these pictures are the large number of young clergy in choir.

  6. Giuseppe says:

    Love the birettas – I contributed! Such a great idea.

    To the seminarians:

    Say the black, do the red,
    And put the black upon your head!

  7. Ben Yanke says:

    “What I like most about these pictures are the large number of young clergy in choir.”

    And as sacred ministers!

  8. Thomas Sweeney says:

    Those pictures remind me of the beauty of a holy death, and it saddens me to know that the Novus Ordo replacement is so artificial and contrived.

  9. Father Bartoloma says:

    The Tait!

  10. stephen c says:

    Beautiful pictures; it is nice to see the gratitude shown. Anyway, all of us, when we die, will have either a wonderful requiem celebrated by those left on this earth, or not. For those of us (including me) who are objectively unlikely to have a beautiful funeral, it is worth remembering, I like to think, that Angels are better artists than most of us and don’t miss funerals. They want every humble Christian to get a spectacular funeral, I am sure, and Angels get what they want. Even those of us who have little or no chance at being farewelled with a beautiful funeral get one that is more spectacular than we can imagine, as long as we have even one Angel on our side.

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